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Attendance Tracking System by Time Attendance Singapore is essentially a business tool that allows you to free up time for yourself and take your business to the next level.
Imagine what if you could have a solution to free up more time to work on aspects of your business that deserve your attention.
With the use of an attendance tracking system products and solutions, you can do that and more.
As the service economy becomes more human capital intensive and more heavily emphasized on high-touch services and value-adding in order to maintain a competitive advantage, having a workforce clock in management tool is more important than ever to allow you to manage the success of your business.

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Web Based Time Attendance System

1. Web Based Time Attendance System

Standalone Time Attendance System

2. Standalone Time Attendance System

… Standalone Time Attendance System

3. Wireless Attendance System

3. Wireless Attendance System

Why Choose Us

1. Labor Data Analytics

Our electronic attendance system automates the record collection of attendance tracking information data and helps you to Track, Tabulate, Measure Key performance Metric & Visualize absence trends. This enables you to generate and provide reports to do an analysis to Strategize and find better ways Streamline processes to increase Workforce productivity and efficiency, reduce the rate of Absenteeism, reduce unnecessary Administration process time and reduce financial losses due to an incidence of shift attendance abnormalities.

The web-based time attendance system can be set and configured to automatically sends out attendance tracking report daily, weekly and monthly emails to employees to give them an awareness of their work hours lost or gained. This helps employees to be compliant with company punctuality policies without the need for real intervention by the human resources department or the business owners themselves.

2. Flexibility of Data Capturing Method Choices

Our automated attendance system and product are adaptable so that our new time attendance solution is tailored to support your company’s unique needs, challenges and time policy. We are able to offer the following easy integrated options to automate the Collection and Tracking of employee time clocking and attendance data.

1. Staff ID Badge clock in devices

(Verification of Identity and Capture of clock in of each scan transaction is done during each scanning between the RFID proximity card and the RFID card reader device when an integrated access card attendance system is implemented)

2. Biometric Time Clocking Systems

(identity is verified using your own Fingerprint scanning, Finger Vein capturing, or Face Recognition. Base on your needs, a multi-factor authentication can also be configured, such as incorporating of Key code input, or use of proximity cards)

3. Web-based timesheet via the internet cloud server network

(Suitable for online Self-service access for capturing of time log by Mobile employee, or Lone worker. Examples include Field service engineers and customer facing Sales staff. Additional layer of verification can be carried out using camera to capture employee’s face)

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Time Attendance Singapore provides affordable and reliable Time Attendance Management solutions. We also offer System hardware and customized software integration. Secure and Protect your assets today!


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Attendance Tracking System

1. Labor Data Analytics

Through the use of an integrated office attendance system, it can help you to generate powerful analytics from your computer to help you break down labor costs, view trends and pre-anticipate & identify areas of potential cost savings for your each part of your business.

2. Payroll Integration

2. Payroll Integration

Integrate and Works seamlessly with your ERP, CRM, enterprise accounting and Payroll systems and services for error-free calculation of employee’s pay.
User-friendly interface is easy to learn and use by men and women of all age group.

3. Stop Time Theft & Reduce Labor Cost

3. Stop Time Theft & Reduce Labor Cost

Protect against Security infringement, Time fraud and reduce labor costs with Employee Time Attendance Tracking
Stop unnecessary man hours and resource expenditure to protect your bottom line.

4. Empower Workforce Productivity

4. Empower Workforce Productivity

Time Attendance tracking is not just to track your employee reporting lateness or prevent time fraud, it is also able to help care and empower your employees as they know that the real-time attendance system helps them to accurately account for their work shifts and Overtime (OT).

Applications of Attendance Tracking System

A business which handles their payroll processes in-house can benefit from the adoption of a time attendance system, which can automate their workforce management workflow and improve workforce efficiency.

1. Educational Institutions

1. Schools (Kindergartens, Primary, Secondary, Tertiary Colleges, Polytechnics)

Apart from serving the purpose to track student attendance in a classroom, a student attendance management system also helps to ensure the safety whereabouts and well-being of students during their time at the school.

2. Office

2. Commercial Office Workplace

Employee attendance system to auto track working hours of employees with Flexi work arrangements.

3. Factories

3. Commercial Factories and Manufacturing Plants

Helps to automate the tracking of workers with 24-hour rotating shifts.

Limitations of Traditional Time Attendance Payroll system

Traditional manual calculation of paper form and time sheets can often lead to loss of workforce productivity due to administrative issues, which can easily cause organizations to lose a significant amount of precious man hours every week. With an attendance tracking system, you can put an end to all this. In addition, all kinds of data errors and costly payroll mistakes can happen due to the following:

1. Illegible handwriting

1. Illegible Handwriting Entries on Paper-based Timesheets

Fuzzy scribbles on paper timesheets often meant that handwritten time data are often up to staff to figure out what exactly the actual time was, which can lead to errors.

2. Double Entry of Data

2. Inefficient Double Entry of Data

Additional processing or re-uploading of information into a payroll system by two or three different people. Additional tabulation of the same data by multiple standalone processes due to lack of workflow integration results in loss of man-hours.

3. Inefficient Paper Work

3. Inefficient Administrative Paper Work

The time-consuming and inefficient collection of time sheets, especially where original copies are required by HR department. Often this involves old-fashioned snail mail, faxing, or even physical collection/delivery at each job location (eg. such as client job site, F&B outlets etc.)

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Invest in a more productive, time discipline workforce while transforming your organization with greater productivity, engagement, and motivation. Attendance tracking system allows you to more efficiently manage your organization time attendance management information and support your workforce performance improvement strategy.

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