Student Attendance Management System

Student Attendance Management System is a management automation tool used by many schools in Singapore to easily Manage and Quickly track the attendance status of their students for each class in a timely and efficient manner.
It has been widely adopted by Primary schools, Secondary schools, Junior colleges (JCs) and Polytechnics to create a culture of time discipline and punctuality in their student, which in turn helps to create a higher overall level of engagement and retention in the students.

Apart from encouraging time discipline and student engagement, ensuring the safety and security of students is also particularly important for schools, especially childcare centers, tuition centers and kindergartens, where children are of a much younger and vulnerable age.
Having a student attendance management systems can help you to manage the large traffic of students entering and exiting the school entry gate every day.

Student Attendance Authenticating Terminal

1. Student Attendance Authenticating Terminal

… RFID Attendance System
Student Attendance Software

2. Student Attendance Software

… School Attendance Software

Why Choose Us

1. Seamless Integration with Legacy System

In today’s landscape where security is the topmost concern for any organization, it demands security systems to work together so as to leverage the strengths of each of the system.
For any gated community to have a robust physical security, it is important for the individual legacy security systems to work in unison so as to maximize security.
We offer integration service with your existing legacy system so as to implement an End-to-end, cost-effective and reliable student attendance system and staff attendance system implementation.
For example, you can integrate the student attendance management system with:

1. CTV security surveillance system
2. Security access control systems
3. Visitor Management system 4. Intrusion Detection Alarm System


2. Responsive Local Servicing

We offer the benefit of a fast turnaround time to all of our clients, for any repair, troubleshooting, or customization request for both Hardware and software of the attendance tracking system.
This is because all these activities are done locally at our in-house service center, with our team of trusted and highly knowledgeable technical professionals. If needed, we are also able to provide on-site servicing support to give you the ease and convenience of dealing with our service personnel face-to-face.

3. Personalized Implementation

We understand that every school or for that matter, any organizations with a gated community have their unique set of challenges and needs. We always make it a priority to understand your security needs first before moving to the next step to make any technical recommendations.
This helps to ensure that all of our innovative student attendance automation system implemented is designed and implemented with functions designed specifically for your organization’s time and attendance management needs

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Student Attendance Management System

1. Efficient & Error-free Attendance Tracking

Faster and Easier monitoring and management of the entire school’s student daily attendance
The electronic attendance system features a Simple, Intuitive and Easy to use web-based interface that is customizable to suit your needs.

Save Time and Money through Process Automation

2. Save Time and Money through Process Automation

Get back control over the management of your school attendance. With a full service student attendance management system that is pro productivity, you get to enjoy greater report simplification, integration, and automation in critical attendance management functions.

Real-time Visibility & Mobile Accessibility

3. Real-time Visibility & Mobile Accessibility

Enjoy real-time access to student attendance data via the use of a web-based time attendance system and registration management software interface integrated with the student management system.
You can even get easy access to real-time student attendance and leave status for the day using any internet connected mobile device Platform or Work tablet, from any location you are, at any time.

Maintain Close Communication with Parents

4. Maintain Close Communication with Parents

Parent and guardian are by nature worried about the safety of their children. To reassure concerned parents on the well-being of their children while at school, an SMS notification system allows for an effective real-time channel of communication to keep parents informed their child well-being during the start and end of each day.

icon_Time and Attendance Tracking

5. Self-Service Capabilities

For easy access and transparency, web-based portal solution can be provided for parents and students to log in and view their historical attendance records Automated self-registration of entry/exit of the child greatly reduces the administrative tasks and burden of manual tracking of attendance off teachers. This helps to saves them precious classroom time and operations resources to teach.

Features & Benefits of Student Attendance Management Systems

1. Scalable Time Attendance Management

1. Scalable Time Attendance Management Solution

With hundreds and perhaps thousands of students coming in and out of your school days, it is almost impossible to effectively track which student is late, absent without valid reason, or on MC. With the professional School Attendance product system, you get to enjoy greater efficiency and automated control over the attendance management of your entire student population.
Designed for a Scalable services deployment, it is able to concurrently handle hundreds of student with RFID smart cards coming in and out of the school premises. This helps to save precious class time where the teacher is no longer needed to take attendance manually.
Without an automated attendance system in place, administrators, and teachers have to manually mark, tabulate and tally the attendance of students in their respective classes and timetable every day. It is an inefficient, error-prone and time-consuming task which eats into precious classroom teaching hours, which would otherwise be used for more productive teaching activities.

2. Access Control Integration

2. Integration options with Biometric hardware & Swipe Card Time Attendance Terminals

Can be interfaced with physical time attendance hardware to Capture and Authenticate Identity Credential, such as Fingerprint biometric credentials or RFID proximity ID smart card. This resource integration with other pre-existing legacy management systems, such as student data management systems helps to optimize the use of limited IT user networking resources.

3. Integrated Notification

3. Integration with SMS Notification Alert System

Integration of information application products with a robust SMS notification gives you the capability to quickly send an Alert mass notification to selected parents and guardians about incidents of attendance infringements by their students.
For example, through the help and support from a real-time attendance system, you can immediately notify the parents of all students who have attendance issues, such as for example, Absenteeism without proper permission, playing truant, skipping school without approval or valid reason in official print.
Alternatively, this could also serve to enable Faster dissemination of communication information to parents for many situations, such as

1. Evacuation event emergencies
2. Impromptu Last minute employee announcements
3. Cancellations of tuition events or course lessons
4. Student absences from school education
4. Report Generation

4. Student Attendance Report Generation

Fast customized report generation function based on reliable attendance record data collected allows for teacher auto tracking of trends and patterns for school management to facilitate making informed decisions. Format details of staff reports can be easily customized and configured base on your multiple needs and reading preferences.
An example of reports includes:

1. Attendance summary report, organized by School, Company Level, Class, Individual, and Date and time of entry & exit (optional)
2. List of Late Arrival students Report – allows you to track new student punctuality trends over time.
3. Absentee name attends list
4. Attendance by training course registrants
5. Role-Based Data Access

5. Role-Based Data Access Permission with Multi-layered Authorization

The online web-based Student database management software module architecture has a built-in Multi-tiered hierarchy of access authorization levels and comprehensive security safeguards feature to protect sensitive private student information.
An appropriate level of access rights can be configured and customized for each staff who logged into the attendance management system software such that they can only access and read information that they need to see and manage, base on their job role function, Department and authorization within the organization hierarchy.
This role-based access permission security feature ensures that confidential student information is kept private and prevents any unauthorized viewing or abuse of privacy.

6. Boost Punctuality

6. Monitor Student Lateness, Absenteeism & Boost Engagement

Any pattern of absenteeism, lateness or low attendance rate will be automatically highlighted.
This allows for any corrective or disciplinary efforts to be made in a timely matter to help improve attendance rate and punctuality.
At a higher level, these efforts also serve an even more important role in improving students level of engagement, Performance motivation and ultimately Retention in the school.
Task manager solutions features allow for the Tracking of pending action items with any specific student that need to be followed-up by school staff. This helps to facilitate the managing of communicating with the different students identified.

7. Customizable Management Software System

The school attendance software can be configured to intelligently review the student attendance data to check for any attendance infringement or abnormally.
This management rule configuration helps to provide the benefit of reinforcing a culture of time discipline and punctuality in the students. At the same time, it also helps to safeguard the life safety & security of the school students at all times.

For example, the Software system can be configured to

1. Correlate the entry and exit counts of the student to ensure it matches. If it does not match, it could indicate that the student could still be in school after official school hours.
2. Ensures that the captured entry and exit times of student are within an acceptable deviation from the official school classes hours. This ensures that the student did not arrive late at school, or leave school without any prior approval
3. Check for multiple entries & exits transaction events

If any of these pre-configured automated checking rules by the access card attendance system detects any incidence of attendance infringement or discrepancy, an automated alert notification will be instantly sent to school authorities & parents by SMS, webmail to highlight the issue for their attention.
Innovations web interface is available throughout school hours & is extremely simple to use & operate.

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With automatic school office attendance system not only do you have a constant real-time overview of your school’s student attendance status, punctuality, it helps to make your day-to-day management of a large population of school students more manageable and effective. An added benefit of the time discipline instilled in the study is that it helps to improve your student’s overall engagement in schools activities and improves student retention rates.

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How Does a Student Attendance Management System Works?
1. Students have first issued a unique ID smart card (RFID) badges for them to bring along with them.
Those RFID tags are pre-programmed to contain unique information pertaining to the child, such as name, class, blood group, address & contact information.
Base on your needs, this same RFID smart card can also be used for a variety of other functions such as
1. Cashless payment at school canteen/cafeteria
2. Borrowing and returning of Library books
3. Purchase of items at School stationery shops
Also, enjoy flexibility in the implementation of the RFID smart card, where it can be customized accordingly for attachment in a variety of ways, such as attaching onto a child’s ID badge, or it can be worn by attaching onto a lanyard
2. As the student enters the school campus premises via the entrance gates, the long-range UHF RFID proximity sensor reader installed at the gates automatically detects and authenticate the RFID card carried by the student from a distance.
The RFID card data captured is then transmitted via LAN or GPRS to a main cloud-based server, where the data is processed to tabulate attendance reporting status for the day.
*A separate directional sensor determines if whether the student is coming into the school from outside, or leaving the school from inside.
3. For every student entry event successfully registered in the attendance management system, an instant SMS notification message will be sent to the respective parent’s mobile number to update them on the date and time of arrival and check in at the school
4. In the event that there is any absenteeism detected at the start of the day, the attendance management software dashboard will be automatically highlighted the situation to the school administrator.
Through the use of an SMS notification system, an SMS notification alerted will be immediately sent to the parent of the absent student in a timely manner to verify if the student is at home.
5. At the end of each school dismissal for the day, the same RFID card will be automatically scanned and read by the same long-range RFID reader as the student leaves and exit the school premises at the same school entrance.
A notification message can also be configured to be sent to the corresponding mobile number to inform their parents that their child has left the school.