Fingerprint Attendance Software 

Fingerprint Attendance Software is used by many companies in Singapore as part of the Fingerprint time attendance system. The use of fingerprint biometrics by companies has gained widespread adoption in the recent years due to its simplicity, convenience, reliability as a secure form of the authentication method. In addition, with the rising threats of terrorism to homeland security, more companies and organization are seeking a more secure and foolproof way to authenticate personnel coming in and out of buildings for a more secure door access control.

Fingerprint Attendance Software is Suitable For :

Physical Security System integration

1. Fingerprint Time Attendance System

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Physical Security Software Development

2. Standalone Fingerprint Time Attendance System

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Time Attendance Singapore provides affordable and reliable Time Attendance Management solutions. We also offer System hardware and customized software integration. Secure and Protect your assets today!


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Fingerprint Attendance Software

1. Foolproof System

Easy to Setup, Easy to Use

Maximize Workforce manpower productivity

2. Payroll Automation for Efficiency & Productivity

With job costing integration, your job costing software is auto-populated with the read data captured from the time attendance terminal so that you don’t have to worry about data entry errors. This allows you to Free yourself from unproductive administrative workforce management task, giving you more time to run your business.

3. Help You Save Time & Money

3. Help You Save Time & Money

You can now confidently help to manage your labor cost. The cost saving benefits from a time attendance pay for itself over time.

4. Customizable Dashboard

4. Customizable Dashboard

User-friendly Clean intuitive web user interface which is fully configurable according to your preferences. This gives you the information you need to manage your workforce at a single glance.

5. Pay Only For Hours Your Employee Worked

5. Pay Only For Hours Your Employee Worked

You don’t have to pay for a single minute your employees didn’t work. Having a secure fingerprint attendance software also encourages your employees to come in on time

Why Choose Us

1. Flexible & Affordable Pricing

To maintain the lowest cost of entry to the system for our customers, our employee attendance tracking software packages are structured with a scalable and modular architecture, such that any additional add-on modules can be added as your business order operations scales and grows in company employee’s headcount.
These additional software upgrades for handling larger numbers of staff and user stations are sold separately and is available in reasonably priced economic increments to ensure that you only purchase what you need at that point in time.

2. Technology Solutions that is Tailored to Your Needs

We understand that no two client or customer discussion is identical. That is why building a personal rapport with our clients, and really getting a clear understanding of their security needs and challenges is important to us. This allows us to tailor our product, our support efforts, and services.
Investing in a time attendance system today allows you to change the way your business operates. It will allow you to save a lot more time, save a lot of money and channel your energy to support activities that matter to the business.

Features & Benefits of Fingerprint Attendance Software

1. Payroll Integration

1. Integration with Payroll Processing

The biometric time attendance system software interface is designed to be configurable with your customization to suit your organization’s unique needs, such as enabling you to view the staff members’ timesheets individually over the entire pay period.
Enjoy accurate tracking, management of timesheet costs and miscellaneous allowances, such as laundry allowance.

2. Integration with your Existing Time Attendance Management Systems

2. Integration with your Existing Time Attendance Management Systems

As the access control time attendance Software system solutions operate on mainstream standard data transfer protocols, for versatile deployment, the time attendance management software is able to exchange and communicates with complementary external time attendance hardware, such as Proximity Access control readers or Biometric Hand Print Geometry scanners, Biometric Fingerprint based impression readers, Finger Vein Bio Scanner or even Face Facial feature recognition reader. This ensures that your mobile employees are able to securely and quickly clock into or out of jobs online no matter how is your business operation being run. Whether it is tracking the time attendance of multiple teams of staff in the various geographically scattered offices, or time tracking of mobile employees, we offer various network machine technology options to ensure that you have the best and right time data service collection tool and solution products put in placed (eg. Mobile App clock-in, with GPS location verification, Web-based Time attendance, Wireless Time Attendance, Biometric Time card Clock in) Once the timekeeping records are captured using any of the methods mentioned, the data is automatically uploaded into the workforce attendance management system software. This allows for a more efficient payroll processing at the end of each month.

3. Performance Metrics

3. Timely & Reliable Workforce Performance Metrics

Time and attendance recorder system is able to provide and give you an array of workforce-related information Data for Actionable & Profitable Insights.
This gives you a 360 overview of the productivity of your organization’s manpower resources to facilitate enterprise resource planning (ERP).
In addition, it also helps you make timely decisions in running and transforming your business services and operations

Using the time and attendance system, you can accurately gather and obtain reliable Real-time data to give you intelligent analysis and insights into:

1. Daily and Monthly Attendance and Hours Worked
2. Performance and Medical Status of employees
3. Workforce time punctuality and integrity
4. Payroll and man-hour cost incurred in relation to the budget allocated
5. Employee Absent Graph chart – which could be indicative of workforce motivation and engagement levels
6. Time Loss Graph Chart
7. Return on invested employee man-hours on specific business service activity
8. Employee Leave request patterns

This information can offer you the beneficial financial insights such as:

1. Serve as a source of reliable performance metrics to determine the overall workforce productivity
2. Serve as a concrete basis for justification for reducing staffing headcount or increase hiring of new staff.
3. Allows management to act on the findings and implement interventions that have the potential to make a difference at individual, managerial and organizational level.
4. Workforce Scheduling

4. Workforce Forecasting & Scheduling

Interactive user web-based dashboard with Calendar Scheduling interface enables you to
1. Get Better oversight on hours of service & Enables better management of time attendance, shift planning & attendance tracking. 2. Easily view schedules, approve time cards, and handle time off request anytime anywhere Take back control over the management of your employee’s time using time attendance system

Employee Self Service Options

With the Web-based face recognition attendance software for time management, it features a Self-Service portal which employees can access to submit leave request, bid for shifts allocation, and facilitate swap and exchange of shifts with/between colleagues. This helps to ease your employee shift planning.
Employee get to access to schedules in real time and can easily view their time and attendance details such as leave time off applied, approval status, pending and rejected attendance requests

Report Generation

The time attendance systems feature powerful reporting capabilities for fast and convenient report generation.
Management Report layouts are designed to be Comprehensive and intuitively familiar to show key relevant time attendance information you need, so that you can make the timely scheduling decisions, both in advance and at a short moment’s notice
Key Benefits includes:

1. Highlighting of Employees who are close to incurring of overtime not budgeted for.
2. The historical record of leave application and approval details of who approved it.
3. Reveal any incidences of abnormality in attendance history or attendance violations especially habit of absenteeism and taking urgent Medical leave (MC)
4. Delivery of Intelligent Statistical – To show a visual pattern of employee time attendance data over time, as well as Key performance metrics information indicative of workforce productivity.
5. Keep Labor Expense In Check

Your own staff usually are your most costly resource and staffing related expenses like payroll, training can easily account for a Significant portion of the business’s overall operating budget. Because of the ability for the time and attendance and workforce management solutions to reliably record the time attendance data of your staff, it helps you to keep payroll expenses low.

Unplanned Labor Expense

Keep labor expenses in check by reducing overpayment due to unplanned overtime expenses With the attendance management software system, automated alerts can be sent to managers when a particular staff is approaching overtime.

Reduce Administration Time

With a time attendance management software, your business will enjoy a sizable reduction in your labor and administration costs annually It will greatly reduce the number of unproductive administrative hours spent on manual timesheets and reports, as well as the payroll post processing work which can be completed completely eliminated.

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