Time Attendance System

Time Attendance system is one of the key critical components of any HR management process for companies in Singapore.
More than just simplifying your manual time attendance administration process, an Electronic Attendance Systems enhances your organization’s security and provides a way for employers and employees to work together to manage labor payroll cost, boost productivity output and ensure compliance with labor protection laws.
Human Staffing is undeniably one of the key critical components of any business daily service operations, therefore it is no understatement to say that effective time attendance management solutions and services can provide a powerful catalyst for business growth.

Functions of Time & Attendance

Purpose of the Time and attendance management system solution serve as a contact point between employees and employers to precisely Track, Monitor, & Verify
1. Employee daily attendance
2. Track any incidence of attendance abnormalities such as frequent absenteeism or lack of punctuality.
3. Track Number of hours worked by employees on a specific project task
4. Employee Paid Time Off (PTO)
5. Employee Movement & real-time location within the building premises.
6. Assist in Access Control and Identity verification to guard against unauthorized intrusion entry
7. Facilitate Payroll Management workflow processes
8. Aid Employee shift scheduling processes

 time attendance system

1. Time Attendance System

A more effective way to track the staffing hours and cut down on administrative time spent on calculating employee payroll, the time attendance system is a cost saving business productivity tool that pays for itself over time. It also allows you to Monitor Attendance and detects any pattern of possible attendance infringement … Electronic Attendance System 

biometric time attendance system

2. Biometric Time & Attendance System

Suitable for more secure time attendance applications where a proper identity authentication/verification is important. Great for preventing time theft and buddy card punching. We offer a broad range of Biometric products and technologies such as Fingerprint and Finger Vein Recognition, Face recognition and Hand/Palm geometry authentication technologies … Biometric Time Attendance System

time attendance access control system

3. Door Access Control & Time Attendance System

For an integrated implementation, such system offers a dual layer of safety by functioning both as a door access control and time attendance in one common system. With an access control time attendance system, it allows you to track exactly who entered or leave a secured area and when … Door Access Time Attendance System

4. Time Attendance Software

Customizable to serve your workforce management needs, it features a comprehensive suite of functions, such as shift scheduling, streamlining of approval workflow, facilitate accessibility and visibility of information and enhancing the overall efficiency of your organization … Attendance Management System Software


1. Improved Business Efficiency

Through software data processing, it helps to eliminate the time-consuming administrative routine task of tabulating employees attendance data against their allocated shifts.

empower team

2. Empower Your Teams

Build an Empowered Workforce Culture where Employees are Punctual, Paid correctly, and paid On-time.


3. Accountability & Compliance

Audit trail feature allows your organization to have a proof of compliance with labor laws and regulations.
Through integration with Guard Tour System, it can also serve as a means to track the work shift of security personnel.

payroll integration

4. Integration with Payroll

Enjoy easy compatibility and connectivity to support and share time attendance data with your existing payroll system. Helps to eliminate manual data entry process, reduce human errors and risk of inaccuracy job costing.


5. Boost Punctuality & Time Discipline

Employees now have a stronger reason to come in on time because the time recorded for their hours work is precisely base on their arrival time, which cannot be faked.

Maximize Workforce manpower productivity

6. Monitor Employee Engagement & Boost Motivation

By having a systematic way to log in employee hours, employees can have a peace of mind that they will be paid correctly and not be short changed for the effort they put into their jobs. This helps to create a more trusting work environment, where employees are more engaged at work.

Features & Benefits of Time Attendance System

1. Efficient & Flexible Employee Time Tracking Management

Every hour lost, unaccounted for directly impacts a company’s bottom line. With a time and attendance system in place, you can now effectively track time periods worked by your employees.
This time tracking and verifying capability is especially useful for work arrangements where there is:
1. 24-hour multiple concurrent work shift
2. Workplace with Flexi-time work from home arrangements
3. Companies with multi-site offices or remote work locations (such as work from home)
With the Time Attendance comprehensive management features, it can help you to answer questions like:
1. Who is working overtime?
2. Are any part-time employees approaching full-time hours
3. Does anyone have a pattern of punching in a little bit late during this month?
4. Does this particular employee have a regular history of job absences?

2. Greater Accuracy in HR Payroll Calculation Processes

The bigger your organization gets, the harder it gets to keep track of and manage who’s doing what.
Take for example the employee time card you need to approve, how can you verify its accuracy?
With a time attendance system integrated with a payroll system, you can enjoy benefits such as:

1. Streamlined work processes
Our time attendance system is designed for easy compatibility and integration with your existing payroll systems so that any clock in clock out data is directly uploaded into the job costing module in the employee’s payroll system.
This helps to facilitate efficient and accurate tracking of employee time.

2. Accurate payroll calculation
Time attendance recorder system allows you to enjoy the benefit of Minimizing risk of costly payroll calculation errors by eliminating any need for use of Manual data entry, Manual writing or using of Multiple separate workflow processes. This ensures that you pay your employees correctly.
In addition, it also automatically tracks and takes into account of the various payroll costing factors such as
1. Total Daily number of hours worked (eg. Start time, End time, lunch time, tea break time etc)
2. Paid overtime hours clocked
3. Weekend or public holiday labor rates
4. Overnight labor rates
5. Transportation allowances
6. Time attendance issues incidents, such as unplanned Absenteeism
7. Unpaid leave applied
8. Employee pay rate categories
9. Detection of discrepancy in attendance records

3. Accelerate Business Performance by Reducing Administrative Processing Time

In business, every minute counts and translates to money. If too much administrative time is spent on non-revenue generating administrative task, it can have a significant impact on company profitability over time.
This includes:
1. Calculating time sheets
2. Monitoring of over time and verifying record of attendance
3. Employees filling up timesheets
4. Employers review and approval of time off request,

In such situations, a time attendance system offers solutions which can help to enhance your productivity by
1. Simplifying approval workflow process
2. Free up your time by only highlighting attendance exceptions that need your attention
3. Annual calendar interface that allows you to view employee’s attendance history in a single glance at a fraction for the time.
An added benefit of cutting down on payroll data processing time often means that companies are able to reduce their staffing for payroll department by as much as half, and reallocate HR administrative staff to more revenue generating responsibilities, functions, and activities.

4. Track Workforce Punctuality, Boost Time Integrity

Having a time attendance system helps to encourage a culture of punctuality and productivity.
Employees tend to come on time now because they know every time they punch in, that’s exactly what time it says on their time clock data, and they can’t fake that.

5. Only Pay for Hours Worked

A time attendance system gives you the ability to pay your staff accurately and only pay for the hours they actually work.
Imagine a work environment where each employee arrives for work late by two minutes and then leave the workplace by two minutes. If these minutes are all added over time, this would easily cost the business an additional four to five thousand dollars a year.
As the time attendance system allows for an identity authenticated time clock-in, where the employees have to be physically present, it naturally gives your employees the motivation to be punctual on time for the authenticated clock-in of shift hour. All this helps you to stop paying your employees for time they didn’t work.

6. Seamless Integrated solutions

Time and Attendance system is designed with services and features for 3rd party compatibility such as signal input and output relay terminals to facilitate easy interfacing with industry standard communication protocols and connectors, such as Wiegand and TCP-IP standards.
This allows you to enjoy the convenience of a full service integration with your existing legacy systems such as:
1. Physical Security Systems solution, such as Door Access Control Systems, CCTV Security surveillance systems.
2. HR Payroll Processing Systems
3. HR Information Management System (HRIS)
4. Workforce Resource Planing System ( ERP )
5. Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM)
6. Staff Database Management System (HCM)
7. Leave & Exemptions Management System

7. Web-based Visibility & Accessibility

Get real-time access to your business information in using the Reliable cloud-based time attendance management software integrated with payroll.

Mobile Compatibility
With the Multi-Platform (Android and IOS) Mobile App, you can get easy access using any internet connected mobile device or Tablet, from anywhere you are, at any time.
It allows you to access and print essential information such as:
1. Check paid overtime balances
2. View and Manage employee scheduling information
3. View and approve employee time sheets
4. Financial accounting information
5. Real-time communication via SMS and Chats messaging

8. Flexibility of Data Capturing Method Options

Enjoy the flexibility of choice on the best way time attendance data is collected so that suits your business needs.
For example, you can use any of the below options to collect your employee data.
1. Employee card time clock (authentication during each clock in is done using the Proximity Swipe card)
2. Biometric Time Clock reader terminals (identity is authenticated using Fingerprint impression scan, Finger Vein scanning, or Face Geometry Recognition)
3. Web-based time sheet (Online Self-service access for recording of time in/out by mobile employee)

9. Ensuring Accountability & Compliance

With the Audit Trail features of the time attendance system, it allows your company and organization, especially small & mid-sized employers to enjoy benefits such as:
1. Having a means of providing proper documentation of staff proof of presence for Insurance and Legal purposes
1. Having a means of providing proper reports as proof of service delivery to clients and stakeholders
2. Reliable means of proofing compliance of an employer with mandatory labor law such as issuing of itemized salary slips and minimum working hour regulations.
Overall this helps your organization to minimize any risk of non-compliance with Labor law or lawsuit claims on grounds of violations of fair labor rights acts.

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Application of Time & Attendance System

Business with in-house payroll processing functions can benefit from the implementation of a time attendance system, which can enhance their workforce management processes and improve workforce performance.
Examples of Applications which Time Attendance System is Suitable for includes:

3. Businesses with Multisite office locations

Businesses with time attendance management responsibilities over multiple property locations and remote work teams. For example 1. F&B Business with employees working in Multiple brick-and-mortar locations. 2. Business operations which engage in 3rd party service contracting and need a way to track their contractors time and attendance.

4. Businesses with a Mobile Workforce

If you are using a web based time attendance system, you get to enjoy the accessibility and connectivity offered by the system. Your employees are now able to clock in their time remotely via their internet-connected device in real time at their satellite wok location. Whether you are a large MNC employer with a head count of 100 and above or a small SME Businesses with a team of 10, you will benefit from the tremendous cost savings benefit by implementing a time attendance system. This effectively allows the time attendance system to pay for itself over time …  (Link  10_Mobile Attendance System_20170617)

An adoption and effective implementation of a time attendance system can give your organization the critical workforce management capabilities to accelerate your business. If you are interested in learning more about our Time and Attendance system and seeing what it can do for you, email us at sales@timeattendancesingapore.com.

Alternately, you can call to contact us at +65 81822236 for more information. Our friendly sales staff will be happy to understand more about your time and attendance needs and recommend a customized product suite that is right for your manpower management needs.