Biometric Time Attendance System 

Biometric time attendance system in Singapore has been used by many companies, governmental bodies and organizations as an indispensable tool to enhance the overall security and operational efficiency of their business workforce management.

With an office time attendance system and its range of compatible recorder accessories, products, and systems, it gives you the power to manage and have real-time situational awareness of your workforce service situation such as

1. Knowing which staff is reporting to work for a specific time shift

2. Know exactly at what time did the staff clock-in to monitor punctuality

3. Record and Monitor the current total number of staffing hours clocked as well as to ensure that the staffing cost is within the payroll budget for each month end.

With the current services-centric business landscape becoming ever fast paced and competitive, it is important for businesses to keep up with the pace by leveraging on biometric time attendance tracking technology to automate their workforce management processes.


Fingerprint Time Attendance System

1. Fingerprint Time Attendance System

ace Recognition Attendance System

2. Face Recognition Attendance System

Biometric Time Attendance System Software

3. Biometric Time Attendance System Software

Wireless Biometric Attendance System

4. Wireless Biometric Attendance System

Web Based Biometric Time Attendance System

5. Web Based Biometric Time Attendance System

GPRS Biometric Attendance System

6. GPRS Biometric Attendance System

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1. Encourage Employee Productivity

Employees Work Harder when they Know Every Hour They Put in Counts. It gives them a sense of assurance, knowing that they will be Paid For Accurately & will receive their monthly pay On time

2. Prevents Time Theft

2. Prevents Time Theft

Encourage Culture of Punctuality, Time Discipline, and Productivity No more Extended Lunch Breaks, Late clock in or Unauthorized OT

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3. Full Access Control Functionality

Comprehensive door proximity access control solutions interface for advanced product features, such as 1. Anti-pass back, 2. 2-person rule, 3. 1st in user, 4. Occupancy control, 5. Mantrap, 6. Deadman zone, 7. Tamper detection, 8. Smart Card Guard Patrol Management For more details, see Door Access Time Attendance System

Touch Memory Guard Tour System

4. Multifactor Biometric Authentication

In addition to the use of Biometric credentials for authenticating users, the reader unit has a built-in tactile keypad & RFID card reader to provide combined credential authentication. This provides you an added layer of security protection.

icon_Time and Attendance Tracking

5. Aesthetically Pleasing

The Biometric terminal has a professional and elegant design that features a Slim and Streamlined profile. This allows it to visually complement its appearance with your corporate installation environment to give a clean overall look.

Maximize Workforce manpower productivity

6. User-friendly Operation

Enjoy a Low learning curve with our intuitive software network solution interface that is highly configurable to meet your time attendance requirements. Your staff will not need to have any specialized skills to operate the time attendance software.

Why Choose Us

We take pride in our system implementation projects with all of our clients and make every effort to ensure quality workmanship in all of our access control systems. Our objective is to help customers reap the tremendous benefits of having a Biometric time attendance system on their Business operations productivity and bottom line.

Advantages of Biometric Time Attendance System over Conventional RFID card based Time Attendance system

RFID based time attendance system inherently have a security vulnerability that is easily exploited by dishonest employees. This is because the RFID access credential is basically a form of authentication based on what the concept of verifying what the authenticating personnel possesses. Problems happen when this authorization credential, perhaps in the form of a Key fob, Badge or Card to fall into the wrong hands if it was stolen, forged or falsified. With a Biometric based time attendance system, it would be impossible for employees to fool the system and perform buddy punching as it is impossible for the biometric credential, such as the fingerprint or facial feature geometry to be transferable between another employee. Because of this, biometric authenticating is a reliable method of ensuring that the actual personnel is physically present during the authenticating and not someone else. In a situation where an employee reported late for work, a biometric time attendance system will be able to prevent buddy punching and therefore register a late arrival time for that particular employee. This allows you, the business owner to only fairly pay for the actual hours that your employee worked for and nothing more.

What is Time Theft ?

Very often to cheat the system, employees can commit time theft by committing either one of the following:

1. Buddy Punching

1. Buddy Punching to Cover Up Absenteeism, Lateness

Perhaps your employee is known to be often late for work. To ensure that his lack of punctuality is not captured in the system, he passes his Staff RFID Smartcard to his colleague who would then help him to clock in at the required work start time. Other situations where buddy punching typically occurs, is when employees try to cover up for a colleague who is absent for work, by helping to clock in his timing using the Employee Proximity ID Smartcard that was passed to him.

2. Clocking Early

2. Clocking in Early to Register Extra Hours

Sometimes employees may reach the office early and clock in before their official start time in an attempt to clock in extra hours. This problem can be prevented by configuring the time attendance program to ensure that the clock in and clock out time coincide with the official start and end time of the work period that is being scheduled.

3. Clocking of Extra Overtime Hours

3. Clocking of Unauthorized Extra Overtime Hours

In other scenarios, employees may intentionally clock out late in an attempt to capture extra unapproved paid Overtime hours for which that they did not do any actual work. With a careful configuration and use of the shift management function built-in the time attendance system, you can ensure that employees are able to only clock extra hours only for Overtime which has been authorized by the supervisor.

Features & Benefits of Biometric Time Attendance System

1. Increase Productivity

1. Boost Employee Workforce Productivity

At a deeper level, a time and attendance system function not just serves the sole purpose of ensuring employees work the number of hours they are required, and at the location, they are supposed to work.
An accurate record of hours work can, in fact, increase workforce productivity as employees know that their hours worked and overtime hours worked are accurately accounted for.
This gives employees the assurance that the company will not shortchange them for their efforts and gives employees the motivation to work harder.

2. Boost Accountability & Compliance

2. Increase Employee Attendance Accountability & Compliance

Employees at all levels within an organization are required to not work more than a certain number of hours in compliance with the current Manpower laws to protect the health and life safety of employees.
Having a web-based Biometric time and attendance system helps to provide an accurate data log of employee hours clock which can be used as a proof of compliance with manpower regulations.
In addition, the computer performance metric reports from a biometric time attendance system can also be used to help demonstrate proof of service delivery to clients and stakeholders.

3. Stop Time Theft

3. Prevent Time Theft & Time Fraud

Help your business stop unnecessary loss of man-hour to time fraud through the use of our biometric workforce management solutions.
As our time attendance system uses a secure biometric method of authentication, users have to be physically present in order to authenticate their clock-in time and attendance using a biometric clock in system. This helps to Eliminate and restrict the possibility of an employee abusing the clocking system.
Common examples of Time Fraud situations that biometric time attendance system solves include:

1. Prolonged rest break
2. Buddy punching, by employees to cover up absenteeism or lateness
3. Leaving work late to clock-in Paid Overtime hours which is unauthorized and unnecessary

Have a peace of mind managing your payroll expenditure as the biometric time attendance system software automatically Identify, checks for any abnormal incidents in all clock-in and clock out transactions, by ensuring that the data registered by the employee matches with the official start and end time of their work shift hours.

Implementing a GPRS Biometric attendance system positively benefits your organization by Improving the Culture of time integrity, Punctuality and Positive support in your employees.
It also helps to improve your Workforce’s overall productivity and dramatically reduce any incidences of employee absenteeism.
With a Biometric time attendance solution implemented, you no longer need to pay for your employee’s late arrivals or early departures, unapproved leave and extended lunch hours!

The inherent nature of Biometric credential involves the use of a personal biometric feature as an authenticating parameter makes it almost impossible for it to be transferred, forged, stolen or clone.
This is in contrast with Smart key cards, ID Proximity badges, PIN codes which can be easily swapped, share, or stolen.
Over the years biometric time and attendance have proven to be effective in solving problems of Buddy punching and time theft which affects businesses through the significant amounts of lost productivity and lost man hours unaccounted for.

Camera Visual Imaging

The time clock takes a photo of the team member and records the time and they clocked in and out. This ensures that the right person has clocked in, at the right time, for the correct shift.
For added visual verification, integration with your pre-existing online CCTV camera video recorders and security surveillance system can be configured.

4. Efficient Payroll Processing

4. Accurate & Productive Payroll Processing

The wireless biometric attendance system allows for Full integration with job costing software to Significantly cut down on payroll processing time, as well as ensuring 100% accuracy in job costing.
The Biometric time attendance software features convenient Monitoring capabilities which support Flexible Job costing involving:

1. Job with Flexible Work hour options
2. Historical frequency of Employee Absenteeism
3. Frequency of Late incidents
4. Number of unpaid Leave taken
5. One-off temporary work-shifts (eg. Business trips, Special on-site work)
6. Amount of Approved Paid Overtime worked (if any)
7. Application of advanced payroll accrual rules

Improve employee productivity output by eliminating the inefficiencies associated with paper-based employee time cards.
For example

1. Unproductive administrative time spent on manual preparation, manually calculation of physical paper-based time card
2. The time-consuming task of collecting, organizing storing and retrieval of time cards for auditing purposes can be very Tedious
3. Costly human errors which can arise from the manual nature of the payroll processes
5. HRMS Integration

5. Integration with HRMS Workforce Management systems

The data integration between the time attendance system and the payroll management system can offer tremendous benefit for the workloads of the different corporate departments within companies, by significantly shortening the time required to process time and attendance data for payroll calculation.

With a Biometric time attendance access control, you can how semi-automates your payroll process in a manner that is Reliable and Accurate. This helps to eliminate the risk of job costing errors from the manual human calculation.
Particularly for large organization which has a sizable headcount, company will see immediate improvement in labor-management efficiency and enjoy clear bottom line savings

A Biometric time attendance system integration can benefit departments within your company such as

1. Human resource department
2. Accounting department
3. Bookkeeping departments

Traditionally organizations capture time attendance clock-in information on one-time keeping system.
This time attendance data collected is then exported to another for HRMS workforce management system for further management and processing.
For purposes of payroll processing, the data is then transferred to yet another system for an additional round of processing.
This lack of integration at a system level as seen here, plus the multitude of times the time attendance information was entered, be it manually or digitally translates to high risk of human errors and unproductive administrative time and resources spent by the business

With seamless integration between Time attendance system, Workforce management system and Payroll processing system, it can significantly reduce costly payroll costing errors due to manual data entry and lack of system integration.

We understand the challenges that companies face in implementing an integrated and streamlined time attendance system that is integrated across your organization. That is why we designed our time attendance hardware and software with connectivity features to make it highly compatible with 3rd party HRMS workforce management system and payroll software.
This helps you to

1. Efficiently keep track of all employee time attendance status and keep payroll expenditure under control
2. Streamline the management of payroll approval workflow
3. Reduce administrative time spent on manual time entry and streamline the way you collect to manage and report your time attendance information
4. Ensure adherence to Singapore business workforce management laws and regulations
6. Workforce Management Efficiency

6. Improved Workforce Management Efficiency

A biometric time attendance system gives you the ability to Automate your workforce management process by helping to reduce Administrative cost and increase business profitability. Assign administrative employee staffing resources more effectively and eliminating unproductive hours spent on the manual planning of employee work shift. This helps to free your administration team from time-consuming work task such as

1. Managing and tracking of late arrivals by employees
2. Managing Employee Leave applications and monitoring of Leave accumulated
3. Planning of actual work shift schedules
4. Managing time attendance monitoring of Multisite offices
5. Manage Monitoring of employee time attendance information
6. Accurately Track Clock-in and Clock-out time and hours worked by staff.

This helps to free up of your management team to have more time to manage core revenue-generating tasks such as

1. Improving employee /workforce team skills training development
2. Completing important project and business-critical tasks.
3. Expansion of business operations to increase revenues

Major Types of Biometrics Credential used in Time Attendance Tracking

Biometric-based systems generally provide you with the highest degree of security verification as the nature of the credential is based on the person’s body physiological characteristic which is not transferable or duplicable. Below are some of the major types of biometric credentials which have been successfully used by time attendance technologies to serve as an effective to workforce management solution today.

1. Fingerprint/Thumbprint Impression

1. Fingerprint/Thumbprint Impression Credential

The use of Fingerprint recognition in standalone fingerprint time attendance system as a form of biometric credential is at present the most widely accepted method of identity authentication adopted by the security access control identification technologies due to its Read Accuracy, Cost-effectiveness, Speed, Non-intrusive User interfaces, and Reliability.


The use of a fingerprint scanner attendance system is an ideal way to verify personnel’s identity as no two fingerprints are identical, making them unique to each and every individual.
A fingerprint impression that is optically captured by a fingerprint clock in system is characterized by a unique series of ridges bifurcation, ridge ending, furrows and minutiae point which makes it unique to the person.


In addition, the very fact that fingerprint is an immutable bodily feature make it hard or near impossible for it to be modified, forged or manipulated.

2. Face Recognition

2. Face Geometry Recognition Authentication

Facial recognition machine technology used in a face recognition attendance systems are built on computer programs that analyze images of human facial features with the intent of personnel identification. The program takes a facial image, measure characteristics such as separation distance between the eyes, nose length, and the jaw width. This measurement is taken together to create a unique identity credential template.
It is base on this reference template that the face facial recognition software authenticates the facial image captured. A positive match is detected if the similarities between the captured image and the template have a similarity score above a preset threshold.

3. Hand Palm Authentication

3. Hand Palm Geometry Biometric Authentication

Hand based biometric methods use the Palm form geometry print data as a means to authenticate and confirm a personnel’s identity.
As human hand geometry characteristics are not 100% unique, it is recommended for this time of authentication method to be combined with other credentials for a Multi-Factor Authentication.
4. Finger Vein Biometric

4. Finger Vein Reader Biometric Technology

Finger vein is a more advanced alternative to biometric fingerprint impression credentials which enables a faster identification of personnel.
It involves capturing of each employee’s finger vein patterns using a PC-based biometric time clock attendance system that interfaces with a time and attendance management software.

How does it Work

A scanner with near-infrared light is used to capture an image of the biometric finger vein identity pattern beneath the user skin surface.
The image of the Vascular vein pattern is used by the thumbprint attendance system as the basis for identification of the user during authentication of the user authentication.

Benefits Finger Vein Biometric Authentication

Some of the advantages  of using a Biometric finger vein identification technologies include:

1. Contact-free identity authentication

As there is no contact with the sensor, this type of biometric technology has Non-invasive and hygienic characteristics.

2. Secure, Reliable & Error-Free Authentication

This is a Fool-proof method of authentication with minimal false positive reads as the scanning Scans below the skin surface. It is not affected by dirty fingers, Wet fingers or fingers with surface abrasion.
Thus a successful imaging and recognition of the user’s biometric Vein pattern are not dependent on the surface quality of the user’s fingers.

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