Staff Attendance System 

Staff attendance system is the foundational backbone of any HR Management system implementation here in Singapore.
Whether you are a business owner, manager, administrative payroll staff, 3rd party service contractor for your clients’ company or an employee of the company, the Process Automation, Monitoring efficiency, and record Tracking accuracy that a Staff attendance recorder system offers can benefit your business organization at all levels.
With a modern staff attendance solution in place, it changes how the HR professional track, manage, and monitor their workforce and digitizes the entire identity authentication read and time tracking process to make your workforce management process truly paperless, efficient, and pro-productivity environment that is without the need for daily filing up of the paper form.

With an online employee time attendance monitoring software and an electronic attendance system, it gives you the capacity to have comprehensive tracking reports and view real-time situational awareness on your employee work situation status, such as awareness of:

1. Which Employee is allocated, in what order for a specific shift. It also helps to check if their works are eligible for overtime pay
2. At what time did your sales staff perform the clock-in transaction, to check for punctuality
3. At what time did your employee perform the clock-out transaction, to check that they did not clock out early before official shift end time.
4. How much has new staffing man hours been clocked for the month to ensure that the payroll expenditure is kept within the budget to ensure it supports your businesses continued profitability?

Types of Staff Attendance System Available

RFID Staff Attendance System

1. RFID Staff Attendance System

RFID based time attendance system leverage on existing door access control hardware by enabling it to perform the dual function of both access control and time attendance tracking using one integrated access control terminal unit. … RFID Attendance System

Examples of industry standard RFID access control technology credentials that can be used as authentication for time and attendance tracking includes:

1. Proximity Card 125KHz (eg. EM Prox (EM410), HID Prox)
2. Smart Card (eg. MIFARE, HID iCLASS, DESFire )
Biometric Staff Attendance System

2. Biometric Staff Attendance System

For main attendance tracking applications where security of the identity is important, the use of biometrics method of authentication is suitable as it is difficult to forge or stolen. This is particularly useful and powerful for preventing workplace time fraud by employees using buddy punching.
Common examples of Biometric time attendance system includes:

Web-based Time Attendance System

3. Web-based Time Attendance System

Enjoy easy accessibility right from the convenience of a browser on any device connected to the internet or company intranet, such as Mobile phone ( app ), computer workstations, or tablet. A web based time attendance system is suitable for business which has multiple office sites and has employees in multiple geographical locations.

Mobile Attendance System

4. Mobile Attendance System

If you have a large team of employees who are mobile and not desk bound, due to their job demands, a mobile attendance system is a suitable time attendance tracking solutions for your business. For more information, see … Mobile Attendance System

Examples of such job functions that need a mobile time attendance system includes

1. Client visiting Consultants
2. Maintenance Engineers
3. Construction line workers
4. Sales personnel
5. Security Guards based at client premises

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Payroll Efficiency

1. Payroll Efficiency

Pay Your Staff Correctly & On time, Every time using reliable electronic data processing

Enhance Business Productivity

2. Enhance Business Productivity

Enjoy real-time accessibility & visibility of time attendance data and employee schedule. Eliminate complicated, labor intensive time attendance data processing. No more paper time Sheet. Period.

No More Time Fraud

3. No More Time Fraud

Are your employees accurately reporting their time? With Staff Attendance System, you can encourage a work culture of Punctuality and time integrity.

Touch Memory Guard Tour System

4. Motivate Your Workforce

Happy employees work harder when they know that every hour of service that they put in counts and that they will be paid correctly and on time.

Why Choose Us

1. Affordable End-to-End Total Service

We ensure that every staff attendance system implementation is professionally integrated, configured and implemented to ensure durability and reliable performance over a long period of time to meet your specific needs.

2. Customization

We understand that no 2 client business or time attendance needs are identical, that is why we always approach any system implementation by first understanding your manpower management needs so that we get to recommend a suitable Staff attendance system. Base on your needs, we are able to offer the flexibility of additional optional features that can be customized to your unique workforce management needs

3. Outstanding Local Technical Support & Service

Any post-installation customization, repair, troubleshooting, upgrades of hardware or software is done locally in Singapore either on-site or at our service center to ensure fast turnaround time to minimize downtime at a system level.

Features & Benefits of Staff Attendance System

1. Payroll Accuracy

1. Payroll Accuracy and Efficiency

Staff gets paid on time and for the services they provide and for hours they actually worked. This indirectly has the added benefit of empowering employees to be more productive as they know that every hour that they put into their work is accounted for.

2. Boost Productivity

2. High Employee Workforce Productivity

With the Staff attendance system, each time an employee does a clock in or clock out at the end of each workday or work shift, the data is automatically transferred and stored in the integrated 3rd party cloud-based HR payroll management system.
This makes it easy for HR professionals in your company to always have easy Access and clear Visibility on the status metric of employee time and attendance.
Implementation and application of an office attendance system can also help to put a stop to employees spending their precious work hours on the unproductive administrative task like Manual filling out of paper time sheets which in many cases involves a fair bit of memory recall and guesswork, which can result in inaccuracy in time log data.

3. Stop Time Fraud

3. Eliminate Employee Time Fraud & Time Theft

Employees are easily your biggest business expenditure. Eliminating time theft can directly impact your business bottom line and reduces unnecessary financial loss.
Employers can stop time theft with through integration of the staff attendance system with a RFID or Biometric Fingerprint, Palm print identity authenticating terminal hardware, which ensures that the personnel who does the time clock in and clock out are indeed who they claim to be and not their colleagues (which in this case is an act of buddy punching).

To counteract unnecessary payroll expenditure due to employee intentional clocking of unnecessary overtime, the time attendance tracking system software is designed such that employees cannot clock an overtime unless it has prior approval by their supervisor.
As an added layer of security safeguard to ensure employers only pay for the actual hours and cost their employees are required to work, the automated time attendance system is now programmed to ensure that the clock in and clock out time created by the employee during each work shift coincides with the official timing scheduled.
If an employee decided to report early for work and clock in early, he will not be able to clock in the extra hours by clocking in early when he reaches the workplace.
On the other hand, if an employee happens to report late for work, the real-time attendance system will also capture the actual arrival time and automatically adjust the pay accordingly.

4. Leave Management

4. Employee Leave Schedule Management

The time clock also offers more than just clocking in and out. Staff can apply for leave and indicated in the web-based time attendance system their unavailability for certain assigned shifts.
Using the powerful time attendance management software systems, managers can enjoy the real-time data synchronization and view a list of all staff on the roster for that day.

5. Self-Service Functionality

Using their unique identification credentials, employees and visitor staff are able to self-authenticate with the time attendance device reader and perform a clock in and clock out time log transaction by themselves.

Types of Authentications that we offer includes

1. Biometrics credential recognition and validation, (such as Fingerprint, Face geometry)
2. RFID Access Control Card (such as 1.Proximity Card (eg. 125KHz EM Prox (EM410), HID Prox), and 2. Smart Card (eg. MIFARE, HID iCLASS, DESFire))
3. Unique PIN Passcode


Camera Visual Imaging

For an added layer of security verification, most of our time attendance terminals and compatible products are equipped with built-in Camera to capture the image of the staff carrying out the time clock in a transaction at that point in time during the start and end of their shift.
If needed, the staff access card attendance system can also be configured to integrate with your existing CCTV security surveillance video camera system, to enable you to have a higher rate of accurate visual identification of potential intruders and trespassers.

Key Components of a Staff Attendance System

1. Time and Attendance Terminal

This is the centerpiece of the entire employee attendance management system. Various types of authenticating technology are available in the time attendance terminals that we offer, ranging from RFID-based authentication to Biometric credential method of user authentication. For added users security, the customer also has the option to choose terminals that provide Multi-Factor human authentication, where users are required to have 2 layers of authentication automatically.

2. Time Attendance Software

Each time a working employee user carries out a clock in or clock out time log transaction, the data set is automatically synchronized with the administrative time and attendance software in real time. When needed, part of the spreadsheet report containing the staff hours worked can be automatically generated using the report generation module. In addition, the software module is designed for simple compatibility with 3rd part workforce productivity and resource management product solutions, such as HRMS reporting system and ERP systems.

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