iclock 880 

Zk iclock 880 is a hybrid access control terminal commonly used by organizations and businesses in Singapore. The product designed to perform the dual role of both Tracking employee time and attendance as well as Authenticating door Access control request by personnel.

Zkteco Zk iclock 880 is Suitable For

iclock 880

1. Integrated Unit

2 in 1 Integrated Unit for Both Access Control and Time Attendance.

Touch Memory Guard Tour System

2. 3rd Party Compatibility

Supports Industry standard networking protocols for Seamless integration of multiple complementary products, such as door access devices, digital lock. It is also able to be interfaced and integrated with systems such as CCTV camera video surveillance system, Payroll system and ERP systems.

Touch Memory Guard Tour System

3. Intuitive User Interface

Intuitive Audio & Visual indicator for Signalling to the user of either an access granted or access denied status.

Touch Memory Guard Tour System

4. Customizable

User programmable Control Keys for customization to met your Access control needs Multi-Language for Multisite office.

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1. Convenient End-to-End implementation

When you work with us, there is no need for you to figure out all the technical installation by yourself. Enjoy the convenience of a total service by Time Attendance Singapore at a cost that is affordable.
Let us handle all the installation for you, our team of professional security systems installers will ensure that your access control and attendance system is properly configured, and integrated to ensure long-term reliability and performance.

On a case by case basis, depending on your unique installation specifications, we can provide you with the following hardware when needed:

1. Press-to-Exit Button Switch
2. Electric EM with LZ bracket (Double-Leaf Door)
3. U-Bracket (Glass Door)
4. Backup Uninterruptable Power Supply Unit for standalone applications
5. RFID Access Card (Smart Card (eg. HID iCLASS, MIFARE, DESFire),
                               125KHz Proximity Card (eg. HID PROX, EM Prox (EM410))
6. Access Key Fob tags
7. 2-Way Audio only Intercom
8. Video Intercom Door Entry Control Unit
9. Wireless Door release system (comprising of 1 handheld remote transmitter and a signal receiver)


2. Responsive Local Technical Support

Need a minor repair? Need a quick tweak to your hardware or software already installed?
No problem, all repair, troubleshooting, customization is done locally in-house at our service center for a fast turn around time. This helps to ensure that there is no disruption to your business operations by keeping your system downtime to a minimal.

3. System Integration

When you engage us, you can be assured that your iClock 880 Multi-biometric access control and time attendance system is properly planned out at a system level, carefully configured, and tested to work reliably with your other existing security systems. In view of today’s security landscape, it is not enough for systems to work independently in silos. Integration between systems is important to leverage on their strengths and functions.

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Features & Benefits

The Guard Tour Patrol System is packed with features that makes it the guard tour system of choice for many organization where their security operations involves management of patrol operations around their facilities.

1. Fast Biometric Matching & Verification Speed
The time and attendance terminal is normally used by employees to clock in and clock out during the start and end of each new work day or shift. Because of this, we understand the importance of a fast reading time and accurate Biometric Data authentication in order to prevent any bottleneck and long queues at the time and attendance terminal when employees are carrying out the scanning of their fingerprint biometric data log as they enter or leave the building.
To address this the iClock 880 internal controller board is equipped with a powerful processor, fast internal storage, and a lean fingerprint data matching algorithm to ensure that you get an almost instantaneous biometric identification and verification.
2. Multi-Factor Credential Authentication
Enjoy an added layer of security software protection with zk iclock 880 which can be configured to activate its internal proximity reader device to capture, record and authenticate a combination of user identity credential type.
This includes:
1. Fingerprint impression recognition
2. RFID Proximity Access Card
3. AlphaNumeric PIN code password
With a multi-factor authentication, you can be sure that any unauthorized persons attempting access are denied entry.
3. Built-in Uninterruptible Power Supply

In the event of a power service cut or intentional sabotage of the electrical power supply by potential intruders, the iClock 880 has a built-in backup power unit which can automatically power up in the event of a lack of external electricity supply. This independent power source helps to prevent any unnecessary exposure to potential intrusion risk and security threats.

4. Compatibility with 3rd Party Hardware

The iClock 880 is equipped with main stream industry standard connection port types, such as RS-232 and RS-485 and support communication protocols such as native TCP/IP Ethernet and 26 bit Wiegand signal input & output. This enables iClock 880 to be readily be interfaced with door access controllers from all major manufacturers for a seamless integration. Functional integration with any preexisting legacy access control system and other security systems such as CCTV surveillance cameras can also be configured to help eliminate the need for additional cabling and networking hardware by additional suppliers.

5. Generous Internal Storage
The iClock features a generous internal non-volatile storage which can accommodate critical access control data which is more than enough to last the entire useful life of access control system.
1. Biometric fingerprint Access Credentials
     50’000 finger print Bio template
2. 800’000 access transaction details and records

Zkteco Zk iclock 880 Specifications

Capacity:  Fingerprint: 50,000
Record Storage:  Templates  Events 100,000
User Display 3.5 in. Color TFT LCD Interface 1:N (6000 templates) <1 second (typical)
Fingerprint Sensor:  ZK Optic Sensor
Communication Data: Interface:  Ethernet 10/100 USB, Wiegand Ports
Input / Output Power Power Supply: 12V DC, 3A
Environment Operating Temperature: 0° C to 45° C
Humidity:  5% to 80%
Supported Access Credentials: Prox, Mifare, RFID
Dimensions (Width x Hight x Depth):  21.3 cm, 17.8 cm, 4.75 cm
Weight: 2.0 kg