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Our Bazaar Organizer at Flea Singapore organizes some of the biggest, longest running and most popular bazaar in Singapore.
We are in essence an event management company that aims to create a vibrant bazaar community, where budding business owners and online retailers can have the opportunity to get access to affordable event spaces to show case their products, get more reach and exposure to build their brand credibility.

Overview (internal link)
#Upcoming Event
2017 Fleamarkets /Bazaars/ Food Festivals
Theme:   Bedok Weekend Fleamarket Vol 1  (sold out!)
Location: Chai Chee Road @ Open Space near entrance of Viva Business Park
Date:   2nd to 3rd September 2017 (2 days, from Saturday to Sunday)
Time:   1pm to 9pm
Ideal for: Prepacked food/Merchandise (*Live on-site cooking is not allowed)
Estimated Visitor Foot Traffic Count (done by Downtown East):  1,049,786 per month based on past historical figures
*This is a prime area with heavy visitor foot traffic especially during weekends. This is an opportunity not to be missed with the festive season coming.
Event Marketing
By Mall Management: Advertise the event details on their onsite collateral, digital mobile signage etc.
By Fleamonster: Advertise the event details on our Socmed accounts as well running paid video ads featuring 6 food vendors. (First 6 vendors to register will get 10 seconds of advertisement space on the paid video ads. Vendors are to provide the video content featuring/promoting their food/drink products)
Product restrictions: All products are allowed except for food/drinks/counterfeit goods.
Event Activities
– Celebrity Artiste: Ms Priyamani
– Free food and goodie bags, Carnival with bungee run, face painting, free popcorn
– Invited Corporate Booths:  NEA, StarHub, SSTC institute
Booking Details
No. of Booths available:
Food Products:   6 slots (Limited Slots)
Product Merchandise (non-food):  23 booths
Rental Rates/Fee Charges
  approx *$200 per weekend (Sat to Sun),  $250-260 for the 4 days (Thur to Sun)
  approx $1400/$480 for the 7 days (incl. Peak Period Surcharges)
Booth Allocation: First come first serve. No issuance of booth number or advance booth selection.
Logistics provided:
– Booth unit space of 2m X 2m
– 1 Table with/without Skirting (4ft X 2 ft), *please remember to bring your own tablecloth
– 2 Chairs
– 1 x Gazebo/Marquee (2m by 2m)
– Lighting
Additional Add on options available (Optional)
*Booth selection: $50
*Electricity Powerpoint/ Electrical Power Supply (13 Amp power): $100    ,$50 (2days)
*Electricity Powerpoint (15 Amp power): $150
*Booth Selection: $20
*kitchen wash basinsink (inclusive of piping works, Can be Shared) :$200
Rules & Regulations     
– Cooking and reheating of food is allowed as long as no open fire (e.g Induction cooker, electric fryer)
– Live on-site cooking or preparing of foods or beverages is not allowed, only prepacked or precooked are allowed.
– Ice are allowed to be prepared for the drinks only when drinks are ordered instead of pre-packing it inside beforehand

Features & Benefits
1. End-to-End Bazaar Event Implementation
We offer end to end implementation of the Bazaar event from initial event conceptualization & planning, preparation and coordination of event logistic setup, right up to the final execution of the event on that actual day itself.
The comprehensive of event management services that we provide ensures that practically every detail concerning the event logistics is taken care of from start to end.
This ensure that you have a stress-free and convenient event experience and allow you to focus your energy on promoting your business and products that you are trying to sell.
Examples of Event management services that we provide includes
1. Bazaar Booth Set up
2. Administration and Coordination of Booth allocation
2. Management of Table and Chair Rental
3. Driving of visitor foot traffic to your bazaar retail space through incentive such as exclusive event promotion discounts coupons.
4. Marketing of Event through paid advertisement to promote of bazaar to generate awareness and ultimately encourage increase in event visitor visits.
*This includes the deployment of Social Media Marketing Services, Engagement of Paid advertising on mainstream media (TV Channel U and Channel Suria), Newspaper Printing Ads and display of Large outdoor Promotional Banner & Signage
2. Vendor Centric Support Service
We make every effort to ensure every vendor’s needs and request is attended to in a prompt, and efficient manner throughout their time at the Bazaar Event.
During the Bazaar, we will deploy support teams on standby at around the event area to ensure that we are always reachable with just a phone call away. This ensures that we are able to respond promptly to your requests at all times.
Event Back-end Logistics
Apart from that, we also handle all the event details and back end event logistics, such as
1. Conceptualizing and designing of Bazaar layout
2. Management of Vendor registration
3. Researching and Selection of event venue to ensure all factors are considered in order to select the right venue ideal for selling products such as
     – Visitor foot traffic flow
     – Accessibility and ease of locating the venue
     – Car park availability to ensure it convenience and affordable parking rates for vendors and visitors
     – Historical spending power/habits of Visitor demographic profile in the area
3. Working with Bazaar venue provided to negotiate a favorable rental terms
4. Obtaining the required license, permit, and insurance where necessary.
3. Boost Sales & Profit
If you are a vendor looking for a break through sales of your products and services, the opportunity to participate in this Bazaar is one that is not to be missed for sure. Historically, our Bazaar is usually is able to attract massive weekend visitor foot traffic, especially teenagers, family groups and residents living nearby, most of which who have the spending power to make a purchase.
With a steady stream of wallet-ready shoppers, plus a bit of selling on your side, you will easily earn a positive ROI just by participating us in our Flea market events.

If interested to apply, please Call to Contact us at +658182236 to book your event booth today!
Alternatively, you can email your completed application forms (in word doc format) to sales@fleasingapore.com
Please Book early to avoid disappointment!