Face Recognition Attendance Software 

Face Recognition Attendance Software is a high security authenticating option popular among companies in Singapore who requires a higher than average level of security access control and time attendance tracking.

The key advantage of using facial features as a biometric credential for authenticating identity is that it is contactless in nature, unlike fingerprint biometrics. It is also a fairly reliable biometric characteristic due to the stability and relative permanence of a person’s facial proportions over time.

Face Recognition Attendance Software is Suitable For:

1. Face Recognition Attendance System

1. Face Recognition Attendance System

1. Face Recognition Attendance System

2. Biometric Face Recognition Terminals | Zkteco Zk iface

This face recognition terminal can also be configured to perform physical access control functionality at the door entrance when personnel uses it to request for identity authentication is processed

1. Zkteco Zk iface 302
2. Zkteco Zk iface 402
3. Zkteco Zk iface 800
4. Zkteco Zk VF300
5. Zkteco Zk VF380

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Face Recognition Attendance Software

1. Increase Workforce Productivity & Efficiency

The time and attendance management software system is designed to help accurately monitor employees working times and improve your organization’s productivity. With the integration of time attendance with payroll, workflow computer systems and processes which used to take days can now be reduced to seconds.

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2. Configurable User Interface Design

User-friendly dashboard which is customizable according to your preference settings, so that you can see the information you need in a format is tailored for your the workflow patterns and business needs. It is also customizable for integration with physical access control hardware such as digital door lock and barrier turnstile for visitor access control.

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3. Streamline Time Attendance Management Workflow

The Attendance management system software is an adaptable technology solution designed to simplify the worker time attendance tracking process from capturing staff time attendance information all the way through to the company final job costing.
This helps to save you time a lot of payroll processing time by enabling service staff to clock into and out of workplaces places conveniently.

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4. Camera for Visual Verification

With a built-in camera, it allows the time attendance terminal to provide real time video feedback solutions to the user to enable proper head positioning and adjustment. In addition, because there is capabilities for imaging capture of the user face facial feature, it helps to free you from any need or reliance on a security CCTV camera surveillance system for visual verification.

Features & Benefits of Face Recognition Attendance Software

1. Boost Productivity

1. Free Up Extra Productive ManHours

As a busy business professional with many important business decisions fighting for attention on a daily basis, we understand that it can be quite difficult to keep tabs on your workers daily attendance and productivity.
So, to help save you productive management time, the biometric time attendance system software workflow automation is designed to bring about a significant elimination of unproductive routine administration tasks, so that you can have more hours freed up to stay focus on business building activities that really deserves your time.
With greater automation of your organization’s time attendance activities, the adoption of the attendance management reader system will help to support and increase efficiency, ensure you are compliant with labor regulations.

2. Boost Pay Roll Accuracy

2. Eliminate Financial Risk of Pay Roll Error

Human resources expenditure can easily account for a significant portion of expenditure in any business operation.
Because of this, payroll errors can potentially cause your business to lose tens of thousands dollars if this error is not properly addressed.
Payroll costing errors happens due to one of the following:

1. Work Data entry mistakes during manual transcribing of handwritten paper time sheets
2. Error in the reading of fuzzy handwriting on paper time sheets.
3. Exporting and reimporting of data from time attendance collection system into payroll software system which uses a different data format.
4. Inaccurate time attendance information by the worker, perhaps due to dependence on memory recall when entering time attendance information. Note that, recalling of hours worked base on memory is often not accurate because it is almost impossible for anyone to remember the time they clock in with precision to the minute.
5. Using of manual tools to gather and analyze work time attendance data log collected, eg. MS Excel spreadsheets, Paper Logs.
6. Manual tabulation and processing of time attendance data for payroll calculation
7. Over-reliance on manual out-dated operating systems, services and procedures to monitor staff time attendance data

With help from a user-friendly employee time attendance tracking software product, the time attendance recorder data can be exported directly to any popular payroll software system, this helps to reduce payroll processing errors because it offers you an accurate and efficient means to manage information gathered.
In addition, with an integrated work time attendance data management, you will also be able to get and enjoy the added benefit of reducing manual HR administration time and increase in their overall compliance with labor laws

3. Highlight Attendance Abnormality

3. Handle incidence of Attendance Infringement

Your employees are often your biggest cost to your organization’s operational budget, because of this, any employee lack of punctuality can have a serious impact on your company bottom line.
For such situations, a time attendance management hardware and face recognition attendance software can help you to facilitate effective time management.

This helps to highlight and identify incidences of attendance exceptions and abnormalities, such as:

1. Employees Absenteeism, where employees failed to report to work without a valid reason in print, or an official request for leave.
2. Employees arriving Late for work
3. Employees clocking in at the wrong job site by using location services
4. Illegitimate time theft, such as buddy enrollment of employee identity card
5. Punching in early to record and capture extra hours worked, or Punching out early before official work shift end time
6. Employees Missed punch-in and punch-out

Having an access control time attendance software management system offers the benefit of accessibility to timely time attendance intelligence which can help you to establish any problem issues with your staff’s attendance.
This allows you to take corrective action in a timely manner to put an end to the loss of time and money and more importantly, help to improve employee productivity and time discipline.

4. Powerful Reporting for Visibility

4. Powerful Reporting for Visibility

Reporting function of the attendance management software products offers you visibility in keeping track of your organization’s overall payroll expenditure. This helps to check that the business profitable.
With the time attendance data captured from the fingerprint attendance software and computer hardware, it can be used to create in-depth and insightful reports so as to enable you to easily view and keep in check of your payroll cost incurred.
With the click of a button, you can gain Quick Access to a Comprehensive Overview of Key Information to give you insights into your organization’s productivity.

In addition, the attendance tracking software features a wide array of useful customizable monitoring report templates which include:

1. Employee Cost reports – provides Working hours captured, and detailed breakdown of payroll cost.
2. Employee Attendance Report – provides a complete summary of all hours worked
3. Employee Absentee report
4. Employee Latecomer report
5. Employee Punctuality report
6. Employee hours report (Normal hours and Paid Overtime hours)
7. Employee Sick hours and time off captured
8. Employee Pay overrides or adjustments information
9. Employee leave balance report

The system offers filtering selection rules such as

1. by Device that captured the time attendance information
2. by Pay codes selected for a particular day
3. by Department filtering
4. by Date range
5. by Report labeling
6. by actual punches or rounded punches
7. by individual staff employee filtering, locations, teams and employment level
5. Shift Management

5. Improve Shift Management Efficiency

An effective shift scheduling allows Supervisors to ensure all Work duties are covered and that the workloads are evenly distributed among employees.
With an advanced scheduling function that is built-in the time and attendance software, you are now able to optimize your human resource allocation through efficient employee shifts scheduling.
The software system to provide you with a consolidated overview of your labor data which helps you to ensure you assign the right employees on the job, base on a range of factors, such as

1. Employee availability for that particular shifts

2. Multiple job locations requirements
3. Employee skill levels
4. Avoid employees whose hours are approaching over time
5. Predefined payroll budget allocated
6. Schedule conflict detected by the scheduling system (if any)
7. Employee leave, sick leave
8. Employee maternity, paternity leave


Advanced scheduling functions options

With the software’s dynamic scheduling functionality, In the event of unexpected scenarios, such as staff sudden unavailability, you are now able to easily adapt schedules in real time to keep up with your organization dynamic needs.
To ensure the hours scheduled are compliant with workplace labor legislation, the software also features a built-in customized real-time alert

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