Electronic Attendance System 

Electronic Attendance System is a major functional pillar of any company corporate HR management process in Singapore. Beyond just streamlining your existing time attendance data management process, an Automated Attendance System brings together companies and its staff to work together to manage staffing payroll expenditure, boost business profitability and ensure compliance with labor rights regulation. Manpower Staffing is understandably one of the major growth drivers of any company daily operations, therefore it is no exaggeration to say that an effective time attendance software and system solution implementation is the key to business profitability.

Functions of Electronic Time & Attendance System

The purpose of an electronic Time and attendance management system is to reliably monitor and provide technological solutions in order to authenticate the following:

1. Employee attendance arrival time and actual shift end time (using time attendance reader terminal systems)
2. Track, detect and reports any incidence of attendance infringement by employees, such as a perpetual habit of taking medical leave or Lateness.

3. Track record of Employee Clock in and clock out time on a specific service assignment

4. Employee Leave Request
5. Personnel Movement & real-time location within the workplace location.
6. Security Door Access Control and Identity authentication services to prevent illegitimate use of credentials for intrusion
7. Assist in automation and streamlining of Payroll costing workflow, ensuring employee’s monthly pay are accurate and on time. 8. Facilitate Worker shift planning processes

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Our Time & Attendance Systems

Access Card Time Attendance System

1. Access Card Time Attendance System

… RFID Attendance System
Web-based interface for Visibility & Accessibility

2. Web Based Time Attendance System

Web Based Time Attendance System
… Mobile Attendance System
Real time Attendance System

Standalone Time Attendance System

3. Standalone Time Attendance System

4. Office Time Attendance System

4. Office Time Attendance System

School Time Attendance System

5. School Time Attendance System

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Electronic Attendance System

1. Boost Employee Engagement & Productivity

When your Employees know that they are going to be paid on time, and paid correctly, it helps to foster a sense of assurance they will be rewarded for the effort they put in their work.

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2. Integration with Payroll

Enjoy seamless integration with between time attendance system with your job costing system. Helps to Eliminate any incidents of human error due to manual data entry or illegible handwriting.

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3. Foster a Culture of Punctuality & Time Integrity

When every minute counts, employees, have a stronger motivation to arrive on time for work because they know that the exact time that they clock in and clock out will be exactly the time reflected on their payroll time sheet. With a added layer of identifying authentication for each clock in, employees cannot fake the records.

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4. Boost Business Profitability

A time attendance tracking system helps you to only pay hours where your employees are present and actually did productive work. This helps your business to enjoy savings on payroll staffing expenditure and boost the company’s profitability.

Why Choose Us ?

1. Cost Effective and Affordable Implementation

We offer you the convenience of a full end-to-end total service system implementation from initial consultation to understand your needs to final installation of the electronic attendance system that is customized base on your unique needs and specifications. Take the guesswork out of the technical details and Let our trusted and dependable service staff handle the installation for you.

2. One Stop Local Servicing

For fast turnaround time, we are able to respond and attend to your request for any troubleshooting, repair or customization needs so as to minimize any downtime in the system and prevent any disruption to your business operations. In addition, we also offer on-site support to give you the benefit and convenience of a face-to-face dealing with a service staff to attend to all your servicing needs

3. System Integration

Though our years of interacting with our client, we have seen for ourselves that no two client or conversation is ever alike, that is why we first and foremost always seek to understand fully your security needs first before making any recommendation on the system integration service approach. By integrating your time and attendance system module with an existing legacy system, it allows you to leverage the strengths of each of the system to enhance the security and safety of the organization. For example, one of the common integration involves the interfacing of attendance system with CCTV surveillance camera system to allow security guards to have a visual read of the authenticating process when the personnel is at the access terminal. If there is a situation where the personnel is denied entry due to an invalid identity credential, the security can better make a judgment base on the visual information provided by the surveillance system and respond appropriately.

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Electronic Time Attendance system provides you a convenient way to track your employee’s Punctuality and monitor Productivity. Invest in a more productive and efficient workforce while transforming your business with our time attendance solutions.

Let us help you take away the hassle of chasing and monitoring employee time and attendance today. For more details or request for quotation, call us at 81822236, our knowledgeable sales and support staff will be happy to assist.

Features & Benefits of Electronic Time Attendance System

1. Workforce Time Keeping

1. Efficient & Flexible Workforce Time Keeping Management

Every hour lost, unaccounted for directly impacts a company’s bottom line. With a real-time attendance system in place, you can now effectively track time periods worked by your employees. This time monitoring and verifying capability provided by the office attendance system is especially useful for work arrangements where there is:

1. 24 hour rotating or irregular overlapping work shift
2. Workplace with Flexible work arrangements
3. Work environment with multi-site offices or remote work locations (such as Construction sites, shipyards)

With the Access card Time Attendance system‘s comprehensive management features, it can help make managing your team a lot easier by helping you to find out:

1. Who is working which shift and when?
2. Are any temporary staff approaching full-time hours
3. Does anyone have a habit of punching out early?
4. Does this particular staff have a pattern of absenteeism?
2. Greater Precision in HR Payroll Processes

2. More Streamlined & Precise HR Payroll Management Processes

The bigger your company gets, the more challenging it gets to monitor and manage who’s doing what.
Take for example the worker timesheet you need to approve, how can you ensure it is accurately recorded?
With a web-based time attendance system integrated with a payroll system, you can enjoy benefits such as:

1. Integrated workflow with Payroll

Our staff time attendance system is designed for easy compatibility and integration with your existing payroll systems so that all key information flows right into the job costing function in the employee’s payroll system. This helps to speed up and increase accuracy of payroll preparation

2. Error Free Payroll Processing

Time attendance system allows you to enjoy the benefit of Minimizing risk of costly payroll costing errors by removing any need for any traditional data entry, inefficient handwriting or using of Multiple disjointed workflow processes. in addition, it also accurately monitor and takes into account of the various job calculation factors such as

1. Total Daily number of hours clocked (eg. Start time, End time, lunch time, rest break time etc)
2. Paid overtime hours clocked
3. Public holiday staffing rates
4. Night staffing rates
5. Taxi claim stipend
6. Time attendance infringements incidents, such as unplanned Absenteeism
7. Paid leave applied
8. Staff pay grade categories
9. Detection of abnormalities in attendance records
3. Enhance Business Productivity

3. Accelerate Business Administration Productivity, Reduce Payroll Processing Time

In business, every minute translates to money. If too much unproductive time is spent on non-revenue generating manual task, it can have a negative impact on company profitability in the long run.
Examples unproductive administrative task includes:

1. Processing and manual data entry of handwritten entries on paper time sheets
2. Tracking of paid overtime
3. Staff manually filling up timesheets
4. Employers review and approval of leave request

In such situations, a time attendance system can help to significantly shorten overall payroll processing time by

1. Streamlining approval workflow process
2. Free up your time by only highlighting attendance abnormalities that need your attention
3. Monthly calendar interface that allows you to view your staff historical attendance record in a single glance at half the time.

An added benefit of having a more efficient payroll workflow often means that companies are able to cut their headcount for payroll department by as much as half, and reallocate HR staff to more profit-generating task and activities.

4. Enhance Employee Punctuality & Time Integrity

4. Monitor Employee Punctuality, Encourage Time Integrity

Having a time attendance system helps to empower a culture of time discipline and higher job performance rate.
Employees have a stronger reason to come on time now because they know when they punch in, that’s exactly what time it says on their timesheet data, and it is impossible for them to fake that when they are late for work.
For schools which are trying to address and track the problem of being late or absent from school, a student attendance management system can play the same role of enforcing a culture of punctuality and time discipline.

5. Prevent Time Theft & Buddy Punching

Concerned about staff taking advantage of time off policy? By using an auto identity verification time attendance system scanning to clock in and we can be 100% sure that: 1. The authenticated clock in data at that point of capture is without a doubt attributed to that staff and not entered someone else. 2. The time attendance information data that is read from the system are precise and is indicative of exactly the reporting time captured by the terminal, not the time self-declared by your worker. 3. There is no way for employees to perform time theft, such as buddy enrollment.

6. Only Pay for Hours Worked

6. Save Payroll Expenditure by Only Paying for Hours Worked

A time attendance recorder system gives you the capability to pay your employees with more precision and only pay for the hours they actually work. Imagine a work environment where each staff get into work late by 3 minutes and then leave the office early by another 3 minutes. If these minutes add up over time, it would easily lose the company a sizable amount of money.

As the time attendance system allows for an identity-verified clock-in, where the employees have to be physically present, it automatically gives your employees the strong incentive to arrive on time for the authenticated clock-in of shift hour. All this helps you to save your company an enormous amount of precious time and money.

7. Integrated Solutions

7. Seamless Integrated Workforce Management Solutions

Time and Attendance system is designed with features for external compatibility such as signal input and output relay terminals to facilitate easy interfacing with standard communication protocols and connectors, such as Ethernet, USB connector, RS232, RS485, and Wiegand standards. This technology allows you to enjoy the convenience of a seamless online web integration with your existing management services and computer systems such as:

1. Security Systems, such as Door Entry Intercom (two-way call) Systems, CCTV camera tech systems.
2. Payroll Job Costing Systems
3. HRIS Management System
4. Enterprise Resource Planning System ( ERP )
5. Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM)
6. Human Capital Management System (HCM)
7. Leave & Exemptions Management System
8. Data Capture Flexibility

8. Flexibility & Adaptability of Data Capture Methods

Enjoy the flexibility of choice on the best way time attendance data is collected so that it fit your employee management needs. For example, you can use any of the below options to authenticate your employee information

1. Proximity Badge card time clock (authentication during each time clock in is done using the Proximity swipe card)
2. Biometric Time Clock (identity is authenticated using Fingerprint scanning, Finger Vein, Face Geometry Recognition)
3. Cloud-based time sheet (for recording of total hours worked)

Applications of Electronic Attendance System

Our time attendance product solutions are suitable for any business size, structure or need. It can cater to a diverse range of industries and applications. Your businesses organization will benefit from a Time Attendance system if

1. Employee Management for Small Businesses  

You are a Small Business owner who has to manage with a small team of employees on top of running the business. By having an automated electronic attendance system, it gives you back more time to spend building your business.

2. Businesses with Multi-Locations

You have Multiple office locations and multi-site remote workplaces. With a network connected time attendance system, Managers are now able to have real-time updates on the attendance status at their remote satellite offices as well as their mobile employees.

eg. Multiple F&B restaurants
Multiple Retail business locations
Mobile Sales staff who are always on the move


3. Business with Large Workforce Headcount

You have a Sizeable staffing headcount which is challenging to manage4. Businesses with Flexi Work Arrangements (FWAs)

4. Businesses with Flexi Work Arrangements (FWAs)

Nature of employee’s work function involves easy Flexible work arrangements (FWAs) and does not involve a regular schedule. For example, tracking new occasional shifts information when there is freelance employees or tracking of temporary event staff

5. Business which Need Accurate Attendance Documentation

For industries which need help using a common reliable platform to create accurate time attendance documentation reports for proof of compliance or to support demonstration of service delivery to clients and relevant stakeholders – Health care industry, eg. Critical Nursing care, elderly care services – Child care centers, eg. Kindergartens, Special needs Childcare