Door Access Time Attendance System 

Door access Time attendance system is a single integrated system popularly adopted and trusted by companies and small business in Singapore to manage their workforce. It performs a dual function of both providing access control security authentication and time attendance tracking management functionality from one physical reader terminal. For any human capital-intensive organization to run their services efficiently and have a productive workforce, it is important for its employees to observe and adhere to the work and payroll schedule requirements. A lack of time integrity by any employee in your team can potentially cause serious work service disruption and operational inefficiencies. In addition, it is also important to reduce any incidence of time theft, to minimize any loss of man hours.

Types of Door Access Time Attendance System

The type of such a system is largely determined by the method in which the identity credential of the personnel is authenticated

RFID Door Access Time Attendance System

1. RFID Door Access Time Attendance System

Such a recorder system solution involves the use of a card reader module (or card personality module CPM) to read the personal identity data on a Radio frequency identity card, commonly known as a RFID access cards. At Time Attendance Singapore, our access control time attendance system supports multiple card formats which can be classified into 2 broad categories of industry RFID card standard, namely

1. Proximity Card products

(eg. 125KHz EM Prox (EM410), HID Prox)

2. Smart Card products

(eg. 13.56MHz MIFARE, HID iCLASS, DESFire)

If your organization is currently using RFID Proximity smart card base on standards such as MIFARE, DESFire, or HID 125kHz, we offer Access control readers with multiple authentication methods to accommodate diverse modes of authentication. The helps to facilitate organizations which are hoping to transit from less secure access smart card credentials to more secure Biometric methods of authenticating user access request.

Biometric Door Access Time Attendance System

2. Biometric Door Access Time Attendance System

Although there is a wide range of biometric technologies in the market, the more commonly use formed of biometric credential is Fingerprint, Finger Vein-based and Face Facial geometry recognition methods of authentication. Some of the more popular biometric time attendance access control systems used by companies in Singapore includes ZKteco Zk F18 and Zkteco Zk iClock 880 time and attendance authentication terminals. For more details, refer to Biometric Door Access Time Attendance System

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1. Enhanced Security Protection

A door access time attendance system provides a dual layer of safeguard by providing both Access control and record Tracking of every access transaction history made during each entry by a personnel into a secured area.

Multi-Factor Authentication

2. Multi-Factor Authentication

Base on your current security needs, the Door Access Time & Attendance system can be configured to read a combination of both Biometric and non-biometric access credentials for an added layer of secure credential authentication.

Touch Memory Guard Tour System

3. Advanced Access Control Features

Special access permission and network authentication conditions can be configured into the biometric attendance and access control system to support and provide an added layer of product security.
Examples of such security solutions features include Two-person rule and Anti-pass back configuration. Integration with CCTV camera video surveillance system can also be configured to provide a visual verification of personnel requesting identity authentication.

Empower Your Workforce

4. Empower Your Workforce

Employees work harder when they know that every hour counts and are paid for by the company

Importance of Attendance Tracking in addition to Access Control

As most organizations have assets they need to protect and guard against, such as the life safety of their employees, physical property installations and important company intellectual data, it is not enough to just have an access control security measure to protect your assets against threats of theft and sabotage.
This is because it is entirely possible for your internal employee to turn rouge and have malicious intent to commit acts of theft and sabotage.
To address this potential security vulnerability, a time and attendance tracking system have to be put in place in addition to a door access control system to control and monitor the access to restricted areas.
The time attendance monitoring component of the system enables you to track and keep a detailed record of precisely who accessed a particular restricted area in the company at each time of the day.

Although traditional methods of using paper logbooks to log entry access to secured places within a company can be considered as a cheaper alternative solution, such solutions are inherently not secure as it can easily be falsified with misreporting, filled with human errors and illegible handwriting.

Whereas on the other hand, an electronic time attendance system offers many advantages over manual logging of entry access.

Benefits include:

1. Automating the maintenance and recording of time attendance data
2. Provides a reliable source of real-time records and data reports that can be trusted

Features & Benefits Door Access Time Attendance System

1. Guard Against intrusion

1. Safeguard Your Building Against Unauthorized Intrusion

Strengthen your access control security to prevent any unauthorized entry into your building and specific secured zones within your building. In the event of a breach of entry into the secured building area, the time and attendance functionality serves as a secondary line of safeguard to track the access transactions made by the intruder.

2. Access Control Integration

2. Advanced Integrated Access Control Features

The Door Controller panel which is used for integrating multiple door installation at various locations serves as a bridge between the doors and administrator management software. It provides many useful and unique advanced access control features such as

1. Two-person rule
2. First In user
3. Anti-pass back
4. Occupancy control
5. Mantrap
6. Deadman zone
7. Tamper detection
8. RFID Guard Tour
3. HRMS Integration

3. Integration with HRMS systems

Time and attendance systems play a central role as a key foundational component of any successful Human resource management system (HRMS) implementation. By accurately capturing and providing real-time reliable attendance and staffing hours data, it helps to streamline the transfer of information to HR information system, such as

1. Payroll management system
2. Employee Workforce Management System
3. Leave Management System

This helps to encourage greater operational efficiency in the payroll processes.

4. Role Based Access Control

4. Role Based Access Control Permission

You can effectively manage & monitor Staff Movement by implementing a door access and time attendance system. Not only can you record and monitor the clock in and clock out access transactions made 24/7, companies, especially large organizations, are now able to benefit by having a systematic means of tracking staff movement to ensure they are where they are supposed to be base on their job functions, specific job location designated and authorized time period for access to the secured area.

5. Scalability

5. Seamless Connectivity & Integration for Scalability

Our Door access and time attendance system is designed for easy integration with options for industry standard interfacing protocols and connectors such as Wiegand 26 bit signal input and output connection terminals.
The Access control time attendance reader terminal unit also has built-in signal input and output relay terminals to allow for easily interfacing with peripheral door hardware-related device, modules and accessories for seamless compatibility.

Examples of such access devices include DVR, PIR Door Proximity Sensor, Intrusion Alarm, Tamper detection alarm, Smoke detectors, fire alarms, electromagnetic EM locks and Push-to-Open Buttons etc.
For networked implementations, our access readers are compatible with major industry standard networking protocols such as TCP/IP Ethernet and RS232/RS485 connection interface. This allows the upgrading of existing installations by enabling the adding on of devices as the company grows and expands its access control and time attendance tracking needs.

6. Quality

6. Quality Built & Industrial Grade Material

Using rugged and industrial grade materials, such as Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene for the outer casing, our access reader hardware is designed for long-term reliability and durability.
In addition, we offer access control reader hardware which is certified IP67 dust and water resistant, making it suitable for outdoor applications where there is exposure to harsh weather elements such as heat from direct sun and humidity from the rain.

Applications of Door Access Time Attendance System 

This system can benefit a broad range industries such as

– Commercial Offices
– Government Organization Buildings
– Hospitality
– Health Care
– Schools

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