Face Recognition Attendance System 

Face Recognition Attendance system has been gaining popularity among companies in Singapore in the recent years. Most offices today are slowly and gradually transitioning to embracing the adoption of intelligent Biometric face detection attendance systems because of the security and service reliability a biometric face credential offers.


With Staffing payroll cost historically being a major cost expenditure in almost any businesses, automation of their Payroll process and Employee monitoring & management processes is almost a necessity in order for companies to be operationally efficient and remain competitive in the marketplace.
By implementing a face recognition time attendance recorder system, it allows for an integration of the organizational approval workflow and reduces any administrative work hours spent on manual management control of time attendance record data log and payroll calculation.

Types of Face Recognition Attendance System 

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Features & Benefits of Face Recognition Attendance System

1. Hands-Free Operation

1. Contactless Hands-Free Operation

Unlike a thumbprint attendance system, a standard facial credential authentication solution is a very simple one-step Look and Go process.
Due to the non-intrusive and non-contact nature of the authentication process, there is no risk of personal hygiene concerns.
In addition, a contact-free operation offers the added benefit of not requiring any physical credentials, such as Keys or RFID Smartcards or password. This allows the user, and any enrolled visitor and clients to simply ‘Look’ and ‘Walk’ when authenticating with the Face recognition machine and getting access at the digital door lock or access control turnstile.

2. Secure Facial Recognition

2. Accurate & Secure Facial Geometry identification

Enjoy nearer 100% accuracy of the GPRS biometric attendance system every time it is presented to a user trying to gain authentication to gain entry access into the building.
Facial recognition method of reader authentication services is Faster, more Accurate and Secure than fingerprint bio credentials.
Due to the larger pool of data points that a Facial biometric credential data offer (~60 data points) versus Fingerprint credential which typically contains around 20 data points, facial biometric data are generally more accurate than fingerprints, providing a 100% error free positive identification during every use.

3. Stop Time Fraud

3. Guard Against Time Fraud

Although not very widely practiced, Fingerprint credentials used in fingerprint clock in system have been known to be forged by simply using a fake silicon finger. This means that fingerprint time attendance system does not help provide a lot of assurance in terms of product security.
In the case of Biometric facial credentials, it is harder to forge a fake face identification as the cameras equipped with the web-based biometric time attendance system can accurately capture the 3D depth and is discerning enough to differentiate between a real face and a fake 2D photo of a face.
This high level of security that facial recognition offer makes any attempt at buddy punching or buddy enrollment almost impossible.

4. Seamless Integration

4. Seamless Connectivity for Easy Integration

Our Face Recognition Attendance System and face recognition attendance software technology is equipped with a built-in interface with supports industry standard communication and connection protocols, such as TCP-IP Ethernet communication and USB port for the easy export of data via flash drive download.
The biometric clock in system is also designed for hardware compatibility with 3rd party systems and legacy systems and software applications, such as HRIS, ERP systems, and payroll systems so as to enable greater integration in your organization workflow processes.
For added security during the clock-in and clock out of office employees, existing surveillance systems can also be integrated to allow for managers to have a visual read of the scanning by the personnel for further verification.

5. Intuitive Interface

5. User-Friendly Operation Interface

– The wireless biometric attendance system features an intuitive design menu Interface for Easy network navigation
– Intuitive management software Interface for Simple Easy to use operation
– Face recognition terminal is designed to create clear voice audio alert and visual feedback indicators to inform personnel of each positive identity verification during system operations
– Full-color touchscreen display – allows the employee to see what the clock see to give a visual feedback on proper head positioning, distance and tilt angling.

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Face Recognition Attendance System

1. Hands-Free Touchless Operation

A typical facial read recognition authentication is a very simple 1-step Look-and-Go operation.
Due to the contact-free nature of the biometric time attendance system verification process, there is no risk of hygiene concerns due to bacterial infections.
In addition, a contactless operation offers the added benefit of not needing to carry any physical credentials, such as Keys or RFID Key Fobs or PIN code.

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2. Fast & More Accurate Authentication

Quick and Lightning-fast operation, with higher reliability, compared to Fingerprint-based scanner attendance system terminals. Able to supports Multi-factor authentication for added identity authentication security.

Prevents Time Theft

3. Prevents Time Theft

Face Biometric Credentials are practically impossible to forge, let alone transferred since we have only one face. This provides a very secure way of authenticating a person’s identity, preventing any possibility of Buddy Punching or Buddy Enrollment. Pay only for the hours your company employees worked.

Built-in High-Quality HD Cameras

4. Built-in High-Quality HD Cameras

To manage and discern between a real face and a fake face which is just a 2D photo, the Face recognition solutions terminal is equipped with a special camera which can capture 3d depth to get a mapping of a person’s facial features. It is also equipped with IR video technology used in CCTV surveillance system which support the high end capabilities to compensates for imaging during dim environment.

Advantages of Facial Feature as a Biometric Identity Credential

Human facial features is a good biometric credential for authenticating identity because it offers the following advantages:

1. Facial proportions are fairly stable and permanent and do not change drastically over Age.
2. Facial feature is not affected by other human variables, such as Ethnicity, skin color, wearing of spectacles
3. Visibility of Facial features are not affected by external conditions like lighting, dryness or wetness

Because of the suitability and permanence of human facial features for use in face recognition technology products and solutions, it is highly usable by everyone and a highly reliable form of identification method under all Conditions.

Fastest & Most Accurate Form of Authentication in recent years facial recognition technology has become a major influence in the biometric market due to its many facial technique recognition technologies detects unique facial to accurately identify users

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Why Fingerprint Readers Are not the Ideal Solution in all Authenticating Application Situations

1. Hygiene

Although Biometric Fingerprint authentication technologies address many of the shortcomings of RFID identification technology, such as removing the need to invest in and physically carry a separate form of credential, a fingerprint authentication system requires the making of regular physical contact between the fingers and the fingerprint scanner during every authentication. This use of a shared finger contact surface can be highly unhygienic and can cause the spread infectious germs and bacteria very easily.

2. Scan Quality

Fingerprint identity credentials is a widely adopted form of Biometric technology. However, it is not a one-size-fits-all solution and its not without its drawbacks. The quality of the fingerprint print impression captured by a fingerprint system is also highly dependent on the quality of the person’s actual fingerprint. Conditions which affect the skin surface integrity of the could lead to difficulties in capturing an accurate fingerprint scan. For example: 1. Environment (for example, fingerprints may be dirty, wet, or have abrasions) 2. Ethnicity 3. Demographics (older employees may have finger damaged or uneven skin surface, which results in a lack consistency, taking a different shape during every scan ) 4. Scanning procedure & Scanner Design In the presence of such factors, it may prevent a proper fingerprint scan or may even result in a false positive read.

Disadvantages of RFID Proximity Access cards for Identity Verification

Although RFID Proximity cards are relatively secure and easy to use as an identification credential, implementation of such card identification technology hardware involves a relatively high initial hardware cost.
In addition, a physical RFID smart card can be damaged over time, get lost or stolen by unauthorized personnel.