Office Attendance System

Office Attendance System caters to the workforce management needs of a diverse range of company types and industries in Singapore.
It is an attendance tracking system that is designed to give local businesses a tool and products solution to effectively manage their most important asset: their workforce.
With an office attendance management system and software, it gives you 100% visibility into knowing exactly:

1. Which employee in your team is reporting to work.
2. At what time did your employee clock in and clock out during the start and end of the shift.
3. What is the latest wage amount base on the paid overtime recorded in the electronic attendance system?

At present, there are many inherent challenges that business owners face in monitoring Office workforce management.
This includes

1. Effective Scheduling of staff shifts while ensuring there is no conflict
2. Maintaining Accuracy and Speed in Processing Payroll
3. Lack of a reliable way to track staff productivity.
4. Identification of Top performing staff for retention efforts, such as recognition awards, promotion and pay increment.

With office attendance systems and solutions, you can solve all this and more.

Types of Office Attendance System Available

Integrated Access Control + Time Attendance System

1. Integrated Access Control + Time Attendance System

A door access time attendance system is a hybrid integrated personnel management that serves the dual function of both providing Security Access control and Tracking of time attendance of your employees using the same Access control terminal.
Authentication is carried out typically using an Access control RFID card which contains the employee identification details and ID code. Supported cards include industry standard RFID card types such as

1.Proximity Card

(eg. 125KHz EM Prox (EM410), HID Prox) or

2. Smart Card


For more information see … RFID Attendance System

Biometric Time Attendance System

2. Biometric Time Attendance System

If your organization have to manage the time and attendance of a large pool of employees, plus, the work schedule of your employees is largely on a 24/7 rotating shift based, a biometric time attendance system will be a great tool to provide a means for efficiently managing your workforce.
The secure nature of biometric identity credential has the added benefit of solving problems of time theft due to a buddy punching on-time attendance reader terminal. This is because multi-factor authenticated biometric credentials such as Fingerprint verification, Finger Vein authentication, Palm Print recognition, and Face recognition are not transferable or Duplicated.

For more information, see Biometric Time Attendance System

Web Based Time Attendance System

2. Web Based Time Attendance System

If your office has Multi-site offices, in multiple far apart, perhaps remote geographical locations, a web-based time attendance system can offer the advantage of efficiently and seamlessly coordinating the time attendance tracking of your different offices.

Examples of business that can benefit from such automated attendance system are the F&B restaurant business which has multiple business locations. Having a web-based system helps you to keep track of all your business locations all in one common time attendance platform.

For more details, see Web Based Time Attendance System

Mobile Attendance System

3. Mobile Attendance System

Perhaps the work nature of your employee involves constant moving around, not desk bound and their typical work day needs them to start work at client side offices. Examples of such use by Mobile job functions include

1. Field service engineers
2. Sales personnel
3. Employees on business trips
4. Security Guards
5. Employees on Overseas work assignments

For such mobile workforce, having a Mobile Attendance System allows organizations to leverage the internet to allow employees to clock in using their mobile devices. For more information, see … Mobile Attendance System

Employee Attendance Tracking Software

5. Employee Attendance Tracking Software

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Employ More People More Efficiently

1. Employ More People More Efficiently

Office attendance is a business tool that auto enhances your operations and processes for maximum efficiency.

2. Encourage Culture of Time Integrity

2. Encourage Culture of Time Integrity

With a real-time attendance system in place, it encourages punctuality and eliminates problems of habitual late arrivals and time theft by employees.

3. Empower & Motivate Employees

3. Empower & Motivate Employees

Employees Work harder when they know that every hour that they put in counts and is paid for.

4. Effectively Drive Productivity

4. Effectively Drive Productivity

Reducing administrative time by eliminating paper time sheets

5. 100% Transparency & Visibility

5. 100% Transparency & Visibility

Detailed Time Attendance metric Reporting gives your organization greater accountability in the expenditure on real staffing man hours and payroll.

6. Payroll Integration

6. Payroll Integration

Streamline, integrate and automate your organization payroll processes through integration of your Office attendance recorder system with your Payroll and workforce ERP system.

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Features & Benefits of Office Attendance System

1. Visibility

Expenditure on Employee staffing hours is easily one of the major expenses for many businesses.
Having an office attendance system helps to give business owners and managers real-time visibility when monitoring their employee clock-in hours and payroll expenses.
This helps businesses to identify and reevaluate potential areas of easy cost savings.

2. Financial insight

Real-time information about employee’s productivity can give business owners indirect insights into their workforce work motivation and productivity. This can help them optimize the allocation of workload and manpower resources. In the long run, this can positively impact your business bottom line performance and help save cost.

3. Integration with Payroll Automation

With an office attendance system integrated with a 3rd party payroll software technology, it helps to facilitate an Accurate and Efficient work processes within your organization. Flexible time-tracking includes many product options such as: 1. Cost Tracking and Calculation of Paid Overtime 2. Tracking of individual Employee Insurance Benefits 3. Accurate Tracking of all Time issues & Discrepancy 4. Auto population of the staff time sheets using the clock in and clock out time attendance data captured and sent in real time to the integrated 3rd party payroll system.

4. Integrated Accessibility

The office attendance system has many integration options, allowing it to be compatible with 3rd party Mobile device app (eg. Tablets, Smart Phone) and computers to allow for real-time online view and cloud access to user attendance data captured and export for print if needed. Proactive alerts can be configured to be self sent to supervisors’ mobile device for real-time monitoring

5. Accountability

For purposes of having documented reports as a proof of a business compliance with labor laws, an office attendance system has audit trail reporting features for automatically logging attendance and leave request data that is time-stamped and date-stamped.
The reliability of the report data collected can also be used as a proof of the presence of your team of men in a particular date, time and physical location, for support of legal or insurance purposes. Another useful aspect of the report is that is can be used to help demonstrate to clients and stakeholders delivery of services.

For added visual verification, integration of access card attendance system and CCTV surveillance camera system can be made to add an additional layer of security.

6. Boost Workforce Engagement

Having a time attendance record system helps to promote a culture of time integrity that is pro productivity. By having a reliable system and process to log in employee hours, employees can have a sense of assurance that they will be paid correctly for their services, thereby preventing payroll errors and any potential disputes. Overall, this helps to create a more positive work environment, with employees that are more motivated at work.