Web Based Biometric Time Attendance System

Web Based Biometric Time Attendance System by Time Attendance Singapore is a simple and affordable timekeeping solution that you can implement in your workplace to gain the tremendous value and manage cost savings.
Whether it is reducing overall labor costs, minimizing the time it takes to prepare payroll data or increasing employee accountability, our time attendance solution is an exceptional efficiency and time-saving tool which offers a long list of services and benefits for all parties within the organization, from business owners, employers, supervisors, pay administrator and even employees.

System Integration

Base on your company-specific needs and use requirement, we also able to provide and offer our existing customer user, and clients integration support service with other various high tech security products, computer systems and technology application solutions, such as Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP ) systems, HRMS Leave Management System, Visitor Management System, CCTV video surveillance camera system, DVR recorder server network systems, Proximity Access control readers (eg. Smart cards), Bio reader product systems (E.g. Based on biometric credentials, such as Palm print, Facial recognition and Finger Vein) and its related machine accessories (such as digital security lock devices)


1. Web Based Fingerprint Time Attendance System

1. Web Based Fingerprint Time Attendance System

Authentication is done simply by using your finger, with no need to carry any RFID Proximity Smart Card

… Web Based Fingerprint Time Attendance System
2. Biometric Time & Attendance System

2. Web Based Face Recognition Time Attendance System

Instead of using the bio print impression of your fingers, with a face recognition based time attendance system, you simply have to look at the clock in the device with no contact needed.

… Web Based Face Recognition Time Attendance System

Why Choose Us

1. Real-Time Accessibility to Clock in Data

Apart from the convenience of an automated collection of finger punch data, due to the cloud-based nature of the system, you will also get to enjoy real-time access to the punch data from any location and time via the web-based interface. In addition, there is also no inconvenience of installing software updates and no maintenance of servers to worry about. This real-time access to your employee’s time keeping data give you a way to manage your daily business operations more effectively and improve employee time compliance discipline. Hence, there will no longer be any uncertainty of whether an employee is punctual for work, as all the clock in and clock out information is accurately captured and clearly viewable from the system.

2. Web-based Accessibility on Mobile

With the time attendance software’s web-based accessibility, you can log-in and look up the collected time and attendance data anytime or from any location, at your convenience. This offers you and your employees tremendous productivity benefits and time-saving convenience.

For Employees

This time attendance mobile accessibility also allows your Mobile workforce and Remote workers who are always on-the-move from job site to job site due to their job function, to clock into or out of their jobs via any internet connected smartphone. In addition, the web-based time attendance system provides your employees additional useful functionalities, such as viewing of time cards, submission of time off requests, all from the convenience of their mobile device.

For Supervisors

As supervisors, you can also review and check time cards, approve time off, and see who has clocked in or out for the day and, manage time attendance all while on the go, using their smartphone or tablet. Within just a few clicks, you will be able to effectively manage, review and approve your employee time and attendance data captured and execute payroll costing functions.

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1. Improved Business Efficiency

1. HR Administration Effectiveness

With a Web-Based Biometric Time Attendance System, you can take the pain out of managing employee hours by greatly simplifying and streamlining your HR payroll processing workflow through seamless integration between the online time attendance device and the payroll applications.

2. Empower Your Teams

2. Facilitate & Support Effective Workforce Mobility

Having and using a web based time attendance system is an important consideration if a large portion of your workforce is mobile. Examples, where the system can facilitate the time attendance tracking needs for mobile, remote workers include:

1. Employees who are having Flexi work arrangement and work from home due to Parenting commitments.
2. Remote and Mobile Workers who work in a remote location or client’s job site.
3. Accountability & Compliance

3. Reliable & Accurate data

An automated tracking of employee’s time attendance data enables you to spend less time and fewer resources to carry out critical HR management processes.

Eliminate Time Tracking Error

Causes of errors during the collection of time and attendance data can be due to illegitimate abuse of time clock usages, such as buddy punching, or lack of accuracy due to the manual estimation of hours worked base on memory recall.
By automating the time and attendance data collection for your organization, it can help to greatly reduce costly Time tracking error rates.

4. Integration with Payroll

4. Time and Attendance Automation

Payroll is not as simple as summing up the hours an employee worked over a period of time and multiplying those hours by a fixed rate. In fact, there are many other factors that need to be taken into account during payroll processing, thus making it a relatively complex process for most companies. Factors include for example:


1. Pay guidelines and regulations for different categories of employees
2. Claims tracking for medical allowance
3. Ensuring compliance with labor protection laws and payroll policies
4. Expense deductions for transportation


Eliminate Payroll Processing Errors

With a time attendance log tracking system integrated with your payroll system, it can help you to decreases the amount of manual workforce management processes during the processing of Payroll. This can greatly reduce human errors due to

1. Lack of consistency in tracking hours worked by payroll employees
2. Miscalculations when processing payroll report.

Problems with Traditional Punch Time Clock

You might say that the traditional punch clock gets the job done, but when we look at the archaic punch clock from the perspective of collecting time attendance data, there are three red flags that come to my mind. Let us explore the problems associated with its usage:

1. Fraudulent time records

Buddy punching occurs when a worker has a co-worker punch in or out for him or her. This fraudulent practice which is considered to be a form of employee theft commonly occurs in situations where a colleague clock in on behalf of an employee a few minutes early because the employee is running late or clock him out a few minutes later because he has to leave early for another appointment. It is a fact that many organizations have reported of having problems with buddy punching which is costing companies a significant portion of their gross payroll every year.

2. Manual Errors

After an employee punches in on a traditional punch clock, the information data has to be compiled and sorted for payroll processing. This is a highly manual and inefficient process which is prone to errors. Even with the use of spreadsheet software, it does little to reduce errors due to the manual nature of the data entry When spreadsheets are regularly updated or frequently used over long periods of time, say several months or even years, they are likely to contain more errors as they become more complex. This situation is made worse when the same spreadsheet is shared by multiple people as more users simply equal more potential for accidental errors due to manual data entry.

3. Immobility

As today’s workforce are increasingly mobile, traditional time clocks simply do not have the capability to support the time attendance tracking needs of mobile workforces. Traditional Excel spreadsheets and sending via Email is inefficient and prone to errors.

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