Zk F18

Zk F18 is a popular access control fingerprint reader of choice by many security integrators in Singapore. Due to its superior performance and reliability, the F18 has over time been synonymous with the benchmarking standard for all other biometric attendance and access control system in the industry. (internal link 27_Biometric Attendance and Access Control System ✓○_170614)

Zkteco Zk F18 is Suitable For

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1. Fuss Free Installation

We ensure that all peripheral devices and any accessories that you need are provided for a complete and secure implementation. Base on your installation requirements, we can provide the following on a need basis.

1. Press-to-Exit Button
2. Electric EM MagLock with LZ bracket (for Double-Leaf Door)
3. U-Bracket (for Glass Door)
4. Backup Power Supply Unit for standalone applications
5. Smart Card   (iCLASS, MIFARE, DESFire, 125KHz Proximity (HID PROX/ EM410))
6. Key Fob tags
7. Wireless Door release system (comprising of 1 handheld remote transmitter and a signal receiver)
8. 2-Way Audio Intercom
9. Video Intercom Door Entry Unit


2. End-to-End Total System integration and implementation

Already have an existing legacy access control system installed at your side? Wish to integrate your access control system with your existing CCTV systems for a more integrated implementation? No problem, our team of security systems professionals are able to ensure that your new and old systems are functionally integrated to create a streamlined and cost effective End-to-End security systems implementation that are customized to meet the unique needs of your organization.

3. One-Stop Local Servicing

We are a full-service security systems integrator. Any need for repair, troubleshooting, post-installation customization and configuration of hardware and software is done locally with fast turn around to minimize any service disruption of your business operations.

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Zk F18

1. Multi Authentication Methods

Biometric Fingerprint, Prox Card, Numeric Pin

Touch Memory Guard Tour System

2. Time and Attendance Functionality

Apart from access control, Zk F18 supports functionality as a fingerprint time attendance system It has an adaptable & flexible setup to accommodate both Standalone or Networked installation. (internal link 17_Fingerprint Time Attendance System)

Touch Memory Guard Tour System

3. Generous & Reliable Memory Storage

Robust Internal storage capacity for Reading transactions and User Biometric credentials

Touch Memory Guard Tour System

4. Functional and Purpose-Built Design

Designed with a minimalistic and slim profile, the F18 access control fingerprint reader is suitable for installation in tight corners and constraint spaces

Features & Benefits of Zkteco Zk F18

1. Fast and Accurate Biometric Authentication

Utilizing an advanced internal fingerprint matching algorithm that is designed for a fast and intelligent authenticating of biometric credential information captured, a single fingerprint data captured can be verified and matched with its internal user database within 1 second. To accommodate a large user population, the F18 has a built-in internal storage capacity to accommodate a user database of 3000 fingerprints print template, 30’000 proximity cards, and 100’000 transactions.

2. Intuitive User Interface for Clear Status Feedback

The F18 user interface is designed to give clear visual and audio feedback to the user after each authenticating read to clearly indicate whether the user fingerprint is a positive or negative match with the biometric finger template stored in the system. In addition, the F18 is equipped with a TFT-LCD Full-Color Screen Display to guide the user on the positioning and pressure level of their fingerprints to optimize the fingerprint impression captured and eliminates any possible cases of a false reading.

3. Compatible with Industry Standard Input & Output interface

The F18 reader has built-in terminals for Wiegand input and output as well as connection ports that are compatible with TCP IP and RS485 networking interface. This allows the F18 reader to be easily integrated with any existing legacy IT infrastructure or security system controllers by 3rd party manufacturers, thereby saving on wiring and cabling cost.

4. Deployment Flexibility

Base on your security access control needs, the F18 access control reader can be configured to operate as a standalone unit with its own independent processing unit for credential authentication or as a Networked access control module connected via the LAN or WEB protocol. This adaptability allows the F18 to scale in its deployment as your organization grows in user headcount or implement a multi-site office setup.

5. Multi-Factor Authentication

For an added layer of security, the F18 has a built-in integrated proximity card reader which can be configured to be used in conjunction with the Fingerprint credential each time the user uses the access control reader.

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Zkteco Zk F18 Specifications

Authenticating Method:  Biometric (Fingerprint),
                                   Proximity Card (iCLASS, MIFARE, DESFire, HID 125Khz standards)
User Storage Capacity 3000 Fingerprint Templates
ID Card Storage Capacity: 5000
Transaction Storage Storage Capacity: 30,000 Transactions


Sensor:  ZK Optical Sensor
Sensing Area:  18 x 22mm


Display Language:  English
Display: TFT LCD Color Screen


Algorithm Version: ZK Finger V10.0
Communications protocol: RS232/485, TCP/IP, USB-host
Interfacing Protocol: ID/ Mifare/ HID prox card, TCP IP web server


Access Control Interface: 3rd Party EM Lock, Door Sensor, Press Exit Button, Alarm, Doorbell
Wiegand Signal: Input and Output
Verification time:  1:1 Time <0.5 sec &  1:N Time <2 sec


Interface Styles: Common, Matrix and Magic styles
Standard Function: Webserver, Anti-passback


Power Supply: 12V DC, 3A


Operating Temperature:  0 °C- 45 °C
Operating Humidity:  20%-80%


Overall Dimension(WxDxH):  80×183×42mm