Biometric Clock in System 

Implementing a Biometric Clock in System by Time Attendance Singapore can positively benefits your organization by encouraging a Culture of time discipline, Punctuality in your employees. It can also help to manage and improve your employee’s overall work motivation and significantly reduce any incidences of employee absenteeism.
With a Biometric clock-in system implemented, you can stop paying for your employee’s early departures or late arrivals.
Common examples of Time Theft situations that a biometric-based time attendance system addresses include:

1. Employees taking longer than usual Lunch hour break
2. Buddy enrollment, by employees, to cover up for lateness or absenteeism
3. Clocking of unauthorized and unapproved paid overtime in an attempt to get more pay.

Have a peace of mind managing your company payroll expenditure as the Time attendance software solution automatically Identify, record, tracks any abnormally attendance infringement in all clock-in and clock out transactions, by verifying that all time data registered by the employee matches with scheduled start and end time of their work shift hours.

System Integration

Base on your company-specific user requirements and technical needs, we offer and provide our clients integration support service with other various high tech security products, technology solutions, and computer systems such as Visitor Management System, CCTV camera system for use in video surveillance services, Staff Leave Management System, DVR recorder hardware systems installed on your IP network, Proximity Access control reader systems (eg. Smart cards), Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP ) systems, biometric-based access control readers (E.g. Using Bio credentials, such as Palm geometry print, Facial feature recognition & Finger Vein Biometrics) and its compatible machine accessories (such as digital door lock)


1. Fingerprint Clock in System

1. Fingerprint Clock in System

… Fingerprint Clock in System

2. Face Recognition Clock in System

2. Face Recognition Clock in System

… Face Recognition Clock in System

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Biometric Clock in System

1. Simplify Payroll Processing Workflow

During normal operation, the whole process from start to end is pretty simple. An employee can simply clock in or out using one of the integrated timekeeping devices. The clock in data is automatically updated to the web-based time card where their supervisor can review and approve the time card. When the payroll submission deadline is due every month end, the time card data can simply be imported onto the payroll platform and you’re done.

2. Track Your Employee Hours to the Minute

2. Track Your Employee Hours to the Minute

It is a widely known fact that employee wages are one of the greatest expenses you will have to deal with as an employer, but did you know that you can simply reduce and control labor costs by thousands of dollars each year by simply using an automated time tracking system to track your employees time to the minute?

3. Ensure Regulatory Compliance with Labor Laws

3. Ensure Regulatory Compliance with Labor Laws

To ensures that employees are paid fairly and correctly for the hours they work in, all employers, regardless of their size, are required to track and report their employee’s hours of service, in order to comply with regulations from the Ministry of Manpower (MOM)
With an integrated Time attendance system, it helps you stay compliant with labor regulations and laws by providing accurate and adequate timekeeping records.

Why Choose Us

1. Time and Attendance Automation

We all know that payroll is not simply just about adding up the hours that employee works over a period of time and multiplying those hours by a rate and then cutting the employee a paycheck.
The fact is that there is a long list of variables that need to be factored in during any payroll job costing, making it a very complicated process.
Factors include:

1. Ensuring regulatory compliance with MOM labor laws and payroll guidelines, such as the PTO accruals.
2. Claims tracking for transport allowance
3. Expense deductions for uniforms
4. Pay policies and regulations for different groups of employees


Eliminate Payroll Processing Errors

With a time attendance system integrated with your payroll system, it can help you to decreases the amount of manual workforce management transactions during Payroll processing.
This can significantly reduce human errors due to

1. Manual calculation when handling payroll processing
2. General inconsistencies in tracking time worked by payroll employees
2. Reduce Human Error in Clerical Work

By having an automated time tracking provided by a finger scanner attendance system, it can drastically reduce the time it takes to Collect, Calculate, Verify and Submit timekeeping data for payroll processing.
In fact, most of that previous HR administration processes can now be done seamlessly online.
By allowing the timekeeping system to do this work for you, you can eliminate time-consuming manual data entry processes and prepare payroll in a fraction of the time.

3. Secure Biometric Credential Authentication

Our Biometric-based time attendance systems utilize sophisticated fingerprint readers which are able to read the idiosyncratic arches loops and whorls of fingerprints to securely identify each and every employee. This helps to guarantee that each and every time logs are physically scanned in person by the actual individual employee. As biometric credential by its very nature is very hard to forge or duplicate, it makes it very hard for staff to cheat the system by committing time fraud. This helps to keeps staff responsible for the time they clocked in and reduce incidences of attendance infringements such as employee absenteeism.

Inefficiencies with Paper Time Sheets 

1. Human Errors

Although you would like to think that your employees are honest and diligent in tracking their hour’s work at the end of each week, there is always a possibility of human error, whether intentional or unintentional, perhaps due to wrong memory recall.

2. Approximation of Hours Worked

An additional problem with manual time sheets is that staff often put off timesheets and only fill it up when the deadline for the timesheet submission is approaching.
Without an adequate time tracking system and process, there is no way of knowing if you staff had arrived for work at on time or reached a few minutes earlier or later. This discrepancy in time can easily accumulate over time and cost you a significant amount of unnecessary payroll cost.

3. Inefficient Payroll Administration

With the heavy workload, tight deadlines and pressure to be error free, your payroll administrator can be easily overworked and overwhelmed by all the paperwork.

4. Manual Gathering of Data

If you have large scale project with hundreds of staff, or multiple offices with hundreds of employees, the manual collection, tallying of data for payroll calculation can take your Payroll administration staff unnecessarily long hours to process. Let’s say that you have multiple teams of employees in multiple geographically scattered job sites, using a paper time sheet for timekeeping, it can also be very hard to coordinate when timesheets are sent from various job sites to the main office via a variety of means such as fax, email, and sometimes even hand-delivery.

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