Web Based Time Attendance System

Web-based time attendance system is commonly used by companies business owners, government organizations, supervising managers, bookkeepers and HR payroll professionals in Singapore as a time collection pro productivity tool to track employee job man hours and movement related data. This includes critical employee attendance report data such as
1. Number of Days Absent
2. Number of Paid time off taken
3. Annual Leave Balance
4. Scheduled Work shifts duty

Anywhere in today’s fast-paced and competitive business environment, whether you are an SME or a big company, your team of employees is often your biggest operating expense you have to manage.
However, with an effective workforce services management process made possible by a successful implementation of a web base time clock attendance system, your employees can also be your greatest asset and resource that drives your company growth rate and profitability.

Types of Web Based Time Attendance Systems Available

The use of a web based time attendance system broadly falls into 2 categories of time and attendance terminal products, namely:

web based wireless time attendance

1. Wireless Time Attendance System

Equipped with a Wi-Fi antenna, a wireless time attendance terminal has the advantage of a simpler setup by connecting to an existing Wi-Fi network to transfer the data. This effectively frees you up from the hassle and cost of any cable line hardwiring.

networked time attendance system

2. Ethernet Time Attendance System

Enjoy professional auto Plug-and-play simplicity when attaching via LAN cable interface to your router and computer to get online connectivity.

Why Choose Us

1. System Customization

From our years of experience, we understand that no 2 business is identical, that is why before any office attendance system implementation, we seek to understand your application needs and leading challenges you are currently facing before recommending any technical solutions.
Enjoy a tailor-made real-time attendance system implementations that are designed specifically for your organization’s unique workforce manpower management needs.

2. System Integration

Enjoy an affordable and customized access card attendance system integration that is holistic and successfully interfaced with your existing management systems to ensure all the system components automatically works and integrate together seamlessly and smoothly.

3. Excellent Local Technical Servicing

For quick turnaround time, all of our technical hardware/software troubleshooting, repair works or fine-tuning we provide is done locally in our in-house service centers. We also have a team of knowledgeable and trusted technical professionals who will be more than happy to help you with any technical issues or problems that you may have.

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Web Based Time Attendance System

1. Payroll Automation

Enjoy greater productivity and automation through the integration of data from electronic attendance system into your payroll system solution, which auto-populates the time sheets without any need for manual data entry.
With the streamlined and integrated workflow, you are also able to finish payroll costing and manage pay approval in real-time within minutes.

Web-based interface for Visibility & Accessibility

2. Web-based interface for Visibility & Accessibility

Enjoy Easy accessibility and full visibility to all stakeholders. Easily set Customizable interface based on your workforce service shift management needs. No Software Installation or maintenance required. Just by using a web internet-connected device, such as mobile devices, smartphone app, or tablet, your mobile employees can now log in anywhere to access their daily hours worked while on the go during their job functions.

Touch Memory Guard Tour System

3. Extremely Cost Effective & Affordable

Due to the low investment on the actual physical hardware required, as well as the scalability of the software architecture, we are able to keep order cost low and pass on the savings to you.

Touch Memory Guard Tour System

4. Real Time Connectivity

Harnessing the power of cloud server computing, all employee punch data is sent to the workforce management ERP system in real time from either the time clock terminal, a web browser or a smart phone mobile app. Integration with CCTV camera is also supported to enable administrator to view and have a visual safeguard to prevent avoid self buddy punching and time fraud.

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Investing in a time attendance system technology ensures that you are managing your costs effectively and that you are doing the best thing for your business. For an intelligent, simple and easy-to-use Web-based time tracking system, choose Time Attendance Singapore where we offer you the most affordable value that fits your costing budget.

Whether you are looking to get a quote or have any questions, simply email us at sales@timeattendancesingapore.com. Alternatively, you can call to contact us at 81822236 for more information, our team of friendly experts will be happy to assist and support you in any way we can.

Features & Benefits of Web-Based Time Attendance System

1. Web-Based Centralized Time Attendance System Functionality

As different offices within the same part of the organization can run the same web-based time attendance tracking system and share the same information database, the system solution is able to support the tracking and checking of employee attendance logs for Multi-location, Multi-countries offices in geographically scattered locations.

If you are responsible for monitoring and managing businesses with a mobile workforce or remote employees who are not based in an office, you can simply oversee the situation via the online mobile application on their smartphones.

As the web-based time attendance technology setup allows for the flexibility to use various multiple input recognition devices to collect employee time and labor data, your remote mobile employees, such as your sales staff or field employees can easily do a quick registration of time in and time out via their mobile app right where they are.

2. Web-based Visibility & Accessibility

Get easily accessibility to your top business performance metric, accounting information and print scheduling reports by using a Reliable web-based time attendance management system program integrated with payroll. With the web-based time attendance software interface, your employees from different department can practically access the time attendance clock-in web portal from anywhere in the world.

3. GeoFencing Capabilities
To efficiently monitor the location of mobile workers, the automated attendance system can be set up to enable clocking in only when the clock in is done at the designed work location.
Restrict your employees to only punch in from certain networks, certain devices or specific GPS zones by using the security position tracking and navigation processing features.
4. Scalable

It is suitable for businesses if all sizes. If your company grows in headcount over the next few years, a web-based staff attendance system offers many benefits as you can easily scale high up to help meet your time attendance tracking and analytics reporting needs without the need to upgrade on any costly hardware upgrades.

Supports the time attendance and schedule tracking of an unlimited number of Managers and working employees.