Fingerprint Scanner Attendance System

A Fingerprint Scanner Attendance System by Time Attendance Singapore has proven to be an effective technology solution for both small business office to medium-sized businesses, as well as businesses that continue to grow in helping them to reduce Labor staffing costs and provide solutions to take the inconvenience out of managing time attendance data.
For each clock in and clock out transaction into the biometric time attendance system, the employee simply has to insert a finger into a bio fingerprint scanner built into our integrated time tracking reader products.

System Integration

If required by you, we also offer our clients support for additional high tech integration service to a range of other network systems such as HRMS computer systems, Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP ) solutions, Visitor Management Systems, Proximity Access control systems, and Wireless Smart card readers, scanners, machine devices, and accessories.
One such example is the integration of a GPRS biometric attendance system with a client’s existing CCTV camera surveillance cam recorder system. This integrated monitoring device system has a design which gives you an added layer of new security by allowing you to have a visual read of the facial features and capture and record video footage of the situation at the place of interest.
This is useful if there is a false authentication detected, or when it is detected that an employee is late for work.

1. Improved Business Efficiency

1. Automated Time Tracking

Automated tracking functionality of the fingerprint time attendance system gives you a much convenient way to best streamline and integrate the collection and management of employee time and attendance data. The fingerprint attendance software also helps to make the processing of your payroll reports much more efficient.
This is especially beneficial if you have a large pool of hourly workers or shift-based employees in your company staffing.

3. Motivate Employee Productivity

3. Motivate Employee Productivity

Time Attendance tracking is not just to measure and monitor your employee’s productivity, it also helps to motivate the men and women in your workforce as they know that the biometric clock in system helps them earn more by working more hours and more shifts.

2. Empower Your Teams

2. HR Administration Effectiveness

With the power of time tracking automation, you can now Efficiently process payroll on time, every time, without errors every month end.
With a Fingerprint-based, wireless biometric attendance system in place, you can use the product to now monitor and manage your payroll administration workflow and services more effectively.

4. Increase Employee Accountability

4. Increase Employee Accountability

Are you facing issues of Employee committing time fraud or just simply don’t know when your sales staff is arriving or leaving or for how many hours did they work?
This lack of situational awareness can become a headache, especially when you may be so caught up with work that you have no bandwidth to monitor the time integrity of your staff. Having an automated thumbprint time attendance system can instantly fix these problems by requiring employees to simply clock in every time they enter or leave the workplace.
By having an automated timekeeping fingerprint clock in system, your employee productivity will go up and your staff will consciously ensure that they are working the appropriate hours.


Fingerprint Scanner Attendance System

1. Optical Fingerprint Attendance System

2. Capacitive Fingerprint Attendance System

2. Capacitive Fingerprint Attendance System

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1. Cost Saving Automation

1. Save Money through Automation

Having a web based biometric time attendance system technology can help you to enjoy a significant cost saving on your annual payroll bill expense by optimizing your time tracking accuracy, improving workforce productivity and simplifying your payroll processing workflow.
Because of the proven cost savings and fast ROI, the adoption of an automated time-tracking solution pays for itself within an average of around three months of use.

2. Eliminate Problem of Punch Time Approximation

It shouldn’t be a big surprise to you that employees frequently arrived a few minutes late for work and may even leave work just a few minutes early occasionally.
In addition to this, when timekeeping is manually done on the use of paper print version on time sheets, employees often end up forgetting their clock in and clock out times altogether when filling up their time sheets.
This inevitably leads to employees approximating their clock in times and this most likely will not go in your favor and lead to increased labor costs, which go right to affects your bottom line.
Although your staff does not have the intention to commit time theft and steal your hard-earned revenue from product sales, if your time tracking and pay calculation process is not accurate, you are already asking for trouble.
When your employee is habitually arriving late and leaving early on the job, but yet the self-declared time in time out on their time card is shown that he is punctual every time, you are probably paying your staff extra minutes every single day.
When this negative pattern of paying for extra hours is repeated for lunch breaks, multiplied by all the employees you have, this can accumulate over a period of time and can amount to thousands of dollars that you are paying extra to your employees.
This cost can absolutely be avoided by implementing a standalone fingerprint time attendance system which helps to pinpoint this problem by providing an automated time keeping the functionality.

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