Access Card Attendance System

Access card attendance system is a fairly simple yet effective card-based tech electronic attendance system commonly adopted by businesses in Singapore as a pro workforce services management solution.
To operate this attendance tracking system, the user simply scans their uniquely issued employee RFID smart card at a Proximity reader to provide and ‘punch in’ their time attendance information.
In today’s dynamic business environment, whether you are a small-medium-enterprise or are a big established corporation, apart from your products, your team of employees is often your biggest operating cost. However, with effective management support, they can also be a pillar of powerful growth drivers for the company.

Types of RFID Access Card Attendance System

Proximity Card Attendance System

1. Proximity Card Attendance System

(eg. 125KHz EM Prox (EM410), HID Prox)
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Smart Card Attendance System

2. Smart Card Attendance System

For added security, stored data in the card are protected by security keys to prevent unauthorized access. (eg. 13.56MHz MIFARE, HID iCLASS, DESFire, DESFIRE Evolution 1, Pico pass)

Why Choose Us ?

1. End-to-End System Implementation

From initial technical configuring, installing, troubleshooting, to final installation deployment, we ensure that everything you need for a smooth installation is taken care of. In addition, we have a comprehensive inventory of installation hardware accessories and peripheral devices that we can provide according to your specific installation requirements.
For example, we are able to supply the following:

1. U-shaped bracket for Glassdoor
2. Press-to-exit access button
3. Proximity Smart Card with read-write capabilities
    (MIFARE, iCLASS, DESFire, 125KHz Proximity (EM410/ HID PROX)
4. Proximity Smart Card readers
5. Power supply unit for backup of standalone applications
6. Wireless Door entry system
7. Video Face Intercom Door entry unit, integrable with existing CCTV camera and DVR surveillance systems.
8. 2-way Audio intercom phone unit
9. Intrusion Alarm Sensor device
10. RFID Key Fob Tags and cards
11. Electromagnetic Door Locks with LZ-shaped brackets (For Dual-leaf door)
12. Digital electronic lock sets


2. System Integration

Enjoy a cost-effective and affordable staff attendance system implementation that is holistic and successfully integrated with your existing legacy digital web server network systems to leverage on the strength of each computer machine system.

3. Local Technical Servicing

For fast turnaround time, all of our technical troubleshooting, repair works or hardware/software customization is done locally in our in-house service centers. We also have a team of trusted and dependable technical professionals who are able to answer to any issues or problems that you may have.
When needed, we also offer on-site technical support to provide you the convenience and benefit of dealing with our technical service staff face-to-face

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Access Card Attendance System

1. Boost Worker Motivation & Output

With a real-time attendance system in place, your employees will be mindful that every hour is accounted for and will be paid for. This creates a sense of trust and effort recognition between the employee and employer, allowing the organization to benefit by having a more engaged workforce.

Mass Attendance Tracking

2. Mass Attendance Tracking

Depending on your product needs, the access card attendance system solution can be configured to have a wireless long range UHF RFID reader to enable you to quickly mass track and register the attendance of a large group of people and employees coming into the building.

 Integration with Existing Systems

3. Integration with Existing Systems

Built-in with input-output signal relay terminals and industry standard connection interface for you to manage 3rd Party Compatibility and Connectivity with industry standard computer interface, eg. LAN Ethernet port, RS232, RS485, Wiegand.

Stop Time Fraud & Buddy Punching

4. Stop Time Fraud & Buddy Punching

As logging of all time attendance data requires the use of a secure identity authentication before it is accepted, it discourages office employees from committing time theft, such as clocking in at normal start time when they are late or attempting to clock out early before the official end shift end time.

Features & Benefits of Access Card Attendance System

1. Hands-Free

1. Hands-free Authentication

For automated attendance system equipped with wireless UHF RFID reader with Long range reading capabilities, personnel can have their identity be authenticated by simply walking through a designated path where the UHF Proximity reader is in coverage range. This can help to facilitate a large population of people coming into a building without hindering the traffic flow.

2. Improve Efficiency

2. Reduce Unproductive Administrative Time

With the Employee attendance monitoring software system, every time any employee authenticate a clock in or clock out a transaction at the start and end of each service work shift, the time attendance data is stored in the integrated payroll system.
For Payroll administrators, this allows them to have a clear visibility on the time and attendance data.
As the time sheets are auto-populated by the time attendance data captured, it effectively eliminates the need to manually fill up a paper print out of time sheets, which is often plagued by data inaccuracy due to human error.

3. Monitor Workforce Productivity

3. Track Worker Engagement & Enhance Productivity

By having a reliable way to control and track employee hours worked, your staff are able to have a sense of assurance that they will be paid correctly and not be cheated for the effort they put into their jobs. This helps to create a more trusting work culture, where office employees are more productive at work.

4. Prevent Time Theft

4. Prevent Time Theft & Payroll Fraud

Your Staffing payroll spending is in most cases a major part of your business operation budget. In view of this, it is widely agreed that stopping employee time fraud can reduce the unnecessary cost incurred and positively impact your business profitability.

Through the integration of a web-based time attendance system solutions with a Biometric Fingerprint identity, Finger Vein, Palm Print Geometry or Proximity Smart Card credential authenticating hardware, Business owners can now prevent time theft and buddy punching by employees and start to pay their staff for only the hours they actually worked.
In addition to buddy punching, time theft can also come in the form of dishonest employee intentionally clocking of unnecessary overtime hours.

To address this problem, our time attendance system software is configured such that employees cannot clock an overtime which has not been authorized by the manager.
As an additional layer of safeguard to prevent unnecessary payroll expenditure due to time theft, the time attendance software can also be configured to ensure that the clock in and clock out time registered by the staff strictly coincides with the official timing scheduled.
This helps to prevent another form of time theft where the employee tries to capture extra hours by reporting early for work and clocking in early before the official work shift start time.

5. Accountability & Compliance

5. Ensuring Accountability & Compliance

With the Audit trail tracking benefit of an office attendance system, it is a reliable and useful data metric for companies, especially small & mid-sized organizations to enjoy advantages such as

1. Having a means of systematic documentation of staff proof of presence for Insurance claims or for Legal claims purposes.
2. Offer improved means of documenting compliance of an employer with regulatory manpower requirements such as issuing of itemized Payslip and minimum wage-hour regulations.

Overall this helps your company to minimize any risk of violation of Labor regulations or lawsuit claims on basis of violating of fair labor standard acts.

6. Ease of Use

6. Intuitive & Easy to Use

With time clocking recorder system solutions, logging in their hours worked for staff has never been more convenient with its swift and intuitive user interface layout. For Mobile or lone workers who are located in a remote office, they can simply remotely clock in and record their time via their internet-connected devices, such as smartphones. Examples include time attendance tracking of Field service engineers and Security Guards based at client premises. For workers with 24 hours rotating shift work,

Examples include time attendance tracking of Field service engineers and Security Guards based at client premises. For workers with 24 hours rotating shift work, auto clocking of their hours can be as simple as Looking at a face facial recognition terminal install at the door or Fingerprint biometric terminal, with absolutely no requirement to physically carry any additional credential, such as Proximity smart card pass or Key fob tags.

7. Time Tracking

7. Convenient Time & Attendance Tracking

Designated Proximity readers can be configured to clock the time in and time out information of staff to monitor and track the number of hours worked during the day. Conversely, the access card reader can also report the time periods where each of the sales employees is not present in the office, perhaps for sales appointment, annual leave or on a public holiday.

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Implementing an access card attendance system is a cost-effective and convenient way to track your employee’s time attendance and effectively boost your workforce overall productivity, and overall business profitability.


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Application of Access Card Attendance System ?

Industries which have successfully benefited from the  implementation includes:

1. Manufacturing Facilities

1. Factory Manufacturing Plant

Manufacturing environment often involves the complex task of managing, scheduling and coordinating 24-hour rotating shifts of a large population of shift workers. With an access card attendance system, it allows organizations and business to automate and more efficiently track the time attendance clock in clock out transactions made.

2. Educational Organizations

2. Schools (such as Primary School, Secondary School, Universities)

In gated communities, such as school, apart from serving to track student attendance, an access card attendance system also provides the added benefit of ensuring the safety of students, especially younger children in child care centers or kindergarten.

When needed, an SMS or Email notification can be configured to be sent to a designated person, parent or guardian to inform the student arrives at the building.