Fingerprint Time Attendance System

Fingerprint Time Attendance System is a business critical tool in Singapore when it comes to improving your employee’s productivity. This is because the use of biometrics credentials as an extremely secure form of authentication, such as Fingerprints helps you to accurately keep track of employees time, without any worry of the possibility of time fraud or buddy punching by your employees. We supply fingerprint-based biometric clocking and attendance system which is designed to support full integration with your existing client’s payroll computer system and ERP desktop system

Types Fingerprint Time Attendance System Available

Standalone Fingerprint Time Attendance System

1. Standalone Fingerprint Time Attendance System

Fingerprint Scanner Attendance System

2. Fingerprint Scanner Attendance System

… Fingerprint Scanner Attendance System

Fingerprint Attendance Software

3. Fingerprint Attendance Software

What is Time Fraud?

Very often to game the thumbprint attendance system, a worker can commit time fraud by committing it in one of the following forms:

1. Buddy Punching

1. Buddy Enrollment & Buddy Punching

Perhaps your worker is known to report late for work regularly. To make sure that his habit of lateness is not captured in the system, he can pass his employee Proximity ID card to his colleague who would then help him to clock in at the required work hours.
Alternative scenarios where buddy punching can occur is when workers try to cover up for a colleague who is actually on leave and did not report for work at all, by helping to clock in his timing using the RFID Employee access card passed to him.

2. Clocking Early

2. Intentional Clocking Early Extra Hours

Sometimes workers may report to the workplace early and clock in before their official start time in an attempt to clock in extra time.
This problem can be stopped by configuring the time attendance software to ensure that the clock in and clock out time must coincide with the actual start and end time of the work shift that is being allocated.

3. Unapproved Overtime

3. Clocking of Unauthorized Overtime Hours

In other cases, employees may intentionally clock out late in an attempt to capture extra unauthorized paid overtime hours for which that they are simply using for passing time.
With a few careful settings adjustments and use of the shift scheduling function built-in the time attendance software, you can be sure that employees are able to only clock overtime which has received prior approval from the manager.

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Fingerprint Time Attendance System

1. Foster a Culture of Performance & Productivity

Employees are more engages and perform better on the job when they know that the clocking hours they put in will be accurately accounted for and be correctly paid for it.

Stop Time Fraud

2. Stop Time Fraud

Encourage a Culture of Time integrity, Punctuality, and Productivity No more Buddy Punching, Prolonged Meal Breaks, or Absenteeism

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3. Advanced Access Control Functions

Enjoy a full suite of advanced door Access control product features with the Fingerprint time attendance system, such as 1. Anti-pass back 2. Two-person rule 3. First in user 4. Occupancy control 5. Mantrap 6. Deadman zone 7. Sabotage Detection 8. Proximity Card-based Guard Tour Management For more details, see Door Access Time Attendance System (internal link 26_Door Access Time Attendance System)

Multi-factor User Authentication

4. Multi-factor User Authentication

In addition to the use of Fingerprint credentials to provide authentication of the personnel’s identity, the integrated recorder device unit has integrated Keypad and Proximity Card Reader for a dual authentication solution for an added layer of security protection. For visual verification, integration with CCTV video camera surveillance network system can be configured if needed.

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5. Professional Design

The Fingerprint terminal has a minimalistic and elegant design that features a Smooth and Slim profile. This allows it to visually complement its outer appearance with your office installation work environment to give an overall corporate and high end look

icon_Time and Attendance Tracking

6. User-friendly Interface

Enjoy an easy-to-use online and intuitive software web-based server interface that is highly customizable to meet your time attendance solutions needs and manage your daily tracking demands.
There is no need for any special biometric time attendance systems training for your services visitor staff and employees to operate the system.

Features & Benefits of Fingerprint Time Attendance System

1. Speedy & Error Free Verification

For Quick and Accurate matching of Fingerprint credential data log captured, a propriety bio authentication algorithm is used to ensure that each and every fingerprint imaging, matching, verification is under 1 second For an Accurate Fingerprint Recognition, a High Quality print detection sensor is used to ensure 1. Fast Fingerprint and Finger Vein Scan Time 2. Fast Matching Authentication Speed 3. Wide Fingerprint Capture Angle for accurate record

2. Eliminate Time Fraud

2. Eliminate Time Fraud & Time Theft

Help your business stop unnecessary loss of man-hour to time theft through the use of our integrated HR management solutions.
As our fingerprint scanner attendance system digital time recorders and devices use a secure biometric method of authentication, your employees have to be physically present in order to authenticate their time and attendance clock-in.
This helps in time attendance monitoring as it prevent and restrict the possibility of people clocking unauthorized hours

Classic Examples of Theft scenarios includes:

1. Prolonged meal break
2. Extended Lunch hour break
3. Buddy punching, by workers to cover up absenteeism or lack of punctuality
4. Leaving work late to clock-in Paid Overtime hours which is unapproved and unnecessary

Have a daily peace of mind managing your payroll expenditure as the biometric time attendance system software automatically detects, checks for and monitor any discrepancy and infringement in all clock-in and clock out transactions, by ensuring that the time data registered by the employee is consistent with the scheduled start and end time of their work shift hours.

Implementing a wireless Biometric time attendance system positively benefits your organization by Encouraging a Culture of time discipline, Punctuality in your workers.
It also helps to improve your Workforce overall productivity output and dramatically reduce any incidences of an employee being late for work.
With a Biometric time attendance solution implemented, you can stop paying for your employee’s late arrivals, unauthorized hours and extended lunch breaks!

3. Error Free Job Costing

3. Accurate & Efficient Payroll Job Costing

Error-free Payroll Processing

The Fingerprint time attendance system allows for Full integration with Payroll processing software to Significantly shorten your payroll processing time, as well as ensuring a 100% error free payroll calculation.

Enhance Payroll Efficiency

Improve administrative productive output by doing away inefficiencies associated with paper-based employee time sheets. For example 1. Unproductive administrative time spent on manual filling up & calculation of physical paper-based time sheets, which can often result in costly data entry errors and inaccurate job costing 2. The tedious hassle of collecting, storing and retrieval of time sheets for auditing purposes, which can be very time-consuming. All these tasks are best to be automated from a productivity point of view.

Flexible Job Costing Capabilities

The fingerprint time attendance software features convenient time attendance tracking capabilities which support Flexible payroll calculations that take into account:

1. Easy Job with Flexi Work hour options
2. History of Employee Absenteeism
3. History of Late Arrival
4. History of unpaid Leave taken
5. One-off temporary Project Assignments (eg. Overseas Business trips, Ad hoc fieldwork)
6. Amount Authorized Paid Overtime hours worked (if any)
7. Application of customized job costing accrual rules
4. HRIS Integration

4. Integration with HRIS Employee Management Systems

The data integration between the new time attendance system and the company payroll management system can offer tremendous relief for the workloads of the different administrative departments within companies, by significantly cutting down on time required to pass, store and tabulate time and attendance data for payroll calculation. A Fingerprint time attendance system integration can benefit corporate functions within your organization such as

1. Payroll administration department
2. Financial Accounts department
3. Bookkeeping departments

Traditionally organizations capture time attendance clock-in data on time clock-in machine readers. This time attendance information collected is then migrated to another HRIS employee management system for further management and processing. For purposes of calculating job costing, the information is then streamed to yet another system for an additional round of processing. This lack of integration at an organizational workflow level as seen here, plus the multiple ways time attendance information was entered, be it by hand or electronically translates to a high risk of human errors and inefficient administrative time and expenditure spent by your business. With seamless integration between the fingerprint clock in system, and your existing HRMS and payroll systems, it can offer you unparalleled accuracy in the recording and processing of your employee time attendance data. We understand the difficulties that companies face in implementing a unified and streamlined web-based biometric time attendance system that is integrated across your organization. That is why we built in our time attendance hardware and software with connectivity options to make it highly compatible with 3rd party HRMS workforce management system and payroll software. This helps you to

1. Monitor all worker time attendance status and keep payroll spending under budget limits.
2. Automate the management of job costing approval workflow
3. Cut down on Time spent on manual time attendance data entry and streamline your organization’s time attendance metric data collection and reporting process
4. Ensure compliance with Singapore Labor laws and regulations
5. Boost Productivity

5. Improve Administration Productivity

A standalone fingerprint time attendance system is able to give you the ability to streamline your employee management process by helping to reduce Administrative cost and enhance business performance.
Assign administrative manpower staffing hours more effectively and eliminating unproductive time spent on the manual scheduling of employee work shift.
This helps to free your HR team from tedious tasks such as

1. Managing and dealing with latecomers
2. Managing Employee Leave Request and monitoring of Leave balance
3. Planning of projected work shift schedules
4. Coordinating time attendance tracking of Multiple remote work locations and Mobile employees
5. Manage Tracking of worker clock in time and attendance data for their respective place.
6. Reliable Track check-in and check-out time and working hours spent by employees

How Does Fingerprint Recognition in Biometric devices Works?

Fingerprint recognition technology is a widely adopted form of biometrics machine technology for user identity identification and read verification

1. Minutiae Extraction

1. Minutiae Extraction

Using an Optical or Capacitive fingerprint sensor, an 8-bit grayscale monochrome image is extracted and captured from the user actual original fingerprint impression. This image captured and extracted is then converted into a Binary code and Pixels with the help of an algorithm. With the help from a series of filters, the image is enhanced/sharpen into a single defined lines. Base on the minutiae data extracted from the fingerprint scan, where the valleys, ridges and bifurcations are marked, a unique 240 by 320 pixels fingerprint template is created.

Types of Biometric Fingerprint Reader Authentication technology

1. Optical Fingerprint Authentication
2. Capacitive Fingerprint Authentication
3. Finger Vein Authentication

Finger vein is a more high-tech smart alternative to biometric fingerprint impression credentials which enables a more affordable identification of employee.
It involves capturing of each employee’s finger vein patterns using a connected biometric clock in system that interfaces with a time and attendance management program

Some of the key benefits of using a finger vein Biometric identification includes:

1. Secure & Affordable

This is a Fool-proof method of verification with minimal false negative reads as the imaging Scans at the sub-skin surface level. This is not affected by greasy fingers, sweaty fingers or fingers with surface scars. Thus a successful imaging and recognition of the user’s biometric Vein pattern are not dependent on the (user’s finger) surface quality of the user’s fingers.

2. Contactless ID verification

As there is a lack of contact with the sensor, this type of biometric technology has a Non-invasive and hygienic quality.

2. Fingerprint Matching

2. Fingerprint Impression Matching

This fingerprint template created is used for matching verification every time a user requests an authentication of identity using their fingerprint biometrics.

3. Fingerprint Matching Algorithm

3. Fingerprint Matching Algorithm

There are 2 types of fingerprint matching algorithms technology, namely 1 to 1 and 1 to N. 1 to 1 matching is carried out in a 2 step verification process, where the employee/authenticating person has to scan a RFID Proximity Card/Key Fob 1st followed by the Fingerprint verification. The scanning of the RFID credential is used by the system to extract the corresponding fingerprint template from its database for the second step of matching verification.

A 1 to N matching method is whereby the user simply proceeds to scan his fingerprint biometrics in a single one-step process. As there is no prior indication of this identity using other RFID credentials, the matching authentication involves matching with all the fingerprint templates stored in the entire database. Such process typically requires a relatively higher use of resources and uses a dedicated Digital signal processing (DSP) unit.

A reader with near-infrared light is used to scan an image of the Vascular finger vein identity pattern beneath the user finger skin surface. The image of the biometric vein pattern is used as the basis for identification of the user during authentication of the personal authentication.

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