Automated Attendance System 

Automated Attendance System by Time Attendance Singapore is a general category of time attendance products and system implementation design we do for our customers and clients with the objective of using seamless integration between multiple systems hardware and software to bring about better automation in HR Payroll workflow processes in their companies.

System Integration

Other Range of HRMS systems that we can provide smart integration with and automate includes Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) systems, Accounting & Booking System, Office Personnel Leave Management Systems, and School Information Processing, Reporting & Management System.
For added security, an automated real-time attendance system can also be integrated with a video surveillance system to enable security to have a visual read of the entrance area in the event where there is a denied entry status, perhaps due to false authentication.

Imagine the benefits of having more time to focus on the main aspects of your business that matters to you. With the benefits provided by an automatic attendance tracking system, you can enjoy that set of benefits which allow you to do more.
As our high-touch serviced-based economy becomes more heavily focused on high tech and high value adding in order to maintain a real competitive advantage, having a human resource process management tool is more crucial than ever for your business competitiveness and high profitability.

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Features & Benefits of Automated Attendance System

Automated Attendance System

1. Payroll Process Automation

With Time Attendance to payroll integration, your Payroll Software module is automatically pre-filled with the time attendance data (Eg. employee number of regular hours worked, Overtime claim, Paid Time Off (PTO), RFID proximity card ID code, Security access control PIN, Biometric Fingerprint/ Finger Vein credential, Biometric Facial geometry, and Age) captured
This means that you don’t have to search for, keep track and re-enter the information manually This can help you to save a high amount of time and boost efficiency from a terminal reader.

2. Reduce Time Tracking & Payroll Errors

2. Reduce Time Tracking & Payroll Errors

Integrating a web-based time attendance system with your existing payroll product system helps to reduce high Frequency of Time tracking errors and Payroll processing errors by eliminating the need for double-entry of data.
The seamless integration between the time attendance system and Payroll application service virtually eliminates any unnecessary payroll post-processing errors and ensure that you pay your employees correctly and in a timely manner.

3. Free Up Your Time & Improve Work Engagement

3. Free Up Your Time & Improve Work Engagement

An automated time and office attendance system can make everyone’s roles within the organization work at a more productive rate.
Instead of spending time chasing for time sheets and checking time sheets, Supervisors and Managers stay focus on higher value work task and service that matters most to the organization, such as analyzing of payroll trends to make informed decisions for the company’s future strategic initiatives.

4. Deter Against Attendance Infringements

4. Deter Against Attendance Infringements

Attendance time tracking system serves as a strong deterrence against attendance infringements by employees, which if not managed properly can seriously affect your Organization’s operational efficiency and Workforce productivity, costing your businesses up to a big part of the annual gross payroll.
Examples of a form of attendance infringements include 1. Unplanned absences, and 2. Fraudulent time clock usage (Buddy Punching)

Why Choose Us

1. Automation

1. Pay Roll & Job Costing Automation

An automated attendance technology system allows you to Leverage on automation and integration of various devices to bridge the gap between processes and streamline HR services, systems, and processes.
As the work is already done for you, the simplified payroll process you get can be finished in a two-step process of just reviewing and approving the payroll for instant cost processing via a computer software application interface. In addition, the hours and length of required break time, Rounding of time punches for a specific shift, overtime policy rules is all accounted for during the finalized payroll calculation and report generation.

2. Paid Time Off (PTO) Accruals

2. Automated Tracking of Paid Time Off (PTO) Accruals

Track and calculate employees time off like vacation sick and PTO. Automatically accounts for company PTO accrual rates policies, whereby the paid time off accrual grows at various anniversary points within your employee’s tenure.
Often company which manages the time attendance and payroll manually fail to account for this change in PTO as an employee transition from saying his fourth year to his fifth year.

3. Workforce Management Productivity

3. Improve Labor Management & Workforce Productivity

Transitioning from a manual payroll process to an Automated time and staff attendance system solutions make your workforce more productive as You are now able to Enjoy Greater Visibility and Efficient management of your workforce. This helps to manage and enhance your HR management effectiveness and give you a highly competitive edge in your business.

Maximize Utilization of Workforce Capacity

When you are managing a group of employees, although it appears that all your employees are all busy all day, you have no way of knowing specifically what are they working on or whether they have the capacity to take on yet another project now.

Management of Businesses with Multi-office Location

For businesses operations with multiple satellite offices, Managers also frequently struggles with managing and tracking employee time attendance efficiently Although weekly department meetings and regular check-ins are put in place to enable teams to provide feedback on the updates in the coming weeks and months ahead, there is no accurate and reliable way to precisely see where your team is spending their time. With the time attendance data collected from an online cloud-based automated attendance system, it can provide workforce insights, which can prove extremely valuable in planning allocation of asset resources and be managing your team’s workload efficiently to meet your needs.
4. Reduce Payroll Administration

4. Reduce Payroll Processing Administrative Time and Cost

Without an automated attendance software and access card attendance system, Payroll processes and simple tasks, such as manually inputting man hours into their payroll system, and tracking of thousands of employee payroll records can easily take up to several hours.However, with the use of an automated attendance system implemented, such manual processes are completely eliminated due to the integration between the time attendance system and the payroll system. With the integration, time attendance data can seamlessly be exported and imported into their payroll system within minutes.

Eliminate Dedicated Payroll Staffing

In addition, the semi-automated and integrated workflow eliminates the need for a dedicated staffing to enter data for payroll administration and paperwork. Instead, with the time saved, the employee can now shift their attention away from low-value work to take on additional higher value tasks and duties with high ROI.

5. Engagement & Retention

5. Boost Employee Engagement & Retention

Engagement of Employee

Having an automated attendance system can help to support and boost your organization’s overall workforce engagement, and increase in Employer trust. On the other hand, Payroll Errors due to inadequate HR systems can result in employee disengagement at work and cause massive distrust with the employer. It can even spur questions of whether the employers are treating their employees fairly and equitably.

Engagement of Payroll Staff

Juggling hundreds or even thousands of employee payroll and overtime records can tend to be stressful and overwhelming. This heavy workload of maintaining accurate payroll administration & paperwork can also lead to burnout and disengagement of HR staff. With the relief provided by the automated attendance system, it can help to greatly reduce their stress and frustration, thereby encouraging them to be more engaged at work.

Problems with Traditional Time & Attendance Procedures

Here we shall elaborate on how traditional time and attendance workflow procedure affects productivity at a personal and at an organizational level and, and how it negatively impacts profitability.

1. Omission & Inaccuracies

1. Employees Forgetting to Fill up Timesheet

Regardless of whether your employees are salaried or hourly paid, we often have inevitably heard of cases where employees have forgotten to fill up their timesheets due to busyness with other task and projects. Often this means that the time data is filled in base on memory recall which can often lead to inaccuracies and omission.
Chasing down those antiquated paper timesheets and punch cards before the submission deadline every month also seems to be a common problem experienced by supervisors everywhere.

2. Manual Checking

2. Unproductive Manual Double Checking of Data Entries

Time sheets often have to be manually checked for errors to ensure hours or overtime are correct before approval. This includes checking the calculation of all time assignments which can be very time-consuming. Organizations often use Excel timesheets to address the problems of illegible handwriting, but the solution is not immune to omission or inaccuracies due to the manual nature of the data entry.
Often the payroll process was extremely interrupted, with a great deal of back and forth between the payroll manager and the company supervisors.

3. Lack of integration

3. Inefficiency Due to Lack of integration

Often time sheets are sent for payroll processing by a variety of different ways, such as Email, Fax or interoffice mail. The disjointed workflow process gets more complicated for businesses with multiple offices in geographically different locations (eg. multiple F&B outlets, or multiple retail shops)

What Is Employee Engagement & Why Should You Care?

Fostering a positive culture of employee engagement in your workforce should be treated as a top a priority in every organization, with importance at the same level as your company Profitability and Customer loyalty.
This is because of the indirect but significant positive and negative Financial implications that come with employee engagement or disengagement.
Studies have shown that organizations with a high degree of employee engagement enjoyed higher Operating Income and Revenue growth compared to their competitors.

1. Benefits of Workforce Engagement

1. Benefits of having an Engaged Workforce

Employee engagement is the Functional and Emotional commitment an employee has to his or her organization. An engaged employee does not just work for the sake of just a paycheck or promotion but deep within actually cares about his or her work on behalf and the larger mission of the company.
When you have employees who are aligned with your organization, chances are that they tend to use discretionary effort that results in higher service quality and productivity. This often leads to better customer satisfaction and customer service experience and naturally increases sales and higher profitability for the company.

2. Consequences of Workforce Disengagement

2. Financial Cost of having a Disengaged Workforce

On the other end of the spectrum, having a workforce where employees are disengaged can costs companies millions of dollars in losses every year. Disengagement happens for a variety of reasons but one main contributing factor is unnecessary payroll errors which are completely avoidable had an automated time and attendance system is put in place. Disengagement is also prevalent when an employee does not have access to his or her manager and particularly when management is needed so employees can continue to complete regular job functions, such as to sign off on certain business processes like payroll as well as a decision on any significant schedule changes.

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Automated attendance system is a powerful workforce management tool for tracking employee time, attendance, and labor activity while By investing in an automated attendance system which transforms and accelerating your businesses growth, productivity, and profitability, this is an investment that pays for itself in the long term.

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