Real time Attendance System

Real-time Attendance System by Time Attendance Singapore is a Workforce Management and Time Tracking Technology Solutions Designed for Today’s Business Environment.
Specifically, it is beneficial for Companies and organizations which need real-time direct oversight to keep track of clock in, clock out timing data of workforce with multiple work teams. Often this involves Remote monitoring to manage teams of employees distributed across various geographically wide and scattered office center locations.

Examples of business operation with multiple locations that report back to HQ includes
1. Retail Chains with Multiple retail stores and Warehouse location that hold physical products, where you need an attendance tracking system reader to capture and take care of clock in and clock out hours information of Remote employees working on-site.
2. Business with services and operations which engage in field service contractors and customer end facing sales employees.
Such company needs an easy way to remotely and accurately track the time and attendance data log of their on-site employees.

System Integration

Use of this high-tech integrated online management solution helps to support lean businesses both large and small to simplify the enforcement of employee level compliance with time policies to pay employee correctly and protect your bottom line.
When seamlessly integrated with your existing Payroll system, Cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP ) and Leave management systems, it can help streamline your organization’s process workflow for greater productivity, security, and end-to-end efficiency.

If need to, our real-time electronic attendance system product can also be set and configured to integrate with your existing security video surveillance CCTV camera systems to give you a visual read of the situation in the event of a false authentication detected at the time attendance scanner terminal.


1. Real Time RFID T&A system

1. Real Time RFID T&A system

Suitable for use in schools and tertiary institution for managing attendance of a large population of students … RFID Attendance System

2. Real Time Biometric T&A system (GPRS/GSM)

2. Real Time Biometric T&A system (GPRS/GSM)

Uses various authenticating credentials, such as Finger vein, Fingerprint and Face Geometry. … GPRS biometric attendance system

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Time Attendance Singapore provides affordable and reliable Time Attendance Management solutions. We also offer System hardware and customized software integration. Secure and Protect your assets today!


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Real time Attendance System

1. Real-time Remote Monitoring

Our web-based time attendance system and software give you complete accessibility to time attendance information captured across all the different office device located right at your management dashboard.<>br
This makes the office attendance system possible for you to get close monitoring and highlight any early detection of any pattern of frequent absenteeism or lateness, enabling you to make quick, timely, corrective action on any attendance infringements which can impact your bottom line, and make the best-informed decision-making for optimal productivity gains

3. Labor Data Analytics

3. Labor Data Analytics

Time and staff attendance system function as a workforce management technology which provides you with a reliable source of cloud-based Labor data intelligence. This gives you forward-thinking analytics and tabulated data trends to give you insights and view into your workforce efficiency and productivity. It also helps you to have the power to determine where and when is your attention is needed so that you can make well-informed labor change decisions to help you reduce costs and improve overall productivity.

2. Automated Timekeeping

2. Automated Timekeeping

Automatic timekeeping feature of the Fingerprint automated attendance system offers you a much easier way to automate the collection and management of employee time and makes processing of your payroll much more efficient.
This is especially useful if you have a large portion of hourly-paid employees or shift-based workers in your workforce.

4. Stop Time Fraud & Save on Workforce Expenditure

4. Stop Time Fraud & Save on Workforce Expenditure

Are your employees reporting for work late, using available company time resource without working or Stealing paid unapproved hours at overtime rate without you knowing?
With an automated time attendance system to provide the means to accurately log the hours worked by your employees, you can have the accountability and transparency to deter time fraud from happening in the first place.

Why Choose Us

Real-time Accurate Time Attendance Tracking

Having a real-time attendance system enables employee both in office and in on the field, to capture, report, and send their clock in and clock out information in real time via the attendance system. From any computer and anywhere with an internet connection access available, it allows you use the sophisticated web-based software to conveniently and automatically monitor, track and get report of real-time information such as

(1) Employee number of hours worked
(2) Employee Arrivals & Departures time at a job site to ensure they are punctual
(3) Any incidences of absenteeism where employee did not show up for a shift
1. Remote Work Location

Real time attendance system allows supervisors to easily monitor and verify that their employees are at their respective client site or remote job sites (using GPS location verification).
Employees can clock in and out of their shifts on the site either by using their mobile phone or a conventional time clock terminal installed on site.

2. Flexible Work Schedules

For family-friendly workplace that aims to support employees who are parents also, an employee usually has to come in and leave the at different times.
A time attendance system helps you to track all this movement in addition to accounting for other time transaction logs, such as Meal break time, or employee who are on Leave at different times of the year.

3. Mobile Work Arrangements

Using a mobile App, mobile employees, such as your sales staff are also able to do their clock in while at the customer side. It features an intuitive custom interface and navigation which is designed to be simple for use and quickly adopted both man and women of all age group.

Features & Benefits of Real-time Attendance System

1. Multiple Means of Data Capturing

1. Wide Range of Time Attendance Data Capturing Options

We are able to offer the following hardware and software solutions for the collection of employee/worker time attendance data.

1. Biometric-Based Attendance Terminal

(identity is verified using biometric credentials, such as Fingerprint, Finger Vein capturing, or Face geometry)


2. Employee Smart Card Clock In Reader Devices

(Authentication of Identity and Capture of time log of each scan event is done during each reading between the RFID proximity card and the integrated reader)
2. Smart Alert Notifications

2. Alert Notifications & Reminders

Time attendance software allows you to set and configure automatic, custom instant notification updates to pro-actively monitor and notify the administrator or managing supervisor of any important relevant status alerts via SMS, email or Webmail, especially for situations such as

1. Shift Scheduling conflicts
2. Staff last-minute unavailability for a particular shift schedule, perhaps due to being Sick
3. Approval request for new change of shift schedule
4. Approval of leave application request – this gives employees an easy way for employees to request time off, where once the time off is approved, the time is automatically recorded in time attendance system
5. Incidence of attendance infringement, such as Lateness or Absenteeism
6. Claims made by employees, such as car allowance
3. Boost Employee Engagement

3. Boost Employee Productivity Output & Engagement

A real-time online attendance tracking system can help elevate your company’s general Employee work satisfaction, and increase in Employee accountability. On the flip side, if there are no attendance system devices put in place, any accidental payroll miscalculations as a result of inefficient HR processes can cause an employee to becomes frustrated, angry and not trusting that any of his payrolls is or has been correct.

Engagement of Payroll Staff

The process of juggling hundreds or even thousands of employee payroll and overtime records can be a stressful and overwhelming on your staffing resources on a day to day basis. This heavy burden of ensuring accurate payroll job costing & paperwork can also lead to frustration and disengagement of Payroll Administration staff. With the automation provided by the automated access card attendance system, it can help to put things in order and tremendously alleviate their stress and frustration, thereby greatly improving their reporting efficiency and level of engagement at work.

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Real time attendance system is a Foolproof and Cost-effective attendance tracking system which gives you the ability to Tracks and Monitors your employees for maximum situational awareness. Invest in a powerful workforce management tools while maximizing your workforce productivity and time attendance discipline. If you are a business owner or a payroll administrator hoping to have a more secure time attendance capture for accurate payroll processing, pickup the phone and call us at 81822236 where our Trusted & Dependable sales staff will be happy to assist you.