Access Control Time Attendance Software 

Access control time attendance software is a common integrated time attendance solution adopted by companies in Singapore. The key benefit of such a software system is that any access transaction event made by any authenticated authorized personnel is recorded in an internal audit trail.

This is particularly suitable for companies and organizations seeking a more secure access control solution to safeguard and restricts access to protected areas within their building premises.

Access Control Time Attendance Software is Suitable for :

Door Access Time Attendance System

1. Door Access Time Attendance System

Uses industry standard RFID proximity access control card types as a form of authentication. Supports a variety of mainstream card format such as

1. Proximity Card (eg. 125KHz EM Prox (EM410), HID Prox)
2. Smart Card (eg. 13.56MHz MIFARE, HID iCLASS, DESFire, DESFIRE Evolution 1, Pico pass)
Biometric Access Control Attendance System

2. Biometric Access Control Attendance System

Authentication can be based on a variety of high-security Biometric credentials technology solutions, such as Fingerprint, Palm Print, Finger Vein recognition systems … Biometric Attendance and Access Control System

Features & Benefits of Access Control Time Attendance Software

1. Rule Based Access

1. Rule-Based Access Permission for Information Security

The time attendance system has a built-in Multi-tiered security safeguard that has a programmable Rule-based services Engine.
This allows you to manage and configure different access permission level base on work roles function, Department and authorization levels to enable the creation of multi-levels of supervisory approvals authorization for all approval requests.
For example, typical functional service accounts include:

1. IT user Administrator
2. Manager Approval
3. Office Employee Peer Department and functions
2. Stop Payroll Costing Errors

2. Minimize Risk of Job Payroll Costing Errors

Recurring HR Payroll expense can easily account for the biggest expenditure in any business organization. Because of this, errors in payroll can cost your business thousands of dollars if the problem is not addressed properly.

Payroll costing errors happen in organizations because of the following tedious and human error-prone processes:
1. Manual transcribing mistakes during payroll pay data entry
2. Manual tabulation of time attendance read data and manual processing of payroll costing
3. Intentional/unintentional missing time attendance information by staff, perhaps due to dependence on memory recall when entering time attendance information. Note that, recalling of hours worked base on memory is often not accurate because it is almost impossible for anyone to remember the time they clock in with accuracy to the minute.
4. Over Dependency on manual inefficient operating procedures to monitor worker time attendance records
5. Using of out-dated tools to gather and analyze time attendance data info captured, eg. MS spreadsheets, Paper Log Books
6. Exporting and importing of data from an online time attendance collection management system into payroll software system that is of different data format.
7. A mistake in the visual interpretation of poor handwriting on paper time sheets.

With an easy to use attendance management system software solution, Office Employee data can be exported directly to an external payroll application. This helps to eliminate any risk of costly errors because any manual input needs such as data input required are kept to a minimal.
In addition, with an automated time attendance data management, companies will also get to enjoy the added benefit of decreasing manual HR administrative transactions time.

3. Attendance Infringement Alert

3. Handle Attendance Infringement & Abnormalities

Your workforce is often your most expensive cost to your organization’s operational expenditure, because of this, any office employee absenteeism can have a direct impact on the profitability of your company.
In such situations, an employee attendance tracking software management system can help you to facilitate time management and detect and identify incidences of attendance exceptions, such as:

1. Daily Absenteeism, where new employees are absent without valid reason or official leave request approval.
2. Daily Late arrival, which in many cases happens together with Buddy punching
3. Employees forget to clock-in or clock-out
4. Clock in early to clock extra hours, or Clocking out early before scheduled shift end time
6. Employees clocking in at the wrong job site by using location services
7. Unauthorized time fraud, such as buddy punching

Having a biometric time attendance system software, such as a fingerprint attendance software, or a face recognition attendance software offers the benefit of accessibility to real-time time attendance management information which can help you to easily identify any problem areas with your office employee’s attendance.
This helps you to take appropriate corrective action early to eliminates any revenue leakage and more importantly, help to improve office employee engagement and time integrity.

4. Payroll Tracking

4. Track Payroll Expenditure

Your own workers often are your most expensive resource and employee-related expenses like salaries, training can easily occupy a Significant percent of the company’s net operation budget. Because of the ability for the time and attendance software system to systematically record the time attendance data of your office employee personnel, it helps you to keep payroll expenditure low.

Unplanned Labor Overpayment

Keep labor expenses in check by reducing overpayment due to unplanned overtime expenses. With our attendance management software budgeting features, you are able to have greater transparency and visibility into your payroll dollars for each jobs task assignment, job site or team. If needed, Automated alerts notification can be sent to managers when an employee number of hours worked is starting to hit overtime.

Reduce Unproductive Administrative Hours

With a time attendance management software, your company will enjoy a significant savings in your payroll and administration expense annually. It will greatly reduce the number of unproductive administrative hours spent on traditional time sheets as well as the payroll post-processing.

5. Time Attendance Report Generation

5. Time Attendance Report Generation

The time attendance recorder systems are built-in with advanced reporting features for easy report generation. Management Report formatting is designed to be Comprehensive and intuitively familiar to let u see critical time attendance record data you need so that you are able to make the right scheduling decisions, both in advance or in a short moment’s notice.

Key Benefits includes:

1. Surfacing of workers who are approaching incurring of extra staffing hours not budgeted for.
2. Keeping a historical record of paid time off request and detail of who approved it.
3. Reveal any incidences of irregularity in attendance history or attendance infringements especially perpetual pattern of unplanned absences and taking urgent Medical certificate (MC)
4. Delivery of Intelligent Analytical Report – To show smart visual trends of worker time attendance data over a time period, and reliable performance metrics information indicative of employee productivity over a specific time range.
5. Fast generation of fire roll call reports allows you to quickly account for who reported for work in the building for that particular day (this includes employees and visitors). This name list helps to facilitate and enhance the Safety and Security of Your Organization during an emergency situation evacuation, such as a fire outbreak.

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Access Control Time Attendance Software

1. Configurable User Dashboard

Clean intuitive dashboard which has the flexibility to be customizable to accommodate to your organization’s requirements, giving you the information you need to manage your workforce time and attendance on your own terms.

Touch Memory Guard Tour System

2. Fast Report Generation

Enjoy fast generation of detailed web-based report which can be automated instantly and integrated into your payroll processing system and related products.

Touch Memory Guard Tour System

3. Boost Workflow Efficiency

The time and attendance management software system are designed to help accurately track clock in, clock out hours and increase company staff productivity.
With the auto streamlining of workflow, an seemingly easy task which used to take days can now be reduced to seconds.

Integration with CCTV

4. Integration with CCTV

For added visual monitoring and verification capabilities in the event of a denied entry situation at the access control reader, integration with your existing CCTV surveillance video camera system can be configured to give you another layer of security face facial recognition. This helps to provide protection against potential trespassers and unauthorized intrusions.

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