Fingerprint Clock In System 

Fingerprint Clock In System by Time Attendance Singapore is an Effective, easy-to-use timekeeping solution used by many businesses to manage, track and reduce labor costs and take the pain out of managing employee data.

System Integration

Base on your company-specific user requirements and technical needs, we offer and provide our clients integration support service with other various high-tech security products, technology solutions, and computer systems such as Payroll system, DVR recorder hardware systems installed on your IP network, Visitor Management System, Proximity Access control reader systems (eg. Smart cards), CCTV camera system for use in video surveillance services, Staff Leave Management System, biometric-based access control readers (E.g. Using Bio credentials, such as Palm geometry print, Facial feature recognition & Finger Vein Biometrics), Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP ) systems, and its compatible machine accessories (such as digital door lock device, clocking machine etc.).


1. Web-based Fingerprint Clock In System

1. Web-based Fingerprint Clock In System

… Web-based Fingerprint Clock In System

2. Standalone Fingerprint Clock In System

2. Standalone Fingerprint Clock In System

1. Reliable & Accurate Data

1. Reliable & Accurate Data

Significantly Reduce Time Tracking Error Rates Due to Fraudulent Time Clock Usages

2. Free Up Your Time for Productivity

2. Free Up Your Time for Productivity

Free Your Staff From Manual Time Tracking & Payroll Administration

3. Fast Fingerprint Enrollment For New User

3. Fast Fingerprint Enrollment For New User

A Secure Enrollment Can Be Completed Within Just Seconds

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Time Attendance Singapore provides affordable and reliable Time Attendance Management solutions. We also offer System hardware and customized software integration. Secure and Protect your assets today!


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Why Choose Us

1. Accurate Time Tracking

1. Eliminate Inaccuracy of Clock in Time Approximation

It is not uncommon that staff in your company to habitually arrived a few minutes late for work and may even end work just a few minutes early occasionally without you knowing.
To make the situation worse, when timekeeping is manually tracked and self-declared, staff often end up forgetting their arrival and departure times altogether when filling up their time cards.
This unavoidably leads to staff estimating their punch times and this most probably will not go in your favor and lead to increased staffing expenditure, which directly impacts your profitability.
Although your employees do not have the intention to commit time fraud and rob your hard-earned profits from product sales if your timekeeping process is inadequate and lack accuracy due to a lack of a proper biometric time attendance system, you only have yourself to blame.

When your staff is consistently arriving late and leaving early for work, but yet the self-declared clock in clock out time on their time sheet is shown that he is working during the official working hours, you are likely to be paying your employees extra minutes per day.
When this pattern of paying for extra hours is repeated for lunch breaks, multiplied by the number of employees you have, plus accumulation over time, and this can add up to a significant amount of money that you are paying extra for overtime. This is the unnecessary cost of not using an automated timekeeping fingerprint time attendance system to keep the money you pay your employees in check.

2. Easy Data Capture

2. Easy Collection of Clock in Data

Our thumbprint attendance system make tracking of punch data simple by providing various punch in options that meet your operation needs like our integrated time attendance hardware, such as

1. The biometric-based clock-in system reader, which can help to prevent time fraud.
2. A Cloud-based time clock platform in a web-based biometric time attendance system which enables staff to punch in and out right from their laptops and workstations.
3. Mobile-based time clock which allows both mobile staff and supervisors to punch in and out, review and approve leave requests, check and approved time sheets all on the go using their mobile device.

In addition, through the use of the GPRS biometric attendance system, you are also able to verify the location of an employee’s clock in by using the GPS Geolocation feature.

3. Advanced Fingerprint Recognition

3. Advanced Biometric Fingerprint Credential Recognition Technology

The fingerprint biometric solution utilizes patented light emitting sensor LES technology. Unlike conventional optical or silicon-based fingerprint scanner, the biometric fingerprint device is composed of a multi-layered, hydrophobic coated polymer film that fluoresces with the detection of moving electrons from a live human finger
To meet the highest security reliability standards. the Fingerprint recognition device built into the wireless biometric attendance system is certified by both the TSA and the National Biometric Security Project.

Features & Benefits of Fingerprint Clock In System

1. Reliable & Accurate Data

1. Reliable & Accurate Time Attendance Data

An automated collection of employee’s time attendance information allows you to spend significantly less money and fewer job resources to execute critical human capital management processes.

Eliminate Time Tracking Error 

By automating the time and attendance data collection for your company, it can help to significantly decrease Time tracking error rates. Sources of errors in payroll in reports during the time and attendance data collection, can be due to Fraudulent time clock usages, such as buddy punching, or inaccuracies due to a manual approximation of work hours base on memory recall.

2. Boost Productivity

2. Free Up Your Time for Productivity

With the implementation of a proven and reliable Fingerprint Clock in system solution, you and your employees both can now get a peace of mind and focus your attention on core revenue-generating tasks. This helps to increase your business productivity output and reduce reliance on antiquated time clocks and outdated punch card product.

3. Fast Fingerprint Enrollment

3. Fast Fingerprint Credential Enrollment For New User

User enrollment into a standalone fingerprint time attendance system can be completed within just seconds with the option to enroll one or all ten of a user’s fingerprints.
Three images are taken of each print and combined into a single optimum mathematical template to vastly increase the matching rates. Users can then be assigned to groups to allow them to access a specific set of doors with an optionally specified time and date parameters.
As an added layer of security safeguard, the fingerprint scanner attendance system allows you to set up a multi-factor authentication for granting entry access to restricted areas within the building. When entering an area that requires dual-factor authentication, the user, for example, can be made to record, verify and authenticate their identity using both their fingerprint biometric credentials and their employee ID smart card.

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