Biometric Attendance and Access Control System 

A Biometric Attendance and Access Control System is an excellent integrated solution for keeping track of the constant inflow and outflow of human traffic at office and buildings in Singapore. Through the deployment of a biometric access terminal at key entrances access points within your office buildings, you will be able to easily authenticate the identity and time track every person who comes into your office building.

This helps to offer your security support staff and management a secure and convenient means of authenticating the identity of everyone who enters the building, and at the same time ensure that the overall security of the organization is not compromised. The precise time tracking of each entry and exit transaction event made also offers you a means of having accountability and visibility on the movement of people coming in and out of the building daily.

For any business to maximize the productivity output from its people, it is also important for the workforce to observe strict punctuality and collectively report for work within the specified time window. Any incident of lateness by even by a single person can cause serious inefficiency and affect the overall morale of your organization.

With the time attendance management capabilities of the system, you will also be able to enjoy the benefit of an overall reduction in incidences of absenteeism and minimize any loss of productive man hours.

Types of Biometric Attendance & Access Control System

Fingerprint Recognition Attendance & Access Control System

1. Fingerprint Recognition Attendance & Access Control System

Finger Vein Recognition Attendance & Access Control System

2. Finger Vein Recognition Attendance & Access Control System

Face Recognition Attendance & Access Control System

3. Face Recognition Attendance & Access Control System

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1. Fast & Responsive Local Servicing

Enjoy the convenience and time saved when you need any repair or customization work to be done by us. As we have a one-stop local servicing center, all hardware and software repair activities are done in Singapore with fast turn around time, minimizing any possible system downtime or disruption caused to your business operations.

2. System Integrations

In today’s security environment, it’s important for your security systems to be integrated so as to leverage on the strength of each of the system. We provide an end-to-end implementation with the objective of providing you an integrated system that is cost effective, and reliable for long-term performance. In every project that we undertake, we take extra care to ensure that every system is properly configured, integrated, customized and tested before the final commissioning.

3. Tailored System Implementation

No 2 client is the same, let alone their unique time attendance needs and challenges that they are trying to solve. Because of this, we always make it a priority to first understand our client’s business requirements and needs before proposing any technical specification recommendations

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Biometric Attendance and Access Control System

1. Accurate and Fast Biometric Authentication

It can execute immediate authentication processing of biometric credentials (within under a second), by using a print matching algorithm which is capable of scanning through a database more than 3000 biometric templates.

Durability for Versatile Installation

2. Durability for Versatile Installation

The integrated biometric attendance and access control software solution is designed with a durable and rugged enclosure that is water resistant, dust resistant and vandal proof. It is suitable for deployment in both indoors and outdoors applications, as well as extreme usage environments exposed to harsh elements, such as for example 1. Manufacturing plant with harsh operating temperatures and high humidity levels. 2. Warehouse facilities in an industrial location where there is no network hardwiring infrastructure available. 3. An exterior of a building which is publicly accessible and exposed to risk of sabotage tampering or vandalism attempts.

 Integration with CCTV Systems

3. Integration with CCTV Systems

For added security, the biometric attendance and access control system solutions can be configured to be integrated with you existing network CCTV camera surveillance systems to give you a video for visual verification of each personnel requesting identity authentication for logging in of attendance data and granting of access through the door entrance.

icon_Time and Attendance Tracking

4. Scalable Deployment

The biometric attendance access control is an easy to deploy and scalable time attendance solution. Designed for an uncomplicated implementation, your organization can get the system up and run within the same day of installation. Utilizing its multiple interfacing options, such as TCP-IP Ethernet, RS232, and RS485 connector options, you can quickly scale from 1 to hundreds of entry points base on your business needs. Enjoy flexibility option of connecting additional door access controller to set up a multi-door arrangement which ensures that only authorized users can access the protected premises.

Maximize Workforce manpower productivity

5. Integration with ERP & Payroll Management System

Enjoy the benefits of a greatly simplified workforce management workflow where the time attendance data collected can be directly fed into your existing legacy ERP and payroll systems. This is an affordable yet effective solution which offers numerous productivity advantages such as: – Simplify your company workflow – Shorten approval workflow processes between office employees and supervisor – Saving you precious time and minimize unnecessary payroll expenditure – Stop time Fraud and any incidence of attendance infringements

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Having a means of managing and keeping track of your employees time is one of the most important factors contributing to business productivity. With an implementation of a biometric credential authenticating access control time attendance system, you can do exactly that, in an Accurate, Cost-effective and Efficient way. If you are interested in learning more about our Biometric Attendance and Access Control System and to see what it can do for you, send us an email at Alternatively, you can simply call to contact us at +6581822236, our friendly sales staff will be happy to explain in details the system and its product benefits.

Why the Need for Both Attendance Tracking & Access Control ?

It is not enough to depend on access control systems as the only line of security defense to guard against the potential risk of sabotage and theft of your company assets, such as your company intellectual data and physical installations critical to their day to day business operations.
This is because exposure to potential security vulnerability still exist as your internal support staff can also have malicious intent. This presents a very real security threat to the organization as the threat is from within the organization.
To mitigate this security risk, a time attendance monitoring system has to be put in place in addition to an entry access control system to control and restrict the access to restricted areas within the company, such as the server data storage rooms.

Although the use of a simple paper log books to record each access transaction event by specific personnel into secured places within a company can be considered as a much simple and cheaper alternative, such solutions are flawed by its very nature as the records are created on a Self-declared basis. For all we know, it is entirely possible that the records could be filled with human errors, misreporting and intentional omission.

A Biometric access control time attendance system offers many advantages over manual logging of entry access.

Benefits include:
1. Secure identity credential authentication using biometrics, which is hard to forge or beat.
2. Provides a source of real-time access record data that is reliable and objective.
3. Automating the recording of time attendance data eliminate unnecessary administrative monitoring and tracking of the access to secured areas within the organization.