Standalone Fingerprint Time Attendance System 

Standalone Fingerprint Time Attendance System is a workforce management tool trusted by numerous companies and business in Singapore with the time-consuming task of keep track of their employees time and attendance information.


Are you and your company having challenges keeping track of the following information about your employees?
For example
1. How many hours did your employees work?
2. What is the Arrival time of employees at your workplace?
3. How much time was spent for Lunch rest breaks? At what time did your staff arrive back at the office?
4. At what time did your employee leave the office? Do they left the office earlier than the official working hours or did they stay late?


A standalone fingerprint GPRS biometric time attendance system is the ultimate productivity online help tool for businesses to perform the dual objective of providing security access control identity authentication as well as monitoring the reporting time and attendance of their staff at their secured workplace premises.
We are a one-stop time attendance recording products, fingerprint clock in system solutions, and services provider and offers multiple comprehensive ranges of time attendance hardware and customized time attendance management software.
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Types of Standalone Fingerprint Time Attendance System Available

Mobile Attendance System

1. Mobile Attendance System

… Mobile Attendance System

Wireless Biometric Attendance System

2. Wireless Biometric Attendance System

GPRS Biometric Attendance System

3. GPRS Biometric Attendance System

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Standalone Fingerprint Time Attendance System

1. Stop Time Theft & Buddy Punching

Because fingerprint is a biometric credential which cannot be transferred to another person, there is no chance that an employee can beat the fingerprint time attendance reader system or any other biometric clock in system through buddy enrollment and buddy punching.
This helps to foster a workforce culture of time discipline, punctuality, and high employee engagement.

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2. Independent Standalone Functionality

No need for an external controller or PC host. The independent and fully functional Fingerprint time attendance terminal device is integrated with a controller to make authentication decision on the finger image captured and control door release mechanism through its relay terminals.

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3. Multi-factor Based Identity Verification

An additional layer of security safeguard design can be incorporated into the web-based biometric time attendance system by using dual authentication solution feature, which requires users to scan both their fingerprint and their proximity smart card at the time attendance recorder terminal before access or clocking in of time is granted.

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4. Standalone Enrollment Management

With the standalone capabilities of the Fingerprint terminal, you are able to conveniently enroll new users as well as delete users right at the fingerprint reading terminal with the use of a command card.

Features & Benefits of Standalone Fingerprint Time Attendance System

1. Full standalone Functionality

1. Full Standalone Functionality

The standalone fingerprint terminal comes with a built-in embedded digital signal processing controller so it can operate and function independently without the need for any external door controller, additional software application or PC computer. This makes the biometric time attendance system simple, effective yet affordable with the minimal hardware needed.

2. Connectivity

2. Built-in Connectivity Options

The time attendance terminal is equipped with 26 bit Wiegand digital signal input and output relay terminals to support direct control of the door release mechanism and other access control devices

For easy interfacing with industry standard connection interface, the thumbprint attendance system terminal is designed with USB ports and Ethernet connectors for 3rd party compatibility.

3. Secure Authentication

3. Secure Multi-Factor Credential Authentication

1. Multi-Factor Authentication

For an extra level of security, a dual authentication requirement can be configured, where the user has to use both their fingerprint impression and scan their RFID Employee ID card in order to have a positive identity verification.

2. Image Capturing

In the event that a fingerprint credential does not match any preexisting biometric fingerprint templates stored in the database, the personnel will be denied access. For added security, the built-in face recognition camera can be configured to capture the facial image of the person trying to gain access without proper prior enrollment. This security feature helps to take visual note of people who could be a possible intruder with malicious intent. Alternatively, an integration with your existing CCTV surveillance camera system can be set up to serve the same purpose.

4. Compatible with RFID Industry Standards

4. Compatible with Multiple RFID Card Industry Standards

Compatible with a broad range of industry mainstream RFID Proximity card technology types and accessories, such as

1. RFID Smart Card access pass

stored data are securely stored and protected by security keys to prevent unauthorized access (eg. 13.56MHz MIFARE, HID iCLASS, DESFire)

2. RFID Proximity Card

(eg. 125KHz EM Prox (EM410), HID Prox)

5. Efficient Management & Monitoring

5. Efficient Management & Monitoring of Employee’s Movement

A standalone bio fingerprint time attendance system can help you to read and monitor the time and attendance information of Lone workers in remote worksite locations.
It is also suitable for companies with multi-site office, in geographically far apart location or in different time zone.

6. Battery Backup

6. Interruptible Battery Power Backup

Automatic Backup ensures that the fingerprint scanner attendance system does not crash in the event of a power failure
backup options ensure that the critical time attendance history data is kept secure.
It ensures the internal clock of the time attendance terminal is accurate by enabling real-time clock synchronization.

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Application of Standalone Fingerprint Time Attendance System

Industries which have successfully benefited from the implementation includes:

1. Record & Tracking of Time Attendance of Construction Workers

The work nature of construction workers are mobile in nature are often geographically located to job sites which are relatively remote and industrial areas of Singapore. In addition, the workers are often working in an outdoor environment where getting connected to any network wiring a big challenge.
With a standalone fingerprint time attendance system, you are able to have a time attendance clocking technology which is highly portable from job site to job site and can operate independently at the job site without the need for any external power supply or wired Ethernet connection.
Base on the needs of the payroll administrator, the standalone time attendance clocking device can be tagged to the job site location. You also have the option to track your employee’s base on their job task breakdown.

2. Time Attendance Tracking of Event Staffing

Often in corporate events, such as exhibitions, conferences, a large team of temporary service staff are hired to carry out various duties such as ushering, customer service, product promotion etc.
A portable standalone fingerprint time attendance system is often used by event management companies to track the time and attendance of the team staff who are scheduled base on a preplanned rostering.
This allows temporary employees who are paid hourly to have their man hours worked accurately recorded for fast and error free payroll processing.

Specifications of Standalone FingerPrint Time Attendance System

1. Display Interface

– Full 3” TFT color display

– User-friendly GUI interface for showing information vividly

– Also serves to show other critical information such as Fingerprint imaging result quality, and identity matching verification result

– Touch Keypad for easy operation – Multi-Language support

2. Multi-Factor Authentication Biometric

– Multi-factor authentication (FP+PIN)

– Fingerprint Scanner (FP) With an optical sensor with auto adapt technology to adjust to dirty, oily or fingerprints with abrasion

– Numerical PIN entry (PIN)

– Built-in/Integrated Proximity Smartcard reader (ID, Mifare, HID) (Optional) — inbuilt options for access control.

– Fingerprint credential Matching algorithm – Designed for Fast Identity authentication.

– High-speed digital signal processing unit – For fast verification in under 1 second

3. Multi Deployment Modes

– Standalone – LAN, Web

– LAN, Web

4. Connectivity

– Industry standard Data transmission protocol: TCP/IP, this ensure a fast and reliable data transfer between the terminal and PC

– Wiegand signal input and output relay terminal ports – enables controlling of external access control devices such as electromagnetic door lock

– Built-in Serial and Ethernet Ports RS232/ RS485 – this allows you to connect to a PC or for TCP/IP networking with a web server via an Ethernet cable.

– Built-in USB ports – for manual data transfer in offline mode, when not connected to a network – Integrated wireless communication module – Wifi or GPRS (optional

– Built-in USB ports – for manual data transfer in offline mode, when not connected to a network

– Integrated wireless communication module – Wifi or GPRS (optional


5. Huge internal storage capacity

– Able to store 3000 fingerprint user templates – able to store 1’000’000 user authentication transaction event logs records – able to store 3000 Access card ID code

6. Backup Power Supply Unit

– 12V DC 1.5A – enough for five hours of continuous backup

7. Dimension:

210 x 157 x 50mm