Employee Attendance Tracking Software 

Employee attendance tracking software is an indispensable tool for companies in Singapore to automate their time attendance management system for a more efficient workforce management. Anywhere in today’s corporate landscape where businesses both large and small are all largely driven by human capital intensive activities, having an effective staff tracking tool and system to effectively capture and access the actual man-hours contributed by your staff can positively make a significantly positive impact both the overall productivity and profitability of your company’s project bottom line at the end of the day.


Office Attendance System

1. Office Attendance System

Office Attendance Software

2. Office Attendance Software

Features & Benefits of Employee Attendance Tracking Software

1. Shift Management

1. Shift Roster Management Function

Being able to accurately track your staff service availability is one of the major challenges that companies and organizations face when planning their shift schedules. Employee time attendance system can benefit your business by freeing your administrative staff from the tedious task of managing the different shift of each of your employees and eliminate any unnecessary physical paperwork. Simply by using the staff shift management interface, you will be able to:

1. Keep track of which are the staff that clock in their Employee ID card at any given day
2. Speed up the Management and Planning of your staff work shift roster
3. Manually add in additional Ad-hoc shifts due to last minute changes
4. Facilitating online shift switching exchanges between employees
5. Simplifying the Allocation of Temporary Shifts for employees in your company

Whether you have a team of full-time staff, part-time staff, or Both, you can be sure that the employee attendance tracking software can help you to better manage your different work teams all in one unified attendance management system software platform. Notification configurations can also be made to send updates concerning the latest shift schedule to your employees via SMS text or email so that you can be sure that they are aware of the latest work schedule.

2. Payroll Integration

2. Integration of Payroll Administration Process

Depending on your organization’s payroll needs, the time attendance tracking software products can be integrated with your payroll system to ensures fast, accurate and on-time salary payment to your employees.

Base on the staff shift schedule and the clock-in-clock-out time captured by the time attendance terminal, the integrated payroll software application will be able to automatically tabulate on a report the time sheets, calculate the job costing and track any paid overtime.

This helps to eliminate manual paper-based timesheet reports and inefficient payroll processes and significantly reduce the administrative time needed, thus playing a part in contributing to enhancing the productivity of the Payroll Administrator.

3. Role-Based Access

3. Flexibility for Role-Based Access & Multi-layered Authorization

The staff attendance tracking software architecture has a built-in Multi-layers hierarchy of access permission levels and comprehensive security measures to provide real additional safeguards to protect confidential employee information and timesheet data.

Now an appropriate level of web-based access permission can be configured and customized for each employee who logged into the access control time attendance software information system such that they can only get to see the relevant information that they need to see, base on their job role function, Department and authorization within the organization hierarchy.
This role-based access permission security technology feature in the Fingerprint attendance software and Face recognition attendance software ensures that confidential information is kept private and protected from unauthorized viewing.

Even at a management level, for example, for your supervisors and managers, the biometric time attendance system software also have the easy option of limiting them from accessing and view sensitive employee and customer information data (such as Biometric Fingerprint, finger Vein or Palm print access credential templates) to protect their privacy and prevent any abuse.
For example, typical roles include:

1. IT Administrator
2. Supervising Manager
3. Department Groups and Job function category
4. Business Efficiency

4. Business Workflow Efficiency

Staff time attendance system can add value by freeing up your Human resource staff from the labor-intensive task of handling the different time attendance related task such as:

1. Attendance monitoring
2. Handling of Shift Timing combination
2. Tracking of Flexible Timing
3. Leave management
4. Payroll pay processing
5. Approval Management

5. Permission an Approval Management

Improper employee annual leave application request, staff absence, and permission workflow management can negatively impact your payroll costs.
As companies become leaner and yet more human capital intensive over time, it has made the use of a proper employee permission management an increasingly important issue that has a direct cost savings benefit.
With a Staff attendance tracking software solutions in place, you can be confident that any tracking of the Leave request, Absenteeism, Urgent leave can be monitored closely and accounted for.

6. Report Generation

6. Accurate Report Generation

Detailed reporting function of the employee attendance tracking software gives you 100% transparency in keeping track of your individual and overall payroll expenditure.
The workforce tracking and reporting software can be easily organized to clearly show

1. Breakdown base on your employee’s Work locations
2. Breakdown base on your employee’s assigned Departmental team
3. Breakdown of Employee total log of hours worked
4. Which employee worked on which day on a particular week

For example, if your business operation is a service industry, your report organization can be broken down into the corresponding teams, comprising of

1. Front desk team
2. Backend office staff
3. Service support staff

For easy systems identification, print reports can be color coded so that information can be easily read and differentiated when viewing at a glance.

7. Leave Management

7. Leave Management Integration

With the web-based employee leave management resource module, employees can self-submit leave request electronically via the cloud-based attendance tracking software, which can be accessed from anywhere on an internet connected device.

Managers can log into the same attendance tracking platform to either approve or reject those leave application submitted. An email smart notification is automatically triggered with the appropriate status to all stakeholders in this process.

You are able to manage, control and keep track of your employee’s latest leave balance and automatically transfer the unused leave to the following year at the end of each year.

8. Staff Enrollment

8. Staff Identity Credential Registration & Enrollment

Information of New team members such as their Name, Mobile number, and Email Address can be easily enrolled into the system within a few steps by either manual keying in or via direct importing from the payroll system.

Base on the way your business and teams are organized, you are also able to create groups to organize your staff information, allowing the information to be intuitive and make sense.

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Employee Attendance Tracking Software

1. Save Time & Money through Accurate Data Reporting

When your employee hours are systematically recorded, there is greater accountability.
This helps to encourage a culture of punctuality and time integrity.
Increased Business & Workforce Productivity

2. Increased Business & Workforce Productivity

Employees are Empowered when they know that every hour counts and that they will be paid On time, Correctly, Every time

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3. Improved Business Efficiency

Through electronic data services processing, it helps to simplify unproductive labor-intensive routine of processing their employees attendance data against their assigned work shifts.

Management of Manpower Cost

4. Management of Manpower Cost

By monitoring your payroll cost, you are able to ensure that it is within your operating budget.
The helps to ensure business profitability.

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