Biometric Time Attendance System Software 

Biometric Time Attendance System Software is an indispensable tool adopted by many companies, organizations and government bodies in Singapore to integrate their Biometric time and attendance management system workflow with their existing HRMS management systems.


Having such an integration with the workforce management system makes it possible for the organization’s administration to be centrally based and at the same time, enjoy the benefit of greater awareness on their workforce productivity status, which is indicated by metrics, such as staff absenteeism rates, punctuality, and the frequency of attendance infringements.

Types of Biometric Time Attendance System Software

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1. Customized Technology Solutions that You Need

We really understand that no two customer businesses or conversations are the same. That is why building personal relationships with our customers, and really getting to understand your business is a very important first step for us. It is only then we’re able to tailor our product, our support, and services to meet your specific time and attendance management needs. By investing in a time and attendance system that fits into your company workflow, you basically change the way you do business which allows you to save a lot more time, save a lot of money and be able to focus on the revenue-generating activities that deserve your attention.

2. Fast Local Servicing Turn Around Time

In the event that you need any repair services or simply just need a simple tweak to the hardware or software after installation, we have access to a responsive team of technical service staff to offer you on-site support. In addition, any need for hardware or software customization is done locally at our local service center. This ensures a fast turnaround time and minimizes any possible disruption to your business operations due to system downtime.

3. Economical Pricing

As the software package has a modular architecture which is scalable, it is an ideal time attendance solution for businesses both large and small. As your business grows in its needs over time, additional advanced add-on modules sold separately can be added on as an optional upgrade to your existing base software, thus enabling you to only buy what you need, when you need it.

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Biometric Time Attendance System Software

1. Accurate Cost Tracking & Costing

For large scale projects with a fixed budget allocated, tight deadlines and hundreds of team members involved, a time attendance system software is an absolute necessity to allow you to track in real time your man hours balance available in order to stay within the budget and be profitable (eg. Mega Construction projects, with accountant, Foreman, construction workers) An added benefit is that with a time attendance system, it gives an accurate and crystal clear picture of your project cost breakdown. This give you a competitive advantage when participating in competitive bids against other companies for projects.

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2. Business Profitability

Our time and attendance management system software is a comprehensive workforce management tools which allow you to efficiently Manage your workforce, and allocate human resources more effectively.
This helps to make sure that you are getting the best you can from your staff. At an organizational level, this improved workforce output can help to improve your operational performance and boost profits.

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3. Free Up Extra Time

As busy professionals, we understand that it can be quite difficult to monitor your staff daily attendance and performance. So, to help save you precious management time, the workflow automation is designed to bring about a sizable reduction in unnecessary administration time, unproductive routine tasks so that you can focus on the strategic direction of your business which really deserves your attention.

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4. Manpower Management Tool

With the accompanying employee attendance tracking software, employees are able to independently

1. Submit a Leave request for approval
2. Indicate their availability or unavailability for a certain work shift time period.

With a real-time data transfer from the time attendance terminal to the management software, HR managers are now able to have complete visibility of exactly which employee is on location reporting for work and at what time period.

Features & Benefits Biometric Time Attendance System Software

1. Payroll Automation

1. Payroll Process Automation

With the biometric time attendance computer system and network recorder software, you are now able to put your payroll on autopilot, by integrating your time & attendance solutions with your payroll services system. This allows you to directly export all staff time sheets from the Biometric time attendance clock in terminal reader to your web-based payroll system, ready for the salary to be processed. Within minutes, you will be able to securely send across the hourly rates, employee pay allowances, as well as split the ordinary and non-ordinary hours for calculating superannuation in your payroll. With this easy payroll setup, employees gross wages are all automatically calculated and there is no need for any manual calculations or manual data entry. In addition, all staffing rates are automatically updated and managed by the time attendance system software, which means with each coming financial year, you do not have to constantly manually update your staff base rates in your payroll system.

2. Integrated Data Capture

2. Integration with Biometric Data Collection Terminals

The biometric fingerprint attendance software system and face recognition attendance software is compatible with most biometric authenticating terminals.
The software features a configurable record data collection mechanism to enable the collection and processing of real-time data from device terminals across the organization.
This makes the collection of employee time attendance data from multi-location offices which are geographically scattered or remote much more convenient and efficient.

3. Role Based Access Permission for Secure Login

The time attendance system has a built-in Multi-layered security safeguard that has a configurable Rule-based Engine. This allows you to use, manage and customize different security access level base on work roles function, Department and Authorization levels. This enable the support and creation of multi-levels of managerial approvals authorization for all approval requests. For example, typical roles include: 1. Staff user Administrator 2. Supervisor Approval 3. Employee Peer Groups and functions

4. Keep Cost Down

4. Keep Payroll Cost Down

Your own employees in most cases are your most costly asset and personnel-related costs like salaries, benefits can easily exceed more than half of your company’s total operating budget. With the attendance management computer system, you now have the ability to Accurately record the time attendance data of your employees and helps keep payroll cost down.

Unplanned Overtime

Keep your labor cost in check to make sure you’re within budget, thereby avoiding any unplanned overtime costs. Automated alerts can also be sent to managers before an employee hits over time.

Reduce Administration Time

Enjoy a sizable reduction in your labor and administration costs per employee annually guaranteed. With a time and attendance management computer software, it can greatly reduce the number of unproductive administrative hours spent on manual timesheets as well as the payroll post processing work which can be completed completely eliminated.

5. Interoperability with Existing Time Attendance System & Hardware

5. Interoperability with Existing Time Attendance System & Hardware

As the access control time attendance software system solution operates on industry standard data transfer protocols, for easy deployment of products, either as a standalone or integrated control configuration, it is able to synchronized captured service information with external time attendance capturing hardware, such as Door Access Smart Card control readers, Biometric Fingerprint or Finger Vein readers or even Facial feature recognition reader.
This allows your staff to securely and quickly punch in or out of jobs no matter the nature of your business operations.
Whether it is tracking the time attendance of multiple teams of staff in the various geographically far apart job site location, or tracking time attendance of mobile employees, we offer various solutions to ensure that you have the right time data capturing tool put in placed (eg. Mobile App clock-in for Mobility, GPS for employee location verification, Web-based or Wireless Time attendance for easy accessibility anywhere, Biometric Time Clock in for a secure identity authentication during clock-in)
Once attendance data are captured using any of the methods mentioned, the data is automatically uploaded into time attendance management software. This allows for the ability to pull the data for quick and accurate print reports generation.

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