Attendance Management System Software 

Attendance Management System software is an effective product solution adopted by many companies in Singapore to effectively organize, automate and deploy their workforce human resources.
In almost any human-capital intensive businesses, manpower staffing expenses are almost always one of the major cost expenditure. However, at the same time, businesses have to rely on employees to get their day-to-day work done and be profitable. Therefore, it is paramount for businesses these days to keep up with the challenges of managing teams of the workforce by taking advantage of time attendance monitoring technology to streamline and integrate their HR management workflow processes.
These days, with business operations and company information process systems becoming more globalized and have multiple office locations, employees are able to work anywhere. Employees are increasingly being more mobile and are working with a more flexible and dynamic work time arrangement. Because of this, an attendance management system software can be implemented to provide a form of solution to manage your employees.

Types of Attendance Management System Software

Biometric Time Attendance System Software

1. Biometric Time Attendance System Software

For more high-security applications, where correct verification of identity is important, biometric credentials is a secure, foolproof solution.

Access Control Time Attendance Software

2. Access Control Time Attendance Software

For tracking of time and movement of each personnel requesting physical access at the door via access control authentication. This is not restricted to just employees, but also can be used for tracking visitors and customers in your secured building
Access Control Time Attendance Software

Employee Attendance Tracking Software

3. Employee Attendance Tracking Software

Suitable for use in work environment with work arrangements involving rotating shift work, flexi work hours, work that is mobile in nature.
Employee Attendance Tracking Software

School Attendance Software

4. School Attendance Software

For tracking student attendance at a diverse range of educational institutions, such as Schools, Tution Centres, Kindergarten, where there is a large in flow and out flow of human traffic.
… School Attendance Software

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Attendance Management System Software

1. Boost Workforce Productivity

The management software of the time attendance system is designed to help accurately track staffing hours worked and increase overall workforce efficiency.
With the simplification of workflow processes, an administrative task which used to take hours can now be reduced to minutes.

Touch Memory Guard Tour System

2. Streamline HR Workflow Processes

The Attendance management system software is a flexible solution designed to streamline the human resource time and attendance management process from capturing employee time attendance data all the way through to final payroll processing. This helps to enhance security and operational efficiency by enabling employees to clock into and out of jobs quickly and securely.

Fast Report Generation

3. Fast Report Generation

Enjoy fast generation of detailed web-based report can be automated instantly and exported straight to your email or for printing in a few clicks within seconds

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4. Real-time Visibility

Our system gives you complete visibility on time attendance data across all the different department and office right at your fingertips. This allows for reliable security identification & immediate corrective action on any attendance issues which is impacting on your sales bottom line.

Maximize Workforce manpower productivity

5. Business Profitability

Our time and attendance system software is an intelligent workforce management support tools which help you to efficiently organize employee and Deploy human resources more effectively. This helps to ensure that you are maximizing the output from your staff.
At a higher level, this improved workforce productivity can significantly help to improve your business operational efficiency and boost real profitability.

Features & Benefits of Attendance Management System Software

1. Interoperability

1. Interoperability with 3rd Party Time Attendance Data Capture Hardware

As the employee attendance tracking Software system services operate on industry recognize data transfer protocols, depending on your specific needs, it is compatible with various external hardware, such as RFID Proximity Access control readers or Biometric hand scanners or Biometric fingerprint readers or even Face Facial recognition supported hardware.

This gives you the ability to have real-time inputs of who clocked in and clocked out of your premises, ensuring you have hundred percent time attendance tracking coverage of your workforce, whether they are employees in your various offices which are geographically far apart or employees who are mobile and reports to work daily at a remote client job site.
Once the timekeeping records are captured using any of the methods mentioned, the read data is automatically uploaded into a workforce management system software solutions. This allows for a seamless job pay costing process.
Examples of such software-hardware integration include:

1. Access Control Time Attendance System

The comprehensive access control time attendance software architecture makes possible for a fully synchronized integration between the Time and attendance management system and your existing security Access control system, whereby a dataset can be extracted in real-time from any access control reader hardware that has the capability to export data .. Door Access Time Attendance System

2. Biometric Fingerprint Recognition System

Using fingerprint reader products integrated with the biometric time attendance system software, an imaging of the user fingerprint is captured each time the employee performs the punch in and punch out at the start and end of the work shift.
As there is an identity authentication using the fingerprint as a biometric credential each time a time log transaction is recorded, employees cannot fake the hours worked recorded as fingerprints and biometric credentials, in general, are not transferable. This helps to deter buddy punching and encourage better time discipline, punctuality among employees.
In addition, an added benefit of a biometric credential is that there are no need for additional investment in credential hardware, such a physical RFID proximity swipe cards, which can be costly to replace, each time the card technology get outdated, or if it gets damaged or lost or stolen .. Fingerprint Time Attendance System

3. Biometric Facial Recognition System

This face recognition attendance software allows the different information systems within the organization to work together, providing more efficiency in workflow.
biometric authentication via fingerprint or face recognition technology enables employees to clock into and out of jobs quickly and securely
.. Face Recognition Attendance System

2. Free Up Your Time

As busy business owners with many important business decisions to make on a daily basis, we understand that it can be quite a challenge to keep track of your employees daily attendance and performance.
So, to help save you productive management time, the software workflow automation is designed to bring about a significant reduction in unproductive manual administration tasks, such as adding up to time sheets and tracking your employees hours. In this way, you are able to free up extra time so that you can stay focus on work that is the most mission critical to your business.
With greater automation of your company’s time attendance activities, the adoption of the attendance management system will help to reduce your overall costs and reduce payroll errors.

3. Boost Accuracy

3. Minimize Risk of Pay Roll Human Error

Payroll expenditure can easily account for the biggest expenses in any company.
Due to this, having payroll errors can cost your business to lose tens of thousands dollars if not properly managed.

Errors in payroll costing happen in companies because of the following time-consuming and error-prone processes:

1. Manual Transcription errors during payroll data entry
2. Fuzzy visual interpretation of illegible handwriting on time sheets.
3. Manual Tallying of time attendance data and manual calculation of payroll
4. Errors caused by Exporting and Manual Re-entry of data from time attendance collection system into payroll software that is not integrated.
5. An intentional/unintentional omission of time attendance information by employees, perhaps due to over-dependence on memory recall when entering time attendance information. Note that, recalling of time worked base on human memory is often unreliable because
employees unusually put off the filling of time sheeting only towards the end of the week.
6. Dependency on manual routine operating procedures to keep track of employee time attendance information.
7. Using of inefficient and unsuitable tools to gather and tabulate time attendance data eg. Excel spreadsheets, book registers

With an intuitive fingerprint attendance software system, time attendance data can be exported directly to a 3rd party payroll software, this helps to improve payroll accuracy because it gives you a reliable means to manage the end data gathered.
In addition, with an automated time attendance data management Companies will also get to enjoy the added service benefit of decreased manual HR administrative transactions time.

5. Integrated Schedule Management

5. Integration with Shift Schedule Management System

An effective user shift scheduling system allows Supervisors to ensure Work duties are covered.
With a comprehensive scheduling function that is fully integrated into the time and attendance software, you are now able to plan ahead your shifts scheduling and allocate manpower more efficiently
The web-accessible software system solutions provide you with a consolidated overview of your labor data which helps you to reduce the time required to Schedule Employee Shift, as it automatically help to take into account of scheduling considerations, such as

– Staff availability for that particular shifts
– Multiple work and services venue
– Staff skill levels and inventory of certifications
– Avoid staff whose hours are approaching over time
– Predefined operation and pay budget allocated
– Schedule conflict warnings (if any)
– Employee leave, sick leave
– Employee maternity, paternity leave
– Employee absence management

Advanced Scheduling Functions

In the event of unexpected scenarios, such as staff sudden unavailability, with the software solutions’ Dynamic Scheduling capabilities, you are able to make quick scheduling adjustments on the fly To ensure easy scheduling Compliance, the software also features a built-in notification safeguards to ensure you are staying ahead of labor compliance issues (eg. missed meal breaks)

4. Powerful Reporting Tool

4. Powerful Time Attendance Reporting Tool

Reporting function of the attendance management software gives you visibility in keeping track of your organization’s overall payroll expenditure. This helps to check that the business profitable.
The time attendance software data captured from the time attendance data capturing hardware can be used for creating comprehensively powerful reports so you can track and control your budgeted staffing cost and have a more holistic view of your business.

With a click of a button, you can gain full management reporting intelligence with graphical displays that allow you to easily monitor your employee’s payroll hours and analyze your organization’s productivity.
In addition, the attendance tracking software features an extensive Reporting library which provides a comprehensive range of useful Configurable report card templates such as:

1. Staff Cost reports – provides a Daily total shift worked and detailed breakdown of real wage costs.
2. Staff Attendance Reports – provides a complete summary of all hours worked
3. Staff Absentee reports
4. Staff Latecomer report
5. Staff Punctuality report
6. Staff hours report (Normal hours and Paid Overtime hours)
7. Staff Sick hours and time off captured
8. Staff Pay overrides or adjustments information

9. Staff leave balance reportv

The system provides report filtering options such as

1. by Device that captured the time attendance information
2. by Pay codes selected for a particular day
3. by Department filtering
4. by date range
5. by report labeling
6. by actual punches or rounded punches
7. by individual staff employee filtering, locations, teams and employment level

Why Choose Us

1. Exceptional Local Customer Service Support

To offer you an extremely fast turn around time in any servicing works done, we have a local service center so that any hardware or software technical servicing work can be done on locally in Singapore. This ensures that any disruption to your business operations due to system downtime can be kept to a minimum. Our dedicated technical service staff is really easy to get in touch with and helpful. If you need any assistance for any repair, post-installation fine tuning, just send us an email at Alternatively, you ca simply reach us at +65 81822236, where our friendly staff will be happy to answer all your questions

2. Affordable Pricing

As the software package is sold as a based software with any additional advanced add-on modules sold separately as an optional upgrade, you only buy what you need, when you need it. This modular software architecture makes it an ideal solution for both small business and large business operators, as they grow in scale and needs over time. Software upgrades for handling larger numbers of employees and user stations are also available in economic increments to maintain the lowest cost of entry to the system.

3. Future Safe Technology

Additional optional payroll modules with even more features and interfaces are available for purchase as an upgrade if needed. In the event that the existing application you use needs an interface that is not currently listed, we can quickly develop that interface at a reasonable fee. At our end, we constantly update our software products and firmware with new service features upgrades on a regular basis even after purchase. This ensures that our system applications are kept current so as to be future safe.

Functions of Attendance Management System Software

1. Rostering Management
2. Absence Management
3. ERP Human Resource Management
4. Shift Management
5. Define Attendance policies
6. Track and record staff clock in, clock out time
7. Track and record attendance of remote or mobile staff

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Application of Attendance Management System Software

Time and Attendance software is used by some of the world’s leading organizations across a wide range of industries. Businesses of all sizes, from Small, Mid-size to Large Companies, which have to manage team of employees

1. Service-Based Industry

1. Service-Based Industry

– Retail stores, such as Convenience Stores, Pharmacies – F&B

2. Education industry & Schools with Gated Communities

2. Education industry & Schools with Gated Communities

– Kindergarten – Primary Schools – Secondary Schools – Junior College (JCs) – Polytechnics – Universities

3. Health Care Centers

3. Hospitals & Health Care Centers

– Eldercare Center, Old Folks Home
– Special Needs Nursing home, such as Alzheimer
– Daycare centers
– Nursing centers hospices
4. Professional offices

4. Professional & Commercial Offices

– Attorneys office
– Doctors and Dentists Clinics
5. Remote Industrial Locations

5. Remote Industrial Locations

– Factory Manufacturing Plants
– Warehousing Facilities
– Logistics centers