GPRS Biometric Attendance System

GPRS biometric attendance system by Time Attendance Singapore is designed for enabling automated time and attendance tracking in situations where the employee is located in a remote job work location. Examples includes

1. Sales personnel who are always mobile and often at the client premises for sales visits
2. Teams of construction workers based at a construction site.
3. Front end Customer-facing Service staff at F&B restaurants or employees at Retail outlets
4. Field Service engineers at remote facility such as a warehouse storage facility


System Integration

Base on your company-specific technical needs and user requirements, we provide and offer our clients integration support service with other various high tech security products, technology solutions, and computer systems such as CCTV camera system for video surveillance, DVR recorder hardware systems installed on your IP network , Visitor Management System, Staff Leave Management System, Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP ) systems, Proximity Access control reader systems (eg. Smart cards), biometric-based access control readers (E.g. Using Bio credentials, such as Finger Vein Biometrics, Palm geometry print, & Facial feature recognition) and its related machine accessories (such as digital door lock)


1. GPRS Mobile-based solution

1. GPRS Mobile-based solution

… Mobile Attendance System

2. GPRS Time Attendance Terminal

2. GPRS Time Attendance Terminal

Why Choose Us

1. Real-Time Accessibility to Punch Data

Apart from the ease of an automated collection of the clock in data, you’ll also get to enjoy real-time access to the data also. This is because the system is web-based, which allows the clock in data to be accessible from anywhere, anytime. In addition, there is also no need for purchase or installation of software and no servers to maintain.
This easy accessibility enables you to utilize your time attendance data to better manage your day-to-day business operations, effectively record and manage labor costs and improve employee accountability.
Hence, there will no longer be any guessing of when an employee arrived on the job, as all the data is accurately captured and viewable in real time.

2. Adaptability of Time Attendance Data Capture

Enjoy the flexibility of our system which can be adapted to your unique time attendance data collection needs and requirements. Compatible with a variety of identity authentication methods, such as Biometric credentials, like Fingerprint, Finger Vein, Face geometry, RFID proximity smart card products, and PIN Key Code.

3. Flexibility of Clock in Data Collection Methods

We also make collecting punch data simple by providing clock options that meet your business needs like our plug-and-play time attendance hardware, such as

1. Biometric clock in recorder terminal, which can help you to eliminate time theft through buddy punching
2. Web-based time clock system, which allows employees to clock in and out right from their office computer desktop
3. Mobile-based time clock which allows both employees and employers to clock in and out, submit and approve time off requests, review and approved time cards all from the convenience of using their mobile device.

In addition, you are also able to view and check the actual location of an employee’s mobile punch by using the GPS location pinpointing service feature.

About Us

Time Attendance Singapore provides affordable and reliable Time Attendance Management solutions. We also offer System hardware and customized software integration. Secure and Protect your assets today!


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1. Accurate Project Costing

1. Accurate Project Costing

For Megaprojects with a fixed sum of budget allocated, tight schedules, and huge of team of staffing, a time attendance system is a necessity in order to keep in check your staffing hours to ensure it does not exceed your operational budget (eg. Large-scale engineering projects)
An added benefit is that it allows you to knows exactly how many man-hours are required for each project. This gives companies a competitive edge when pricing product and services competitively while ensuring profitability.

2. Keep Staffing Cost Down

2. Keep Staffing Cost Down

Labor staffing cost is probably one of your company’s largest expenditure.
A robust time attendance system is able to support and help you to control labor expenditure more effectively, by saving on unnecessary cost due to unauthorized Overtime, time fraud and employees approximating their hours worked.

3. HR Administration Effectiveness

3. HR Administration Effectiveness

Fingerprint Scanner Attendance System by Time Attendance Singapore is an effective, easy to use, automated timekeeping solution used by many businesses to reduce labor costs by simplifying and streamlining their payroll workflow processes.

4. Proof of Accurate Employee Compensation

4. Proof of Accurate Employee Compensation

How prepared are you in the event of a Labor dispute over inaccuracies of employee compensation, where your time and payroll records will be requested by the government for review?
Having an automated time attendance tracking system can help to stay compliant with labor regulations and protect you from costly hours of legal litigation and possible penalties.

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An automated timekeeping system is an exceptional tool for employers because, in addition to making your life easier, it also allows you to conveniently manage one of your greatest expenses – your labor cost.

Explore what our GPRS biometric attendance system can do for your company today and experience for yourself the tremendous cost saving benefit it can offer you.
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