Wireless Biometric Attendance System 

Wireless biometric attendance system is an ideal solution for companies in Singapore who want an online real-time attendance system but do not want or cannot hardwire the biometric reader unit to a PC or wired Network. With the current business environment becoming ever fast paced and human capital intensive, it is important for businesses to keep up with the pace by leveraging on time attendance technology to help facilitate a hassle-free management of employees time and attendance.

Types of Wireless Biometric Attendance System

One of the key advantages of a non-wired biometric time attendance system is that it offers the advantage of easy deployment and easy networking over multiple physical locations. Without the constraints of the need for hardwiring, the application possibilities are endless.

Biometric Attendance System with Wi-Fi Capability

1. Biometric Attendance System with Wi-Fi Capability

With a wireless biometric attendance system, you get to enjoy the freedom from hardwiring cabling where the device is installed.
This is very useful for remote industrial locations or remote exterior outdoor locations/places where the extension of networking LAN wiring is difficult.

Biometric Attendance System with GPRS Connectivity

2. Biometric Attendance System with GPRS Connectivity

In such GPRS models, the data collected by the GPRS biometric time attendance is uploaded to the cloud in real-time via the mobile cellular network.
This is especially suitable for large companies that have to manage multiple branch offices in geographically scattered locations, where there is more than one-time attendance terminal installed at each location.
By linking all the biometric time attendance terminals via a common GPRS digital data communication network, it helps to lighten the dependencies and resource loading on local networking.
However, an important cost consideration when implementing such biometric clock in system is that it requires the use of a Mobile SIM card which represents a recurring cost for companies.

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Wireless Biometric Attendance System

1. No need RFID Card, No PIN codes, Just Your Finger

Enjoy the Convenient, yet Secure and Effective Biometric identity authentication which just requires a simple use of your fingerprint. There is Not need to invest in costly RFID Proximity ID Smart Card hardware.

Convenience of going Wireless

2. Convenience of Going Wireless

By leveraging on either the Wifi or GPRS data connectivity, you are now able to deploy your standalone fingerprint time attendance system in previously impossible locations, such as outdoor or remote places, where it is difficult to put in place a physical network wiring.

Real-time Control & Accessibility

3. Real-time Control & Accessibility

Know exactly the time and attendance details of your employees from multiple business locations in real-time via the accessibility convenience of using a mobile tablet or any internet connected PC computer.

Integration with ERP and Payroll

4. Integration with ERP and Payroll

Enjoy greater workflow simplification and efficiency through the benefits of integrating the wireless biometric attendance unit with your existing workforce and job cost management system. No more manual entry or double re-entry of data, costly human errors or spending of unnecessary administrative time.

Secure Encrypted Wireless Communication

5. Secure Encrypted Wireless Communication

As the wireless technology involves sending of important and private information of individuals, all the communication signal data is encrypted with an AES 256 bit encryption method.

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1. We Deliver a Total End-to-end Service

Leave the technical details to us. When you engage us, you can be assured that the system implementation will comprehensively cover from start to end, from the initial system interfacing, configuring of the final system installation as well as customization when needed.

2. Responsive Local Servicing

In the event that you are facing any problems with the system, we offer repair and troubleshooting services for both hardware and software. As we have an in-house servicing center located locally, you can be sure that there will be a fast turn around time for each request. This helps to minimize any possible business operation disruption caused by the system downtime.

3. System Integration and Customization

We understand that every client is unique and so is their needs and technical specification requirements. Before making any specific recommendation on technical specifications, we also make it an utmost priority to first understand your workforce management needs and challenges so that we can tailor our time attendance system implementation to meet your organization’s needs.

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Enjoy a Better and more proactive management and control of your business workforce management with a comprehensive wireless biometric attendance solution that you can trust and rely on.
As a human resource workforce management tool, a biometric attendance system can help you control payroll expenditure and monitor manpower productivity while supporting the effective development of a human capital intensive enterprise.

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Features & Benefits of Wireless Biometric Attendance System

1. Real-time Accessibility

1. Real-time Accessibility to Time Attendance data in Multiple Location

As the time attendance data is hosted on cloud, you are now able to enhance your workforce management effectiveness and instantly track and monitor your employee’s attendance and leave information on your mobile smartphone, PC or tablet from any geographical location.<br>
Unlike conventional time attendance recorder system, such accessibility to reliable, real-time attendance data is unheard of, let alone accessing it while on the go on an internet connected device. <br>
Using wireless web-based technology with no need for costly cables, the Web-Based Biometric Time Attendance System is connected to a centralized control platform which allows real-time control and workforce service management via the internet from anywhere around the globe.

2. Multi-Factor Authentication

2. Secure Multi-Factor Identity Authentication

You have the option to connect to external identity authenticating proximity card reader for door access control to prevent illegal usage of the fingerprint scanner time attendance system solutions
The RFID Card Reader supports multiple industry-standard card formats such as

1. Proximity Card (eg. 125KHz EM Prox (EM410), HID Prox)
2. Smart Card (eg. 13.56MHz MIFARE, HID iCLASS, DESFire)
3. Intuitive & User Friendly

3. Simple & Easy Setup, Easy to use

With no hassle of costly physical wiring, or unnecessary controller hardware or accessories, it is easy and fast to setup. You could even get up and running with a wireless fingerprint time attendance system all within a day across all your offices.
With a wireless biometric face recognition attendance system (IL: Face Recognition Attendance System), clocking in their work shift hours for employees has never been easier with its fast and user-friendly user interface.
For Mobile workers who are not office based, they can simply remotely clock in their hours worked via any internet connected devices, such as mobile phones.
For a worker with 24 hours rotating shift work, clocking their hours can be as simple as looking at a face recognition terminal or Fingerprint biometric terminal, with no need for any physical credential, such as Employee badge or RFID Keyfobs.
For Added security, the wireless biometric attendance system can be configured to support integration with CCTV surveillance camera system for an additional layer of visual face facial recognition for added security video verification.

4. Stop Time Theft

4. Prevent Time Fraud & Buddy Punching

Concerned about employees taking advantage of time off policy?
By using an identity authenticated fingerprint clock in system solutions for scanning to clock in and we can be 100% confident & certain that:

1. The authenticated clock in data at that point of entry is undeniably attributed to that employee and not entered someone else.
2. The time attendance records are accurate and are reflective of exactly the arrival time captured by the device, not the time record claimed by your employee.
3. There is no way for employees to perform time fraud, such as buddy punching.
5. ERP & Payroll Integration

5. Integration with ERP & Payroll Management System

Enjoy the convenience of a seamlessly integrated workflow where the time attendance data is streamed to your existing ERP software and payroll systems. This is a cost-effective solution which offers numerous benefits which can make your life easier. Example benefits include:
– Simplify your company workflow
– Speed up supervisor approval workflow processes and.
– Saving you time and money
– Eliminate time theft

6. Standalone Functionality

6. Simple & Reliable Standalone Functionality

Conventional time attendance platform is usually built upon software installations, LAN wire networking, dedicated Host PCs, static IPS which are often associated with problems of unreliability due to system crashes and virus attacks.
However, all this problem can be solved with the standalone functionality of the biometric thumbprint attendance system.
In the event of a wireless network outage or loss of Wifi network signal connection, the attendance system has an intelligent Standalone Functionality to operate offline and independently from the network.
Because of the built-in internal memory in the products, each time attendance authenticating unit has storage capability to store and access thousands of fingerprint print templates during every authentication without the need for connection to any central database.

Applications of Wireless Biometric Attendance System

1. Construction Industry

Construction Companies, which has to manage multiple teams of construction workers at each of the client construction sites. Usually, those job sites are located at remote industrial locations that is difficult to access.

2. Retail Industry

Retail or Services based businesses with multiple groups of service staff at each of company’s key business locations along the supply chain, such as the – Retail chain store locations – Warehouse – Logistics and packaging center – Manufacturing plant

3. F&B Business

F&B Business, which has to manage and coordinate the teams between each of the restaurant outlets locations.

4. Global MNC

Large business organizations that have to manage and coordinate mobile and remote employees in multiple branch offices that are geographically scattered far apart or spread across the different time zone.