Thumbprint Attendance System 

With a Thumbprint Attendance System by Time Attendance Singapore, you will get to enjoy the automated timekeeping and payroll solution integration which can instantly decrease your administrative workload while lowering your cost of doing business.

System Integration

Base on your company-specific needs, we also offer our customers and clients integration support service with other various high-tech security products, computer systems and technology solutions, such as CCTV video surveillance camera system, network DVR recorder systems, Visitor Management System, HRMS Leave Management System, Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP ) systems, Proximity Access control readers (eg. Smart cards), Bio reader systems (E.g. Based on biometric credentials, such as Finger Vein, Palm print, & Facial recognition) and its related machine accessories (such as digital door lock)


1. Time Attendance System

1. Standalone Thumbprint Attendance System

2. Wireless Thumbprint Attendance System

2. Wireless Thumbprint Attendance System

Thumbprint Attendance System

1. Manage Labor Cost Effectively

3. Accountability & Compliance

3. Secure Biometric Identity Authentication

2. Empower Your Teams

2. Provides Accurate Timekeeping Records for Compliance

4. Integration with Payroll

4. Free Up Your Time for Productivity

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Time Attendance Singapore provides affordable and reliable Time Attendance Management solutions. We also offer System hardware and customized software integration. Secure and Protect your assets today!


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1. Increase Employee Accountability

Are you struggling with problems of employees committing buddy punching or simply have no way of knowing when your employees are coming or going or for how long they are working?
This lack of transparency can become a problem, especially when you may be so busy with work that you don’t have time to worry about the punctuality situation of your staff.
Having an automated fingerprint scanner time attendance system can easily solve these time discipline issues by making it mandatory for employees to simply clock in a time log every time they arrive or depart from the workplace.
By having a fingerprint clock in system for automatic time tracking, your workforce productivity will increase and your employees will make a serious conscious effort to make sure that they are working during the hours that are required of them.

2. Minimize Human Error in Administrative Work

By having an automatic timekeeping provided by a web-based biometric time attendance system, it can significantly speed up the Collection, Calculation, Verification, and Export of time attendance data for quicker payroll processing.
As a matter of fact, a large part of the HR payroll workflow processes can now be done automatically via the internet. By allowing the biometric clock in system to automate the time tracking work for you, you can get rid of inefficient manual data entry processes and prepare payroll in half the time.

3. Streamline Payroll Process Workflow

During normal operation, the whole workflow from beginning to end is pretty simple.
A staff can just conveniently punch in or out using one of the integrated timekeeping devices.
The punch data is automatically updated to the web-based timesheet where their manager can check and approve the timesheet.
When the payroll submission deadline is due every month end, the timesheet information can simply be imported onto the payroll platform and you’re done.

Features & Benefits of Thumbprint Attendance System

1. Manage Labor Cost

1. Manage Labor Cost Effectively

Manpower cost is probably easily one of your organization’s greatest expense that they have to pay. With an integrated biometric time attendance system that is simple and affordable to implement, you will soon discover that such systems can help you to manage and keep in check labor costs more effectively, by eliminating avoidable cost due to Unapproved Overtime, Buddy punching, fraudulent Overtime punch in and employees estimating their hours worked.
After you have implemented and used the Thumbprint attendance system, you can put an end to all these issues once and for all.

2. Accurate Timekeeping Records

2. Provides Accurate Timekeeping Records for Compliance

Are you keeping adequate records and reports of employee work hours according to regulatory guidelines set out by MOM labor laws, which are designed and put in place to protect all working men and women in the workforce?
To ensures that your staff are compensated fairly and accurately for the hours of services they put in, all employers, regardless of whether they are SME or large MNC, are required to track, record, and provide report of their employee’s hours of service data, in order to comply with regulations from the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).
Having the use of a wireless biometric attendance system can help you to guard against and avoid any possible legal litigation and costly fines due to claims of inaccurate employee compensation.

3. Secure Authentication

3. Secure Biometric Identity Credential Authentication

Biometric-based time attendance terminals, such as Thumbprint scanner ensures that time punches are truly being made by each individual staff physically in person. As the nature of biometric credential is not transferable, it makes it almost impossible for employees to beat the fingerprint time attendance system through buddy punching to cover up if they were late or absent for work at the office. This helps to keep employees accountable for the time they clocked in and improve overall regulatory compliance with time policies.

4. Boost Productivity

4. Free Up Your Time for Productivity

With the implementation of a new proven and reliable Thumbprint time attendance system hardware and a GPRS biometric attendance system software solution, you can now get a peace of mind and focus your attention on monitoring and work on core revenue-generating tasks. This helps to increase your business productivity output.

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An automated standalone fingerprint time attendance system is an excellent time tracking productivity tool for any business owner, as it not only makes your life easier, it also allows you to conveniently reduce one of your major operational expenses – your staffing cost.

See for yourself just how a Thumbprint attendance system can improve the way you streamline and simplify your payroll administration process.
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